Directions (1-4): Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it.

Rural development in India has witnessed several changes over the years. Rural development, can be richer and more meaningful only through the participation of clienteles of development. Just as implementation is the touchstone for planning, and effectiv people’s participation is the centerpiece in rural  development. For the development planners and administrators, it is important to solicit the participation of different groups of rural people to make the plans participatory.

Rural development aims at improving rural people’s livelihoods in an equitable and sustainable manner. rural deve both socially and environmentally, through better access to assets and services, and control over productive capital. 

The basis objectives of Rural Development Programmes have been alleviation of poverty and unemployment through creation of basic social and economic infrastructure, provision of training to rural unemployed youth and providing employment to marginal farmer/labourers to discourage seasonal and permanent migration to urban areas.

Rural development is the main pillar of nation’s development. In spite of rapid urbanization, a large section of our population still lives in the villages. Secondly, rural India has lagged behind in development because of many historical factors. Ministry of Rural Development is implementing a number of programmes aimed at sustainable holistic development in rural areas. The thrust of these programmes is on all-round economic and social A place transformation in rural areas through a multiprogrammed strategy aiming to reach out to the most disadvantaged sections of the society.

1. Which of the following is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given in bold as used in the passage ? 


(a) mitigation

(b) smoothing

(c) intensification 

(d) comfortable

2. What, according to the passage, is the most important objective of rural development ? 

(A) Alleviation of poverty and unemployment

(B) Employment to marginal farmers and labourers

(C) Participation of different groups of rural people.

(D) Creation of basic social and economic infrastructure

3. How can rural development be more meaningful and effectively implement

(A). Through good administration

(B). Through panchayat system

(C). Alleviation of poverty

(D). Participation of different groups of rural people.

4. According to passage which ministry looks after development 

(A) Ministry of human resources

(B) Rural development ministry 

(C) Panchyati Raj Ministry 

(D) None of them 

5. Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word given below:


(a) Booing 

(b) Praise 

(c) Housing 

(d) Criticise 

6. Choose the word almost opposite in meaning to the word given below:


(a) Steep 

(b) Bluff

(c) Gradual 

(d) Sudden

7. Identify the correctly spelt word.

(a) Acquanintance

(b) Acquaintance

(c) Acquenintance 

(d) Acquintance

8. Choose the correct one word substitute for the following term

A place of residence is called.

(a) Domicile 

(b) Abode

(c) Estrangement

(d) Fixed

Direction (9-13) Choose the most appropriate answer and fill the blanks.

9. The noun form of relation 

(A) Relatively

(B) Relative

(C) Relax

(D) Relate

10. The adjective of Respect is 

(A) Respectable 

(B) Respectively

(C) Respectfully

(D) Respecting

11. By__was the Ramayana written

(A) Who 

(B) Whom 

(C) Whose 

(D) Which 

12. The man should.____ circumstances

(a) Accept 

(b) Adopt 

(c) Adapt 

(d) Adept 

13. Crocodile live both ___ water and____land.

(a) In On 

(b) at on 

(c) on, in 

(d) in, over 

Direction (14-16): Find the error.

14. The captain(a)/ along with(b)/ his were killed in the field.(d) 

15. Each of the boys (a)/ play playground (c)/ No error(d)

16. The clothes(a)/ were the cloth stand(d).soldiers(c)/ game (b)/ in neatly(b)/ hanged(c)/ 

17. Change the narration.

He said to me. “I had a car.”

(a) He told me that he had a car. 

(b) He told me that he has a car.

(c) He told me that I had a car.

(d) He told to me that he has a car.

18. Change the voice.

Who is bothering you?

(a) Whom are you being bothered.

(b) By whom are you being bothered. 

(c) By whom are you bothered.

(d) By whom were you being bothered 

19. Place where Pig stays?

(a) Sty 

(b) Pigsty 

(c) Cattery 

20. Idiom : Taken to task

(a) censure severely or angrily 

(b) independently thinking

(c) work carefully

(d) hard work 

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