# Song of Myself – Chapter 2 (Poetry Section)

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Song of Myself is written by Walt Whitman. He was born in 31 May, 1819 in West Hills, New York and Died in 26 March, 1892 in New Jersey. He is also Known as People’s Poet. He was an American Poet. His Important Works (Books)  Include, Leaves of Grass (1855) and Drum Tapes (1866) . He began working as a carpenter before his 12th Birthday. He was also worked as printer, teacher, and editor and was volunteer nurse during the civil war.



In “Song of Myself,Walt Whitman  celebrates the self. The speaker of the poem speaks not just for himself but for all mankind, praising the joy and wonder of experiencing nature. In this 52-part poem, Whitman celebrates the human body and its ability to become one with the self and with nature. 

The speaker shows that the union of the self and the body allows for a truly transcendent experience. This joined self is capable of simultaneously being one with nature and standing apart from nature The self can merge with all things and experience all things, and will  undergo many transformations.



1. Spear-भाला 

2. Absence-अनुपस्थिति 

3. Appreciation-प्रशंसा 

4. Assume-मान लेना 

5. Belongs-अधिकार 

6. Cease-समाप्त होना, रोकना 

7. Celebrate-मनाना 

8. Check-जांचना 

9. Creeds-धार्मिक विश्वास

10. Death-मृत्यु 

11. Dedication-समर्पण 

12. Ease-आराम देना 

13. Sufficed-काफी तेज 

14. Forgotten-भूल गया 

15. Expense-खर्च करना 

16. Form-बनाना 

17. Harbor-विश्वाश करना 

18. Hazard-नुकसानदायक

19. Hopе-आशा 

20. Individual-संकट

21. Innovative-नया 

22. Invite-पुकारना 

23. Lean – झुकना / आराम करना

24. Literary-साहित्यकी 

25. Perfect– उचित, पूर्ण 

26. Loafe – घुमना / भटकना

27. Myself- मैं खुद 

28. Nature-प्रकृति 

29. Observe-महसूस करना 

30. Original-वास्तविक 

31. Own-अपना

32. Parents-माता पिता 

33. Permit-आज्ञा देना 

34. Same-बराबर 

35. Schools-सोचने का ढंग 

36. Sing-गाना 

37. Soul-आत्मा



1. Song of myself‛ is written by_____
A. Walt Whitman
B. Kamala Das
C. John Keats
D. Rupert Brooke

2. Walt Whitman was born in_____
A. 1818
B. 1819
C. 1823
D. 1892

3. Walt Whitman died in_________
A. 1850
B. 1870
C. 1875
D. 1892

4. Who is known as ‚People’s of Poet‛?
A. Walt Whitman
B. John Donne
C. John Keats
D. T.S. Eliot

5. Walt Whitman is an_____poet
A. British
B. American
C. Indian
D. Bihari

6. Walt Whitman was a __________
A. Carpenter
B. Teacher
C. Editor
D. All

7. Walt Whitman worked as_________for 12 years.
A. Carpenter
B. Doctor
C. Volunteer
D. Editor

8. Walt Whitman was volunteer nurse during the_________
A. First world war
B. Second world war
C. Civil war
D. Cold war

9. Leaves of Grass‛ is written by___________
A. John Keats
B. John Donne
C. Walt Whitman
D. Rupert Brooke

10. Walt Whitman published his first book ‚Leaves of Grass‛ in ____
A. 1855
B. 1870
C. 1850
D. 1947

11. Drums Taps‛ is written by_____

A. Walt Whitman
B. Rupert Brooke
C. Kamala Das
D. John Keats

12. Walt Whitman was ____years old
A. 36
B. 29
C. 37
D. 30

13. Drum Taps‛ was published in________
A. 1864
B. 1866
C. 1872
D. 1895

14. The poet in ‚Song of Myself‛___for himself
A. Runs
B. Sings
C. Paints
D. Plays

15. Poet’s blood is made from_____and____
A. Soil and air
B. Soil and soul
C. Blood and soil
D. Soil and water

16. Walt Whitman observed_______in summer
A. Grass
B. Trees
C. Forest
D. Milk

17. The poet in ‛Song of myself‛ invite his___

A. Soul
B. Ancestors
C. Father
D. Mother

18. The ____ of death are the whispering neighbour.
A. Messengers
B.  Friends
C.  Enemies
D.  God

19.  Walt Whitman Belongs to 

A. Britain 
B. France 
C. America
D. London

20. Who says, ‘Every atom of blood is same in all human being”

A. John Donne 
B. Walt Whitman 
C. W.H. Auden 
D. John Keats



