Macavity: The Mystery Cat

1. T.S. Eliot was born in _______

A. 1888 in America
B. 1823
C. 1812
D. 1899
2. T.S. Eliot died in _______
A. 1956
B. 1965 In England
C. 1690
D. 1975
3. T.S Eliot got this prize for literature in 1948.
A. Nobel Prize
B. Order of Merit
C. Pulitzer Prize
D. Deshratna Award
4. Macavity is called ______
A. Hidden Paw
B. Thick Paw
C. Thin Paw
D. Jealous Paw
4. His power of _____would make a fakir stare.
A. Levitation
B. Jumping
C. Running
D. Sleeping
5. Macavity is very ___and____
A. Tall and Thin
B. Tall and Black
C. Tall and Fat
D. Rich and Poor
6. T.S. Eliot won _____ in literature in 1948
A. Nobel Prize
B. Order of Merit
C. Pulitzer Prize
D. Deshratna Award
7. “Cocktail Party‛ has been written by _____
A. John Keats
B. John Donne
C. Rupert Brooke
D. T.S.Eliot
8. Macavity is a_______Cat
A. Ginger
B. Black
C. Fat
D. Wise
9. Mungojerrie and Griddlebone are_____ for the cat
A. Agent
B. Master
C. Servant
D. Owner
10. T.S. Eliot was an _____in religion
A. Roman Catholic
B. Anglo-Catholic
C. Christian
D. Hindu
11. Who wrote the ‘Wasteland’?
A. T.S. Eliot
B. Kamala Das
C. K.N. Daruwala
D. Rudyard Kipling
12. Macavity is considered as the ____of the Scotland yard.
A. Toothache
B. Headache
C. Trouble
D. Pain
13. T. S. Eliot was a ____
A. Poet
B. Editor 
C. Critic
D. All of these
14. Macavity disobeys _____and ____
A. Human law & law of gravity
B. Royal law & force law
C. Police and CID
D. NCB and CBI
15. The head of Macavity in highly _____shape
A. Domed
B. Round
C. Square
D. High
16. Macaity looks like a _______cat.
A. Ginger
B. Fat
C. Big
D. Thick
17. Macavity’s eyes are ________
A. Sunken
B. Big
C. Round
D. Raised
18. Macavity’s coat is dusty from ________
A. Neglect
B. Care
C. Painting
D. Colour
19. Macavity’s whiskers are ______
A. Uncombed
B. Long
C. White
D. Dirty
20. The Head quarter of London police is ________
A. Scotland Yard
B. Sweetzerland
C. Netherland
D. London
21. Macavity : The Mystery Cat is written by 
A. Walt Whitman 
B. W. H. Auden 
C. T. S. Eliot 
D. John Donne
22. T. S. Eliot got Noble Prize in ___
A. 1948
B. 1956
C. 1942
D. 1996
23. Macavity : The Mystery Cat is  a___poem.
A. Drama
B. Noble 
C. Light 
D. Literacy 
24. Macavity’s power of Levitation would___ make a stare.
A. Saint
B. Fakir
C. Devil 
D. None of These
25. Macavity is outwardly_____
A. Miserable
B. Healthy
C. Respectable 
D. Appealing
26. Macavity footprints aren’t found in any__of Scotland yard.
A. Book
B. File
C. Copy 
D. None of these
27. According to Poet, Macavity is the ____ of Crime.
A. Hitler
B. Napolean 
C. Alexander 
D. Spot
28. T. S. Eliot belonged to ___ Century.
A.  18th century 
B.  19th century 
C.  20th century
D.  21th century 
29. Macavity: The Mystery Cat is ____ Poem.
A. Didactic
B. Humprous 
C. Symbolic 
D. None of these
30. Macavity is ____ of Scotland Yard.
A. Bafflement 
B. Despair 
C. Frustration
D. Motivation
31. Macavity is the bafflement of ___
A. Bcotyard
B. Hidden Paw
C. Mcotyard 
D. Scotyard
32. Mungojerrie & Griddlebone are also___
A. Dogs
B. Monkeys
C. Birds
D. Cats
33. Macavity is full of ____
A. Happiness
B. Sadness
C. Selfishness
D. Decitfullness
34. Macavity can move his head like____
A. crow
B. snake
C. monkey
D. dog 
35. He is broken every human law” is a line taken from___
A. Ode to Autumn
B. The Soldier
C. Song of Myself
D. Macavity:The Mystery Cat
36. “And when foreign office find a Treaty’s gone astray” is line taken from ____
A. Happiness
B. Sadness
C. Selfishness 
D. Decitfullness 

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