The Soldier VVI MCQs 12 Bihar Board


Choose the correct answer from the given options

1 . The Soldier‛ is a poem in_____

A. lyric
B. sonnet
C. balled
D. none of these
2. The Soldier‛ is ________
A. a sonnet
B. an epic 
C. an ode
D. poetry
3. Rupert Brooke has composed this poem.
A. Snake
B. Fire-hymn
C. Song of myself
D. The Soldier
4. The solider‛ is a ______
A. Sonnet
B. Simile
C. Metaphor
D. Octagon
5. Rupert Brooke is a _______ poet.
A. War
B. Romantic
C. Metaphysical
D. Modern
6. Rupert Brooke was born in _____
A. 1928
B. 1885
C. 1887
D. 1910
7. Rupert Brooke died in _______
A. 1918
B. 1915
C. 1918
D. 1920
8. W.B. Yeats described him as ‚the handsomest _____in
A. Man
B. Father
C. Mother
D. People
9. Rupert Brooke inspired patriotism in early phase of__
A. World War-I
B. Civil War
C. Cold War
D. World War-II
10. The reason of death of Rupert Brooke was _____
A. Septicaemia
B. Tuberculosis
C. Cancer
D. Blood Cancer
11. If I should ____think only of me.
A. Kill
B. Die
C. Love
D. Hate
12. Rupert Brooke studied in ________school.
A. Clark’s School
B. Rugby School
C. The Doon School
D. Amar’s Classes for English
13. Rupert Brooke was educated in ______college
A. King’s
B. St. Joseph
C. St. Mary
D. Amar’s Classes for English
14. Rupert Brooke studied at the university of__
A. Cambridge
B. Oxford
C. J.N.U
D. B.H.U
15. Rupert Brooke’s father was a ___at Rugby school.
A. Post master
B. School master
C. Headmaster
D. Housemaster
16. A body of England breathes ____ air.
A. American
B. English
C. British
D. Indian
17. ____ inspired patriotism in the  early phase of the 1st World War.
A. John Donne
B. John Keats
C. Rupert Brooke
D. T.S. Eliot
18. Rupert Brooke was a ____soldier.
A. Greek
B. American
C. English
D. African 
19. The first 8 lines of a sonnet is called ________
A. Octave
B. Sestate
C. Petagon
D. Square
20. The last 6 line of a sonnet is called ________
A. Sestet
B. Pentagon
C. Sexagon
D. Octagon
21. The solider is a ____poem in the form of sonnet
A. Patriotic
B. Comedy
C. Humorous
D. Romantic
22. _____ described Rupert Brooke as “The handsomest man”
A. Walter De La Mare
B. Wordsworth
C. William Shakespeare
D. W.B. Yeats
23. Who died of sepsis
A. John Keats
B. Rupert Brooke
C. John Donne
D. John Ibrahim
24. Rupert Brooke died in ______ sea
A. Black
B. Aegean
C. Arabian
D. China
25.  The line “A pulse in eternal mind, no less” is written by _____
A. Rupert Brooke 
B. W. H. Auden 
C. Walt Whitman 
D. John Donne
26. “If I should die, think only this of me” line from __
A. Song of Myself 
B. To Autumn 
C. The Soldier
D. An Epitaph
27. Rupert Broke is remembered as ____
A. Trench Poet
B. War Poet 
C. Romantic Poet 
D. Metaphysical Poet
28. According to ‘The soldier’ England has given her natives. her flower ___
A. to worship
B. to love 
C. to offer 
D. none of these
29. “The dust” stands for ___
A. leader
B. teacher 
C. farmer
D. Soldier
30. The poet expresses his indebtedness to__ 
A. India
B. America
C. England 
D. London
31. The Speaker Rupert Brooke is not afraid of__ 
A. death
B. life
C. going 
D. sleeping 
32. The poet in “The Soldier” is depicting the miseries of__ 
A. war
B. nation
C. relation  
D. London 
33. A sonnet is a poem of ____lines. 
A. 14
B. 16
C. 8   
D. 6  
34. “A pulse in the eternal mind, no less” is line from____. 
A. Ode to Autumn
B. An Epitaph
C. Song of myself
D. The Soldier
35. “Rupert Broke inspired patriotism in the ___phase of First World War. 
A. early
B. late
C. middle
D. None
36. “W. B. Yeats” is an___poet. 
A. Indian
B. Iris
C. American
D. English

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