WH Family words with hindi Meaning

What is WH Family Words

WH family words वैसे शब्द होते हैं जिसमें W और H आये और उससे प्रश्न पूछने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाए उसे WH Family कहते हैं॥  

Example of WH Family 

What, When, Why, Who, How etc. 

There are 10 Members in WH Family 

1) What  (क्या या जो) 

2) Why  (क्यों) 

3) When (कब या जब) 

4) Who (कौन या जो) 

5) How  (कैसे) 

6) Which (कौन सा) 

7) Whose (किसका या जिसका) 

8) Where (कहाँ या जहाँ) 

9) Whom (किसे, जिसे या किसको) 

10) How many/ much (कितना या कितने) 


What” is used to ask for information about something. 

Some kinds of What Words. 

For what  – किसलिए

That’s what – यही तो

In what way – किस तरह से

At what way – किस तरह

What else – और क्या

Whatever / Whatsoever – जो कुछ भी 

What then – तो क्या

What kind of – किस तरह का

At what time – कितने बजे

Some Examples of What Sentences  

What are you doing? 

What is Tense? 

What did you eat today? 

What time is right now? 

That’s what I say? 


“Why” is asking for giving reasons and ask something

Some kinds of Why Words 

Why so – ऐसा क्यों

Why would – क्यों होता

Why have – क्यों है

Why do – क्यों करते हो

Some Examples of Why Sentences

Why would he want to do that? 

Why is the sky so blue? 

Why do you come in? 

Why are you so good? 

Why would you want to see? 


“When” Is asking to know about time. 

Some kinds of when words: 

Until when – कब तक

Since when – जब से

From when – जब से

Whenever – जब कभी

Whenence – कब से

Example of When Sentences:

When did it happen? 

When it finally started

When she glanced at him

When did Classes start


Who is asking about what or which person (when it is acting as subject) 

Some kinds of Who Words :

Whoever  – कोई भी हो

With who – किसके साथ

Some examples of Who Sentences 

Who are you? 

Who waits for time 

Who are doing that

Who are Amar Sir

Who Teaches English


How is used to asking about Manner and Ask about Quality or Conditions

Some Kinds of How Words 

How long – कितना लंबा
How far – कितना दूर
How old – कितना पुराना
How good – कितना अच्छा
How soon – कितनी जल्दी
How come – कैसे

Examples of How Sentences 
  • How are you
  • How did you do that
  • How long is it
  • How do say in English
  • How many people are there


Which is used to asking about Choice. 

Some kinds of Which Words: 

With which – जिसके साथ

Towards which – जिसकी ओर

From which – किस से

By which – किसके द्वारा

In which – जिसमें

Whichever – जो भी

Some examples of Which Sentences: 

Which is your favorite song

Which came first there

Which is more important

Which one is mine

In which pen do you write


Whose is used for asking about Ownership. 

Some kinds of Whose Words: 

From whose – किससे

Whosever – जिस किसी का

By whose – किसके द्वारा

Some Examples of Whose Sentences

1) Whose camera is this?

2) Whose dog is barking outside?

3) Whose cell phone keeps ringing?

4) Whose house we bought? 

5) Whose pen is it? 


Where is used to asking in or at what place or position. 

Some kinds of Where Words:

Whereas – जबकि

From where – जहाँ की

Wherever – जहां कहीं भी

By where – कहाँ से

Where in – कहाँ में

Some examples of Where Sentences

Where are you?

Where can I get a taxi?

Do you know where she is?

Where is the police station?

Nobody knows where he has gone. 


Whom is used  to asking about What or Which person (when it is acting as Object) 

Some Kinds of Whom Words; 

With whom – किसके साथ

About whom – किसके बारे में

Toward whom – किसके प्रति

For whom – किसके लिए

By whom – किसके द्वारा

Some Examples of Whom Sentences: 

Whom are you going to invite?

Whom did he blame for the accident?

Whom did he hire to do the job? 

I don’t know whom he invited

How Many / Much 

How many/much is used for Asking about Quantity. 

Some Examples of How Many/Much

1.  How much is that painting?

2. How much are those shoes?

3. How much will it cost me?

4. How much does it cost ?

5. How many days are there in January?

6. How many cousins do you have?

7. How many books did you buy?
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