Part of Speech Definitions and Examples

   Part of Speech   

All the words are divided into eight part according to their function are called Part of Speech 

सभी शब्द अपने कार्यो के अनुसार आठ भागो में बाटे होते है जिसे अक्षर वर्ण  कहते है 


1. Noun

2. Pronoun

3. Adjective

4. Verb

5. Adverb

6. Preposition

7. Conjunction

8. Interjection 

There are 8 Kind of Part of Speech : 

Noun – The name of person, place, thing, idea and feeling is called a Noun.

किसी व्यक्ति, वस्तु, स्थानों, विचारो या भावनाओ के नाम को संज्ञा कहते है 

Example – Ram, Patna, Book, Honesty, Beauty etc.


Pick out different kinds of Noun and state its kinds

1. Ram has a book.

2. She will go to Goa.

3. Your face is fair

4. Honesty is the best policy

5. Cakes are decorated

6. The elephant has big strength.

7. The queen was kind

8. They gave me a bunch of keys

9. Friendship knows no bounds

10. We always speak the truth

11. The Pacific is the biggest ocean.

12. We all love honesty

13. They used to tell a story

14. The pen dropped into the water

15. Rudra is visiting this city

16. Kajal has bought a book

17. The Ganga is a river

18. He rang the bell

19. He plays the flute

20. Prity is your wife

21. The students wrote on the board

22. She played cricket in the field.

23. People are going there

23. Jack and David are friends.

23. People are going there

Pronoun –  A pronoun is  a word used in place of Noun.

संज्ञा के बदले में प्रयोग किये गए शब्द को सर्वनाम कहते है 

Example – He, She, It, They, We, I, His, Her etc.

Adjective – An adjective is a word  which qualifies a noun  or a pronoun.

वह शब्द जो किसी Noun या Pronoun की विशेषता बताए उसे विशेषण कहते है 

Example – Good, Bad, Tall, Smart, Fat, Fine,  etc.

Verb – A verb is a word which says about a noun or a pronoun.

वह शब्द जिससे किसी काम का होने या करने का बोध हो उसे क्रिया कहते है 

Example – Run, Speak, Read, Play, Smell, Enjoy etc.

Adverb – An adverb is a word which qualifies a verb, adjective, adverb or another Verb.

वह शब्द जो किसी Adjective, Verb और Adverb की विशेषता बताए उसे क्रिया विशेषण  कहते है 

Example – Slowly, Fast, Hard, Today, Tomorrow etc.

Preposition – A Preposition is a word which come before Noun & Pronoun to show place, time or direction 

वह शब्द जो स्थान, समय या दिशा दिखाने के लिए संज्ञा और सर्वनाम से पहले आता है उसे संबंधसूचक शब्द कहते है

Example – In, On, At, With, Over, Under, Into etc

Conjunction – A conjunction is a word which joins two words, sentence or clauses together. 

वह शब्द जो किसी दो शब्दो, दो वाक्य और दो उप-वाक्य को जोड़े उसे संयोजक  कहते है 

Example – But, If, And, Or, While, Either…..or, etc.

Interjection – An Interjection is a word which express internal feeling of the heart.

वह शब्द जो आपके दिल के अन्दर की भावना बताने के लिए व्यक्त हो उसे विस्मयसूचक शब्द कहते है 

Example – Oh, Ah, Hurrah, Bravo, Alas, Fie Fie etc.

Pick out different types of Parts of Speech

# Exercise 

1. I am a good teacher.

Ex – A Sentence is made up with different part of speech.

I –                    Pronoun
am –               Pronoun
Good –           Adjective 
Teacher –     Noun

2. She has done a mistake

3. Amar is a tall teacher

4. The ganga is a holy river.

5. The earth is round

6. The moon is very beautiful.

7. I have love for you.

8. She has good house

9. Oh! I have lost my car.

10. Hurrah! I won the match.

11. She is a she girl.

12. She won the first prize.

13. I went to house

14. What a girl!

15. Masons build houses.

16. John is my friend.

17. She looked up

18. She went there.

19. My family live in different places

20. That was difficult question.

21. She is a poor girl.

22. We have bought five chairs.

23. She went to market to

24. What are you doing there?

25. You are my boss

26. I like cold water.

27. I have a laptop.

28. She has a car

29. I have a keyboard

30. The young girl bought a car

31. The little girl has a car

32. Her lips are red.

33. My name is Amar

34. The Krishna is longest river

35. Are you a girl?

36. How is your brother?

37. She will like you.

38. I am reading a book.

39. I have some milk

40. Do you have any milk?

41. The hunter killed a snake

42. I went to the forest

43. She will kiss you

44. I have sympathy for you

45. I like your beauty.

46. Today is Monday

47. I am poor while you are rich

48. I am short but you are tall.

49. She flew to London

50. What is your hobby?

51. Open your mouth.

52. I am poor

53. She has a great mind

54. She is an honest teacher

55. I live in America

56. She speaks slowly

57. I will go there

58. I did a great mistake

59. I love you.

60. Amar ate a sweet mango


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