# An Epitaph-Chapter-5 (Poetry Section)


An Epitaph-Walter De La Mare

Book you have to read in class 12th English is Rainbow Part II

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# About the poet:- Walter De La Mare

“An Epitaph” is written by Walter De La Mare. He was born in 1873 at Charlton, London, England. He died on 22 July 1956 in Twickenham, United Kingdom. He lost his
father at the age of four and moved to London with his mother. He is known as ” Children’s Poet” He is known for
his sensitive, concerns, with the world of children and supernatural. He wrote
many poems like, songs for the children and peacock pie. Queen Elizabesth
honored him with the Order of Merit in 1953.

# Lyrics of Walter De La Mare 

Here lies a most beautiful lady:
Light of step and heart was she;
I think she was the most beautiful lady
That ever was in the West Country.
But beauty vanishes; beauty passes;
However rare—rare it be;
And when I crumble, who will remember
This lady of the West Country?
# Word Power of An Epitaph 

1.         Beauty= सुंदरता 

2.     Concerns=दिलचस्पी 

3.     Crumble=मर जाना 

4.     Evincing=इशारा करना 

5.     Genius=प्रतिभाशाली 

6.     However=हालांकि 

7.     Interest=दिलचस्पी 

8.     Lady=स्त्री 

9.     Lies=लेटना 

10.   Light of step and heart=उद्देशीन घूमना 

11.   Melancholy=उदासी 

12.   Passes=मर जाना 

13.   Rare=दुर्लभ 

14.   Remember=याद करना 

15.   Sensitive=भावुक 

16.   Supernatural=अलौलिक 

17.   Themes=मूल वस्तु 

18.   Vanishes=लुप्त होना

# Multiple Choice Questions of An Epitaph 

Video for MCQs are also available

1) “An Epitaph” is the poem of______

A.   John Keats       

Walter De La Mare

C.   John Donne

D.   Amar Sharma     

2)   ‘An Epitaph’ is a work refers to____

A.   inscription on tomb 

B.   inscription on building

C.   inscription on grave

D.  inscription on ancient

3)   Walter De La Mare was born in________

A.   1873

B.   1775

C.   1867

D. 1883

4)    Walter De Mare died in_______

A.   1956

B.   1967

C.   1978

D.   1923

5)   Walter lost his father at the age of ____

A.   Four

B.   Six

C.   Twenty

D.   Thirty

6)   A beautiful________lies in the Epitaph

A.   Girl

B.   Lady

C.   Woman

D.   Widow

7)   Walter De La Mare is known as____

A.   Children’s  Poet

B.   People’s poet

C.   War poet

D.   Metaphysical poet

8)   Walter De La Mare honoured with “Order of Merit” in 1953 by________

A.   Akbar

B.   Queen Elizabeth- II

C.   Narendra Modi

D.  Martin Luther King .Jr

9)   Queen Elizabeth-II honoured him with_____award in 1953

A.   Order of Merit

B.   Pulitzer award

C.   Nobel prize

D.   Sahitya Academy

10)   The lady was most____________

A.   Beautiful

B.   Ugly

C.   Sexy

D.   Cruel

11)   Walter De La Mare was a ___poet

A.   Modern

B.   Romantic

C.   Metaphysical

D.   War

12)   The lady lies in an____________

A.   Epitaph

B.   Grave

C.   Canal

D.   House

13)  The word “Crumble” means____________

A.   Die

B.   Kill

C.   Enjoy

D.   Sorrow

14) Walter De La Mare knew a __lady who has been dead

A.  Innocent

B.   Thin

C.   Fat

D.   Beautiful

15)  The poet thinks that___is not everlasting.

A.   Body

B.   Youth

C.   Beauty

D.   Boldness

16)  The poet feels that after his death nobody will______that lady

A.   Forget

B.   Love

C.   Hate

D.   Remember

17)  He was born in the village of___in Kent.

A.   Meerganj

B.   Charlton

C.   Ramdiri

D.   Mosadpur

18)  “Songs for Children” is written by_____

A.   Rupert Brooke

B.   K.N. Daruwala

C.   D.H. Lawrence

D.   Walter De La Mare

19) ”Peacock Pie” is written by__________

B.   Rupert Brooke

C.   John Keats

D.   Walter De La Mare

D.   Amar Sir

20)  An Epitaph is written by_________

A.   Rupert Brooke

B.   Walter De La Mare

C.   Rudyard Kipling

D.  Walt Whitman

21)  An Epitaph is
a ____of a beautiful lady

A.     A) Tomb

B.     B) Temple

C.     C) Church

D.     D) Gurudwara

Walter De La Mare was famous for ____

A.      A) Natural Poem

B.      BLove Poem

    CChildren Poem 

    D) War poem           

23) However rare, beauty,

    A) Mules

    B) Grumbles

    C) Vanishes

    D) Rides

24) An Epitaph’ is a ___

    A) Story

    B) Monologue

    C) Essay 

    D) Poetry 

25) ‘Light of step and heart was she’ is taken from-

    A) Fire- Hymn

    B) Snake

    C) An Epitaph 

    D) The Soldier

26) Poet shows fresh interest in themes.

    A) Old

    B) Medieval

    C) Love

    D) None of these

27) Walter de la mare was-

    A) a poet

    B) a novelist

    C) a short story 

    D) all of these

28) Poet belonged to ____ century.

    A) 19th century

    B) 20th century 

    C) 18th century 

    D) none of these 

29) The tone of the poem ‘An Epitaph’ means to…

    A) Happy

    B) Melancholy

    C) Romantic

    D) None of these

    A) The North Country

30) The lady mentioned in the poem, ‘An Epitaph’ Belonged to…

    B) The East Country 

    C) The West Country 

    D) The South Country 

# Question Answer of An Epitaph 

This Questions Answer are based on Rainbow Part II Book 
1. Where does the lady lie?
Ans- The lady lies in an Epitaph. She lies there in the memory of her beloved.

2. How does she look to the poet ?
Ans- She looks to the poet the most beautiful lady ever born in the west country.

3.Was she a kind and considerate lady?
Ans- No, She was not a considerate lady. She had the habit of moving here and there

4. What does the poet think about beauty ?
Ans- The poet thinks about the beauty that it is short-lived and will disappear one day or another.  

5. What does the poet mean when he says ‘And when I crumble’.
Ans- The poet is sad to think that nobody will remember the most beautiful lady in the west country.

6. What will happen when the poet dies?
Ans- When the poet will die nobody will remember  the beautiful lady of The West Country 

7. What according to the poet, are the two qualities of ‘beauty’?
Ans- The two qualities of beauty are Short lived and Rare. The poet want to say that beauty is rare and it disappears after sometime. 

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