Snake MCQs for Bihar BOARD


MCQs of Snake 

1) ‚Snake‛ has been written by____

A. D.H. Lawrence

B. T.S. Eliot

C. K.N. Daruwala

D. Rupert Brooke

2) D.H. Lawrence was born in_______

A. 1885
B. 1855

C. 1966

D. 1920

3) D.H. Lawrence died in__________

A. 1932

B. 1931

C. 1930

D. 1935

4) In his writing he emerged as the champion of___

A. Love

B. Instinct

C. Mankind

D. Kindness

5) The poet saw a snake near his_________

A. Washroom

B. Bath-tub

C. Water trough

D. Kitchen

6) The snake came from a ______tree.

A. Banyan tree

B. Mango tree

C. Peepal tree

D. Carob tree

7) The snake sipped water with his___mouth.

A. Straight

B. Curved

C. Long

D. Short

8) It was a __day when snake came to drink water.

A. Hot

B. Cold

C. Winter

D. Rainy

9) The colour of snake was__________

A. Black-yellow

B. Golden-brown

C. Black-brown

D. Yellow-Brown

10) The speaker considered himself a______comer to the

A. First

B. Second

C. Third

D. Fourth

11) The snake looked the poet__________

A. Lovingly

B. Vaguely

C. Hate

D. Amar Sir

12) He_____his tongue while drinking.

A. Take out

B. Flickered

C. Curved

D. Straightned

13) The poet picked up a________log.

A. Heavy

B. Thick

C. Light

D. Clumsy

14) The snake looked like a _______in exile.

A. King

B. Emperor

C. Queen

D. Saint

15) In Sicily ___snakes are poisionous and___are innocent

A. Black-Blue

B. Gold-Yellow

C. Gold – Black

D. Gold -Blue

15) The snake flickered his______tongue from his lips.

A. Two-forked

B. Three-forked

C. One-forked

D. Four-forked

16) The poet threw a clumsy log at water trough with______

A. Clatter

B. Power

C. Lightly

D. Tightly

17) The poet missed his chance to meet with one of

A. Lord’s of life

B. Devil’s of life

C. Queen’s life

D. King’s life

18) The poet was in____when he came to drink water to his water trough.

A. Pyjama

B. Jeans

C. Night dress

D. Coat 

19) The poet came down the steps with his__________

A. Pitcher

B. Bowl

C. Can

D. Drum

20) “Sicily island” is in _______country

A. America

B. India

C. Italy

D. England

21) Water trough is kept under a __________tree.

A. Carob

B. Mango

C. Neem

D. Banana

22) The snake came from the ________of the poet’s house

A. Fissure

B. Hole

C. Bottom

D. Top

23) The speaker confess that he______

A. Hated the snake 

B. Liked the snake 

C. Killed the snake 

D. Feared the snake 

24) In Sicily, black snakes are considered____

A. Innocent 

B. Venomous 

C. Playful 

D. Gloomy 

25) The phrase ‘a king of exile’ in the poem stand for____

A. The lion 

B. The Elephant 

C. The snake

D. The Tiger

26) After hitting the snake with a log the speaker of the poem ‘snake’ wants to___________ 

A. Enjoy

B. Celebrate

C. Expiate

D. None of these

27) The speaker in the poem ‘snake’ hits the snake with___

A.  Gun 

B.  Bat 

C.  Log 

D.  Rod

28) The speaker of the poem compares the snake with the sea albatross of _____

A. The Scholar Gipsy

B. The Ancient Mariner

C.  Eve of St. Agnes 

D.  Lycidas

29) ‘The voice of my education said to me He must be killed; these line are taken from 

A. The soldier 

B. Fire- Hymn 

C. Snake 

D. Song of Myself

30) He lifted his head from his drinking, as cattle do’ is written by___

A. T. S. Eliot

B. D. H. Lawrence

C. Rupert Brooke

D. John Keats

I hope कि ये पोस्ट आपको helpful लगा होगा यदि यह पोस्ट आपको helpful लगा तो इस पोस्ट को अपने friends और other students को share अवश्य करें, जिससे कि वो सब भी इस पोस्ट को पढ़कर  English MCQ  सीख सकें 

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