I had seen this road many years ago when my parents moved to Mundakkottukurussi, our ancestral village. However, in those early years, I hadn’t begun exploring the countryside. I stored the unknown road in my head under ‘One Day I Will’, Ten years ago, when I recovered from a herniated disc, it was to discover that I had a useless left leg. Though I managed to lose the limp, I hated not being able to stride around as I used to. I needed a challenge to tell myself that I wasn’t going to buckle to a creature called sciatica. Thus, the ‘One Day I Will’ arrived. “Where does the road by the medical shop lead to?” I asked my parents while visiting them next.

‘Chalavara’, they said, “It’s not an easy road to walk on.” My father added. “There are too many ups and downs.” Chalavara was a superior grade of a village as compared to Mundakkottukurussi with a high school, a fine library, ATMs and several shops. But it also has two approach roads. The one I had chosen was a narrow back road used by the locals and that settled it for me, I needed to know for myself I could walk a road that wasn’t going to be easy. And the next day, I would get up and walk that road again.

1. What is ‘sciatica’? 

(a) A type of animal

(b) Name of a real place

(c) Name of an imaginary place 

(d) A herniated disc

2. Where did the forefathers of the writer live? 

(a) Chalavara

(b) Bengaluru

(c) Mundakkottukurussi

(d) Out of India

3. What disability did the writer suffer due to the herniated disc?

(a) A useless left leg

(b) Depression

(c) Loss of memory

(d) Poor visibility

4. ‘One Day I Will’ is the title of 

(a) A village

(b) The unknown road 

(c) A tourist place

(d) A path famous with

Directions (5-7) Find out which part of the sentence has an error.

5. Many a man (a) have come to India from Bangladesh (b)/ to live here permanently (c)/ No error (d)

6. One of the boys (a)/ who always give the correct answer (b)/ is Samuel. (c)/ No error (d)

7. I worked (a), as a medical representative (b)/ for eight months. (c)/ No error (d)

Directions (8-10) Fill in the blanks with the suitable alternative.

8. On reaching the top of the ridge, we came upon a ….. of monkeys. 

(a) troop 

(b) pack

(c) herd

(d) colony

9. Jason and James took their bike with

(a) they

(b) them

(c) their

(d) us

10. Those are probably the…….curtains in the store.

(a) fancy

(b) fancier

(c) fanciest

(d) most fanciest

11. Fill in the blank with suitable determiners. 

Do you have… card? Yes, I have

(a) any, some 

(b) any, none

(c) some, some 

(d) any, one

12. Select the adverbs of manner from the following options.

(a) Later, Yesterday, Tomorrow

(b) Hourly, Annually, Usually

(c) Almost, Nearly, Quite 

(d) Heavily, Carefully, Neatly

13. What prefix would you add to the word ‘finished’ to show that there is still somework to be done?

(a) Un 

(b) Dis 

(c) Mis 

(d) Re

Directions (14 and 15) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate Modals.

14. I should go to him, he….need my help. 

(a) can

(b) should

(c) might

(d) must

15. Its raining outside. You…..go anywhere. 

(a) needn’t

(b) ought

(c) will not

(d) None of the above

Directions (16 and 17) Choose the correct preposition to fill the given blanks.

16. Don’t loiter ……….. the street.

(a) onto

(b) about

(c) on

(d) into

17. They will go to Bengaluru…….plane. 

(a) on

(b) in

(c) by

(d) from

18. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word. 


(a) Comfort

(b) Ease

(c) Suffering 

(d) Relief

19. Select the one which is opposite in meaning to the given word. 


(a) Commission 

(b) Obligation

(c) Irresponsibility 

(d) Role

Direction (20) Transform the following assertive sentence into interrogative sentence by selecting the correct option.

20. Please wait for me.

(a) Will you please wait for me?

(b) Will you wait for me, please?

(c) Will you not wait for me, please? 

(d) Can you not wait for me please?

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