# Now the Leaves are falling fast – Chapter 3 (Poetry Section)


Now the leaves are falling fast is written by Wystan Hugh Auden (W.H. Auden) . He was Born in 21 February, 1907 in New York, United Kingdom and Died in 29 September, 1973 in Vienna, Austria. He was an Anglo- American poet. His important works are, The Age of Anxiety, The Orators, etc. W.H. Auden won the Pulitzer Prize in 1948 for his collection ‘The Age of Anxiety’. He got M.A in English language and Literature from Oxford University. 


This poem is written by W.H. Auden. Poet has tried to tell us about human life. Human life is full of frustration every people has some aim in his life which he wants to fulfil but only few get success and the rest just aspire for. The poet has tried to tell us while giving an example of a plant. In the autumn season the leaves of plants fall very fast and the plant look naked. This is the same condition of human life. The poet has discussed about a plant name is Trolls. This is very weak plant and depends on the other plants for his livelihood. As in the autumn season the leaves of the plant fall and because of this Trolls die. This is the same when the messenger of death approaches and takes away our happiness.


  1. Active = फुर्तीला 
  2. Archaic = अप्रचिलित, पुरातन
  3. Ahead = आगे
  4. Ahead = आगे 
  5. Angle = देवदूत 
  6. Archaic =अप्रचिलित, पुरातन
  7. Arms = बाँह 
  8. Attitude = हावभाव 
  9. Awareness = जागृति 
  10. Bless = आशीर्वाद
  11. Cold = ठंडा
  12. Critic = आलोचक
  13. Dead = मृत
  14. Delight = खुशी
  15. Exhibit = दिखाना
  16. False = झूठा
  17. Frustration  = कुंठा
  18. Follow = मानना
  19. Knees = घुटना
  20. Nightingale = बुलबुल
  21. Impossible = असंभव
  22. Inherent = प्रकतिक, संभावित
  23. Freeze = निष्क्रिय
  24. Lonely = अकेला
  25. Poet = कवि
  26. Nurse’s flower = छोटे पौधे
  27. Pluck= तोड़ना
  28. Prams = बच्चे की गाड़ी
  29. Raised = उठा हुआ
  30. Real = वास्तविक
  31. Reprove = डांटना
  32. Rolling = लुढ़कना
  33. Separate= अलग होना
  34. Starving = भूख से मरना
  35. Stiffly = मुश्किल से
  36. Track =  तरीका, रास्ता 
  37. Travellers = यात्री, पर्यटक
  38. Scolding= डांटना
  39. Leaves = पत्ते
  40. Trolls = ( मछली पकड़ने का जाल ) 
  41. Versatile = ( परिवर्तनशील, प्रतिभाशाली )
  42. Vigorous = जोशीला
  43. Waterfall = जलप्रपात, निर्झर
  44. Whispering neighbour = यमदूत
  45. Wooden = लकड़ी का
  46. Woods = जंगल


1. Now the Leaves are falling fast‛ is written by__
A. W.H. Auden
B. Walt Whitman
C. Rupert Brooke
D. John Keats

2. W.H. Auden was born in_____
A. 1807
B. 1907
C. 1920
D. 1856

3. Who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1948 for ‚The Age of Anxiety
A. W.H. Auden
B. Rupert Brooke
C. D.H. Lawrence
D. John Keats

4. For W.H. Auden the poetry was a ___________game
A. Serious
B. Funny
C. Comedy
D. Bold

5. The Leaves are falling fast suggests____
A. arrival of old age and death
B. none of these
C. arrival of guests
D. fast of leaves

6. The poet of “Now the leaves are falling fast” belongs to ___
A. England

B. America
C. Russia
D. Japan

7. W. H. Auden is_____
A. a modern poet
B. classical poet
C. metaphysical poet
D. none of these

8. “Whispering Neighbours ‚ are___
A. messenger of death
B. cruel neighbor
C. talkative neighbor
D. none of these

9. _____pluck us from real delight.
A. Whisper neighbours
B. Cruel neighbours
C. Talkative neighbours
D. None of these

10. Active hands___when people die.
A. Freeze

B. Close
C. Open

11. _______runs scolding for their food.
A. Trolls

B. Devil
C. Angel
D. Messenger

12) _______bless to travellers in their last distress
A. Waterfall
B. Mountain
C. Hill
D. Forest

13) _____dumb in the leafless wood.
A. Crow
B. Parrot
C. Nightingale
D. Cuckoo

14) ______raised stiffly to reprove in false attitude of love
A. Arms

B. Legs
C. Hands
D. Head

15) W.H. Auden died in____
A. 1923
B. 1973
C. 1978
D. 2012

16) ___won Pulitizer Prize for his book ‛The Age of Anxiety.‛
A. W.H. Auden
B. T.S. Eliot
C. Rupert Brooke
D. Kamala Das

17) W.H. Auden’s work is divided into the______and______phases
A. British & America
B. India & Russia
C. British & Iran
D. Goa & Gujarat

18) W.H. Auden served in ___Civil War
A. Russian
B. Spanish
C. French
D. English

19) Now the leaves are falling fast‛ enacts the_____inherent in Human life.
A. Frustration
B. Happiness
C. Grief
D. Joy

20) The Nurses flower will not_______
A. Last

B. Fast
C. Die
D. Alive

21) Hundred of the people follow_______track
A. Wooden
B. Silver
C. Golden
D. Bad

22) The angel will not_______to help the people.
A. Come
B. Go
C. Laugh
D. sleep

23) The prams are___on.
A. Rolling
B. Running
C. Standing
D. Lying

24) Travellers will be blessed with the___
A. river
B. waterfall

C. pond
D. lake

25) Trolls are ugly creatures in___mythology.
A. Indian
B. Roman
C. Greek
D. Scandinavian


1. What does the poet mean when he says ” Now the leaves are falling fast”?

Ans- The poet means that the leaves of the branches of the tree are falling and the trees are becoming leafless. It is also meant by a person who slowly goes to its death and at last in a grave. Like a tree, every human life has to destroyed. There is none who can be alive. Everyone is mortal.

2. What are the words in the second stanza that suggest death and the effect of death on human body?

Ans – In the second stanza, the following are the words that suggest death and the effect of death on the human body Whispering neighbours, Pluck and freeze  

3. How do we complete our last journey to the grave?

Ans – When a man is dead hundreds of men carry the dead body in a wodden coffin to the grave. This is our last journey.

4. What do ‘Troll’ do in the ‘leafless’ wood’?

Ans- Trolls run in search of their food in the leafless wood. They search for food to live.

5. Who are  the ‘travellers’ and how will they be blessed’?

Ans- Old persons are the travellers and they are blessed with their last distress and that is death.

6. Which words in the first stanza suggest objects from Nature?

Ans- ‘Nurse’s Flower’ is the word in the first stanza that suggests objects from nature. It means ‘a nurse’.

7. Who are the ‘whispering neighbours’?

Ans- Agents or messengers of death are the whispering neighbours who come when a human body is dead.

8. How does human life become miserable?

Ans – Suffering from disease and other problems, make human life become miserable and unhappy.

9. In what way will the travellers be  blessed?

Ans- Travellers will be blessed of those white waterfall which comes out from the mountain’s head. They will be blessed in their last distress.

10. What happens in autumn ?

Ans- In Autumn, All fruits get ripeness and flowers bloom in autumn. All the bird start to sing to see the sweetness of the season.


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