# Short Question Answer of Song of Myself

1. What does Walt Whitman observe in summer ?

Ans – The poet Walt Whitman observe a spear of grass in summer.

2. How old is he ?

Ans – He is 37 year old 

3. Why does the speaker use ‘you’ twice?

Ans – The speaker use ‘You’ twice to press on similarity of blood in all human        being.

4. What is meant by ‘Nature without check with original energy?

Ans- Harbour and Hazard are meant by nature without check with original energy

5. What is theme of the poem?

Ans- The theme of poem is a reflection of individualistic thought. its gives the message of oneness of human being.

6. How does the speaker establish relation between ‘me’ and ‘you’?

Ans – The speaker establish relation between me and you, He say that our parents are the same and our blood are similar.

7. What does Walt Whitman observe in summer ?

Ans – The poet Walt Whitman observe a spear of grass in summer.

8. What has formed Walt Whitman’s blood ?

Ans – The soil, the air and the birthplace formed Walt Whitman’s blood.

9. What does Walt Whitman hope to do ”?

Ans – Walt Whitman hopes to do the work which he wants to continue till death.

10. What does Walt Whitman want to do with creeds ?

Ans- Walt Whitman wants to know the system of thoughts with creeds in abeyance.

11. What does he want to speak about?

Ans – He want to speak at every Hazard.

12. Which age did Whitman wrote Song of Myself?

Ans- While Exactly, Walt Whitman was 34 year old, when he wrote “Song of Myself” Poem. 

# Long Question Answer of Song of Myself 

1. Give a summary of the poem.

Ans – Given above this blog …………….

2. What Similarities does the poet draw between two human being?

Ans – The poet Walt Whitman tell something about the similarities between two human beings. The poet want to say that human beings are the same in many ways as they born in similar ways. Their blood is the same. Everything is the same in all human beings.

3. Explain the line ‘ Hoping to cease not till death’.

Ans – The line ‘Hoping to cease not till death’ means the poet Walt Whitman does not want to die. He knows that there are people who quarelled for religions. He hopes to change the situation through his efforts. There are high thoughts about religious beliefs in his mind. So, he has expressed such view in the line ‘Hoping to cease not till death’.

4. Comment on the subjectivism (Personal felling) in the poem?

Ans – The poem song of myself is composed by the poet Walt Whitman. He tells about himself in this poem. he never thinks anything wrong about religious beliefs and system of thought. He becomes very sad when he sees a human being quarrelling with another human being only for religion. But there is nothing to quarrel in these things. He fells like a spear which gives pain in human beings. Also, it gives him pain when he listens about quarelling people in the same way for religion.

5. Why does the poet not want to bother himself with “Creeds and Schools” ?

Ans – The poet does not want to bother himself with “Creeds ans Schools” because he thinks about religious tolerance. His mind is quite free from this problem. He knows that there are different religious beliefs and system of thought in the world. Still, he does not bother himself with it. He knows that everyone is the same in all condition. Take birth’ from different parents have no difference among them and they are similar in all respects. Their blood is the 

6. Why does the poet mean by ‘ Nature without check with original energy” ?

The poet mean by ‘ Nature without check with original energy”that he believes in good and bad aspects of life and he favours to tell about every danger or fear, which he hopes to acquire through nature without check unrestricted nature and original energy.



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