Fill in the blanks with Modal Verb


1. Fill in the blanks with Can | May

1.      You _____speak English.                                        

2.   Amar Sir___win the race                                       

3.   It___rain tonight                                                     

4.   She___solve this sum                                            

5.   A thief___steal money                                           

6.   ____you get success.                                            

7.   __god bless you with a son                                   

8.   __you play the violin?                                            

9.   ___you hear that?                                                  

10. ___I have the salt?                                                 

11. ___I take your jacket?                                             

12. ___you see this stain on my

13. ___I have a biscuit?                                                

14. You___swim in this river                                        

15. She____sing like an angel                                       

16. ___I leave the talbe?                                               

17. __you catch the bus by

18. She___run a five minute

19. He___compose music                                              

20. I__play basketball                                                  

21. You______go out.                                              

22. _______I use your cell

23. ______you jump from this roof

24. Radha______do this sum.                                

25. Any one _____learn English                            

26. It_____rain in the evening.                              

27. ______God bless you with a

28. I work hard so that I__pass the

29. We eat so that we___become

30. She___come late today.                                   

31. She_____live with me                                       

32. _____God help you !                                           

33. _______heaven protect you !                            

34. _______you do this sum ?                                 

35. ___I have your attention,

36. ___I please use your stapler

37. ___you play the violin ?                                   

38. Amar Sir___do this work.                                

39. Kajal ___speak Spanish                                   

40. Manish Jee___learn French.

41. I___see you

42. He ___swim like a fish

43. They ___not dance very well

44. Amar____speak several languages

45. It___snow tomorrow

46. ____all your wishes come true

47. ____I smoke in here.

48. It ______ not be true.

49. _______ her soul rest in peace.

50. Anyone _write a poem on this

2. Fill in the blanks with
Could | Might

1.      I _____run for hours when I was young.

2.      He ran very fast so that he__ catch

3.     I thought they_______ arrive today.

4.      Amar said that Ram __solve this

5.     He _solve this puzzle when he was six.

6.     _____you open the door, please?

7.      I______ play a guitar when I was a

8.     _____you lend me this book?

9.     I___visit many places if I had more

10.    ______you take a message, please?

11.     I said to him that he ______ come

12.     ____you please bring me more coffee?

13.    _____you please lock the door?

14.     _____I choose my own teacher?

15.    I ___ not complete the work yesterday.

16.    ____you tell me the answer, please.

17.     ________ I go out after this

18.    ________ I borrow your sketch pen?

19.    Amar said that Pakistan ___win the

20.    He said that teacher_______speak many

21.     Amar sir told me that she__solve this

22.    Rani asked if Amar __come today.

23.    ________ is Right.

24.    She. is weak, She_ pass SSC.

25.    I _______ make hut when I was a child.

26.    I ________recite poem in my childhood.

27.    He said that it ____be dangerous.

28.    Soni asked me if Amar ___learn French

29.    She came here so that she__meet
her child.

30.   ____you please help me  to lift this box

31.    She asked me if I _____speak English.

32.    He_run very fast when he was a child.

33.   The sky is clear but, it____rain

34.    She told me that I __help you.

35.   The plane________ land any place.

36.   If he had money he_______ buy a car.

37.    She told her that she__ come that day.

38.   She said that she_____ teach English

39.   Teacher said that I_____ win the race.

40.    I ate so that I ________live long

41.     She said that she_______ come

42.    _______you please open the gate.

3. Fill I n the blanks
with Shall | Will

1.      You___not
do anything against my will.

2.      ___I
carry your bag?

3.     _____I
call again on Sunday?

4.      What
____we do with this?

5.     They___not
be hungry

6.     I___not
be tired

7.      Raju
___not come today

8.     ____I
get a pizza for dinner tonight?

9.     I
___meet you there at six o’clock.

10.    My
brother and I ___arrange.

11.     I
___send you your tickets.

12.     We___see
you later

13.    I am
sure we___cross the river easily.

14.     I
____help you at any cost.

15.    __________you
please stop talking

16.    I__speak  and 
none shall stop me

17.     You_____fight
to the last.

18.    You______not
touch my book again.

19.    I
__not permit these kind of behaviour.

20.    I
____teach you lesson

21.     I_________kill
you bastard

22.    We
______do or die

23.    You______do
it anyhow

24.    If you
disobey the rule, you__be fined.

25.    I
_________go to Mumbai tomorrow

26.    ______I
open the door for you?

27.    We_____go
there tomorrow

28.    Amar
___go to Goa next morning.

29.    She__teach her a lesson.

30.   Amar Sir__go to Goa tomorrow.

4. Fill
in the blanks with must | should | ought to

1.      We___fasten  our seatbelts

2.      You___stop
playing computer games.

3.     You
______apply for that job

4.      People__eat
lots of fruits to remain healthy

5.     He
________obey his parents.

6.     We_______pay
our debts in time.

7.      It may
rain. You _____take an umbrella.

8.     People______obey
the laws of the land.

9.     You_______not
read others’ letters.

10.    He
____________respects his senior

11.     I
_________not  tell a lie.

12.     You
___________serve and smile

13.    I
______go now.

14.     He
_______ follow the traffic rules.

15.    We
______ crush the terrorist.

16.    You
_______ give up smoking.

17.     I
___to phone my parents

18.    She
___to lodge an FIR

19.    We
____to do more exercise

20.    There
______ be a school in this area.

21.     You ___heard
the name of Bhagat Singh

22.    You
____appologise for your mistakes.

23.    She
______be joking.

24.    You
______be mad to the criminal.

25.    You
_______help your subordinates.

26.    You
________to read this novel.

27.    She
said that I ________go to Patna.

28.    Work
hard lest you_______fail.

29.    You___________work

30.   I said
that I____go there tomorrow.

31.    You______drink
lots of water.

32.    What______
I do now.

33.   You
____ love your brother.

34.    Students___answer
all the questions

35.   You
___say sorry to him

36.   You
___do your home work.

37.    You____not
skip your school.

38.   Passengers
___fasten their seat-belts in the plane

39.   You___chew
your food properly

40.    You
____clean our car reguraly

41.     We
___obey the law

42.    One___keep
his word

43.    You___not
ride bike on the grass

44.    You
___not drive fast near the school

45.    You
___not talk loudly in the library.

46.    She
___to call the police

47.    We___to
eat lots of fruits and vegetables

48.    There
___to be a speed limit here

49.    We
___to pay for basic medicine

50.   He
____have taken pity on the beggar.

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