What is sentence in Hindi with definition example and exercise

 Sentence English  Grammar 

A group of words having some meaning is called a sentence. 
शब्दों का वह समूह जिसका कोई अर्थ हो उसे Sentence कहते है 

Example :  
Amar is good a teacher.
अमर एक अच्छा शिक्षक है 
Amar likes English.
अमर अंग्रेजी पसंद करता है 
He runs an institute.
वह एक संस्था चलाता है 

There are Five types of Sentence :

1. Assertive Sentence
2. Interrogative Sentence
3. Imperative Sentence
4. Optative Sentence
5. Exclamatory Sentence

Assertive / Declarative Sentence 
A sentence which expresses simple statement is called Assertive Sentence. 
वह वाक्य जो साधारण कथन को दर्शाता हो उसे Assertive Sentence कहते है 

Example :

1. Amar is a boy.
अमर एक लड़का है 
2. Sonu is a woodcutter.
सोनू एक लकड़हारा है 
3. I have a car.
मुझे एक कार है 
4. You have a good car.
आपके पास एक अच्छी कार है 

 Interrogative Sentence 
A Sentence which is used to ask question is called an Interrogative Sentence.
वह वाक्य जो प्रश्न पूछने के प्रयोग हो उसे Interrogative Sentence कहते है 

Example :  

1. What is your name?
आपका नाम क्या है ?
2. Where do you live?
आप कहाँ रहते है ?
3. Do you like Amar ?
क्या आप अमर को पसंद करते है ?
4. Are you a boy ?
क्या आप एक लड़का है ?

 Imperative Sentence 
A sentence which expresses order, command, request and advice is called an Imperative Sentence.
वह वाक्य जिससे आज्ञा, निर्देश, विनती और सलाह का बोध हो उसे Imperative Sentence कहते है 

Example :  

1. Stand up
खड़े हो जाओ              
2. Go out
बाहर जाओ 
3. Please help me.
कृपया मेरी मदद करें 
4. Do it at once
इसे तुरंत करो 

 Optative Sentence   
A sentence which expresses curse, bless, wish and pray is called an Optative Sentence.
वह वाक्य जिससे आशीर्वाद, श्राप, इच्छा और प्रार्थना का बोध हो उसे Optative  Sentence कहते है 

Example :  
May god bless you.
भगवान आपको आशीर्वाद दे              
May you live long.
भगवान आपको लम्बी उम्र दे             
May you die young.
भगवान करे तुम जल्द मर जाओ 
May god give you a child
भगवान आपको एक बच्चा दे             
May she live long.
भगवान करे वह दीर्घाऊ हो 
 Exclamatory Sentence 
A sentence which expresses internal feeling of the heart like surprise, hate, love, and disgust etc. is called Exclamatory Sentence

Example :   

Thank you, Amar !
 I hate you !
 Wow, I really love it !
 What a cute puppy !
 How fast you ran !

 Pick Out Different Kind of Sentence

1. How well she sings!

2. How are you ?

3. What is your name?

4. Why are crying ?

5. Did I say anything to make you angry?

6. How fine this weather is !

7. What is your name?

8. How bold this movie is !

9. Who told you this?

10. Open the gate

11. She is a successful writer.

12. I am a good teacher.

13. It is raining cats and dogs.

14. May you die young !

15. I want to become a writer.

16. She may come today.

17. She does not eat meat or fish.

18. They walked home

19. Go at once.

20. My mother is a nurse. 

21. Bring me that file.

22. Why does the sun rise?

23. My mother makes delicious cookies.

24. Whose dog is this ?

25. Get lost.

26. How well she sings !

27. Fetch me a glass of water.

28. Turn left at the bridge.

29. Please be seated.

30. Stop bothering me

31. Sit down.

32. I want to be a good writer.

33. She writes with her left hand.

34. I need to sit down.

35. What a tragedy!

36. This is my favourite dress

37. How beautiful she is!

38. When did the dinosaurs live ?

39. I have two sisters.

40. What a great scene !

41. How ridiculous this is!

42. How does the plane fly ?

43. I have lost my way.

44. I love this movie.

45. I have lost my way. 

46. Feed the cat.

47. Do you remember me ?

48. What are you doing here ?

49. Please sit down.

50. Please tell us about you.

51. Are your pens working good ?

52. The stars are shining in the sky.

53. What a nice dress it is !

54. Don’t shout in the class.

55. Your father is beating your brother.

56. How terrible night it was !

57. How beautiful your sister is !

58. Please turn down the volume.

59. Amar does not love to paint animals.

60. How old is your son ?

61. What a beautiful boy it is !

62. Nature teaches everything.

63. My sister is not feeling well.

64. Shut the door carefully.

65. Learn this poem by heart.

66. I shall not go to the sun.

67. May God bless you !

68. Draw a line between you and him.

69. Do you do exercise on daily basis ?

70. Don’t speak here.

71. It is so cold.

72. Stop wandering here and there.

73. Who will talk to the prime minister ?

74. Do you recognise him ?

75. You are driving very fast.

76. We should keep working.

77. Please, help me.

78. Amar spoke to me.

79. She will come today.

80. I am a doctor.

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