Answer the questions given below it.

Dolphins are highly intelligent aquatic mammals. Because of their ability to learn and perform complex tasks in captivity, their continuous communications with one another, and their ability, through training, to approximate the sounds of a few human words, some investigators have suggested that the animals might be capable of learning a truc language and communicating with humans. Most authorities, however, agree that although the dolphin’s problem – 4 solving abilities put the animal on an intelligence level close to that of primates, no evidence exists that dolphin communications approach the complexity of a true language. There are about 60 species of dolphins. They use sound (echolocation) to navigate, to find prey and for communication. The species most frequently seen is the bottle-nose dolphin, a popular performer in sea aquariums, found in all warm seas. It is mainly grey in colour and grows up to a maximum of 4.2 meters. It lives in a group of up to 15 individuals. There is extensive communications and cooperation between individuals, they can produce a range of clicks of various frequencies, which they use for echolocation. The common dolphin, which inspired many Mediterranean fold legends, is found in all temperate and tropical’s seas. It has up to 100 teeth in its jaws, which make the 15 cm ‘beak’ protrude forward from the rounded head. The corners of its mouth are permanently upturned giving the appearance of a smile, though dolphins cannot actually smile, Dolphins feed on fish and squid. Some cies of dolphins can swim up to kmph. Helped by social streamlining modifications of the skin. All dolphins power themselves by beating the tail

up down and use flippers to steer and stabilize. River dolphins inhabit river estuaries  in Asia and South America. They have very long slender beak and whiskers and limited eyesight. They love to swim in fresh water.

1. The common dolphin___

(A) smiles all the time

(B) Has a break up to 51 cm.

(c) Is found in temperate grasslands.

(d) Has up to 100 teeth.

2. Dolphins

(a) Cannot communicate with one another. 

(b) Can perform complex tasks in captivity.

(c) Can speak to humans. 

(d) Can learn human words on their own.

3. Dolphin’s intelligence level is

(a) Equal to that of primates.

(b) Better than that of primates. 

(c) Close to that of primates.

(d) Lower than that of primates.

4. Echolocation is the 

(a) Use of words to communicate.

(b) Use of words to find prey.

(c) Use of echo to navigate.

(d) Use of sound to navigate.

5. Synonyms of Abbreviate

(a) Expand

(b) Elonegate

(c) Shorten 

(d) Lengthen

6. Antonyms of Delicate

(a) fine

(b) Rigid/hard/tough

(c) careful

(d) gentle 

7. Identify the correctly spelt word.

(a) Endveaour

(c) Indeaveour

(b) Endveavor

(d) Endeavor

8. Choose the correct one word substitute for the following term. 

A place where ship are kept.

(a) Sea

(b) Hanger 

(c) Runway 

(d) Harbour

Direction (9-13): Choose the most appropriate angwer and fill in the blanks.

9. The Noun from of “Acquire”.

(a) Acqurement 

(b) Acquired

(c) Acquisition

(d) Obtain

10. What is comparative degree of Unique.

(a) More unique

(b) Most unique

(c) Very unique 

(d) none of these

11. A bunch of flowers___ been delivered to the door.

(a) is 

(b) are

(c) have

12. He looked at me without___anything

(a) Say

(c) To say

(b) Saying

(d) has 

13. He was astonished___his failure

(A) at 

(B) in 

(C) on 

(D) for 

14. Direction (14-16): Find the error. 

14. The price of everything (a)/ is raising (b)/ fast.(c)/no error (d) 

15. The German (a)/ defeated the (b)/French by 3 goals(c)/ No error (d)

16. Towns after towns were(a)/ conquered by him

(b)/but he found no peace(c)/No error.(d)

17. Change the narration

Ram said, “We will play match tommorrow

(a) Ram said that we had played match the next day

(b) Ram said that they would play the match the next day. 

(c) Ram told they would play the match the next 


(d) Ram said that we would play the match the next day. 

18. Change the voice

People made him president. 

(a) He was made president by the peop

(b) He became president by people 

(c) President was made by the people 

(d) People elected him the preside

19. Plural of  “Cris”

(a) Crises 

b) Disaster 

(c) Crieses 

(d) Calamity 

20. Idioms: Between the devil and deep sea. 

(a) Difficult situation 

(b) Pleasant situati

(c) Narrow situation 

(d) Admirable situati

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