How to make Active to Passive Voice

Hello दोस्तों ! आज हम बात करने जा रहे हैं Voice के बारे में जैसा कि आप सभी जानते हैं यह Topic  बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण है जिसे मैं बहुत ही आसान भाषा में आपको सिखा दूंगा।

तो सबसे पहले हमलोग यह जान लेते हैं कि आखिर Voice होता क्या है ?

What is Voice ?

When we convert subject into object and object into subject without changing its sense is called Voice.


Active : Ram kills a snake.

Passive : A snake is killed by Ram.

There are Two Types of Voice :

  1. Active Voice :  
  2. Passive Voice :

Rules of Making Voice with Example :

Rule:-1-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Simple Present Tense. में हो तो उसे Passive में बनाने के नियम 


1. Komal speaks Hindi 

2. Geeta plucks a flower

3. He loves me. 

4. She helps me 

5. He speaks English.

6. Ram reads a book.

7. Sakshi loves me. 

8. Soni loves her 

Rule:-2- जब Active Voice का वाक्य Present Continuous Tense. में हो तो उसे Passive में बनाने के नियम है

Sub+is/are/am+ being +V3+by+Obj

1. I am reading a book.

2. She is eating a mango.

3. He is plucking a flower.

4. Radha is killing a tiger.

5. Ram is writing a letter.

6. I am cutting a cake.

7. He is riding a horse.

8. She is vexing me.

9. I am cutting grass.

10. Amar is solving a math problem.

11. Sakshi was enjoying the party.

12. You are doing some works.

Rule:-3- जब Active Voice का वाक्य Present Perfect Tense. में हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है


1. They have eaten a mango.

2. He has written a letter.

3. Ram has taught English.

4. Komal has painted a house.

5. I have coloured the box.

6. Ramesh has read the magazine.

7. Krishna has torched the sky.

8. I have spoken French.

9. Amar has bought a laptop.

10. Jyoti has loved me.

11. She has done this great mistake.

12. Soni has taught all children.

Rule:-4-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Simple Past Tense में हो तो उसे Passive में बनाने के नियम है


1. You told a lie.

2. You played cricket

3. You made a mistake.

4. You kicked me

5. You booked a ticket

6. I bought a shirt.

7. We worshipped all gods

8. She spoke Hindi

9. We left our job.

10. We did our best.

11. The snake ate a frog

12. Sonam bought a car.

13. She won a lottery.

14. She tore a page

15. Moni enjoyed the party.

Rule:-5- जब Active Voice का वाक्य Past Continuous Tense. मे हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है

(Sub+was/were+ being+V3+by+O

1. I was waiting the bus

2. Ram was driving the bus

3. He was eating a cake

4. Afsana was catching the fish.

5. Amar was reading the novel.

6. My Class Teacher was teaching Math.

7. Your brother was driving a car.

8. Rani and Komal were doing their work.

9. The children were playing cricket.

10. Jyoti was telling some jokes.

11. Sakshi was speaking English.

12. Amar was plucking the rose flowers.

Rule:-6-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Past Perfect Tense मे हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है

(Sub+had been+V3+by+Obj

1. I had killed a cat./ She had cut an apple.

2. The cat had eaten the rat

3. The lawyer had written a letter.

4. You had chopped vegetables.

5. I had cut the cake at the night.

6. Jam had invited the guest.

7. Ram had planned a plot.

8. You had stolen my money

9. He had done a great mistake.

10. Jyoti had loved my boss.

11. Amar had finished this work.

Rule:-7-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Simple Future Tense में हो तो उसे Passive में बनाने के नियम है


1. I shall eat puri.

2. I shall buy a car.

3. He will punch a dog.

4. He will teach the animal

5. I shall treat the cat.

6. They will cut the tree.

7. You will check the air pollution

8. Rakhi will change the dress.

9. Ram and Hari will sell his laptop

10. Rana will search the gun.

11. They will enjoy the party

12. Ram will kill Ravana

Rule:-8- जब Active Voice का वाक्य Future Perfect Tense मे हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है

Sub + will have been/shall have been+V3+by+Obj

1. Ram will have eaten a banana.

2. Rana will have sold his car.

3. Radha will have planned a game.

4. She will have killed a tiger

5. I shall have kicked football

6. Rekha will have run the laptop.

Rule:-9-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Modal Verb में हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है


1. Ram can write a book

2. She would sell her frock.

3. She should buy the vegetable.

4. She may sell vegetable.

5. Radha could buy a laptop

6. Afsana might fine Ram.

7. She must eat fruits.

8. They must love the poor.

9. Ram ought to love the poor.

10. Amar should love his neighbour.

Rule:-10-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Imperative Sentence (Order/Command) में हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है

Let + S+ be+V3

1. Open the gate.

2. Switch off the fan.

3. Bring the child.

4. Shut the door.

5. Break the glass box.

6. Drive away the cattle.

7. Beat the donkey.

8. Do this work.

9. Give order.

10. Bring a glass of water.

11. Do it at once.

12. Blow off the candle.

Rule:-11-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Imperative Sentence (Advice) में हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है


1. Love your country.

2. Help the poor.

3. Feed the beggar.

4. Help your neighbours.

5. Don’t insult the weak.

6. Obey your parents

7. Obey your teachers

8. Learn your lesson.

9. Love your district./Help me

10. Do not insult the poor.

11. Help the needy person.

Rule:-12-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Imperative Sentence (Please/Kindly) मे हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है

(You are requested to + rest word

1. Please help me

2. Kindly give me a cup of tea.

3. Please obey your parents.

4. Take your seat, please

5. Kindly post this letter

6. Please forgive him.

7. Please lend me your pen.

8. Please help me.

9. Please help the needy person.

10. Kindly switch off your phone.

11. Please bring your text book.

Rule:-13-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Imperative Sentence (Intransitive Verb) में हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है

You are ordered to + Rest Word

1. Stand up

2. Sit down.

3. Come here

4.  Go there.

5. Go out 

6. Go inside

7. Come inside 

8. Follow me.

9. Get out 

10. Get lost

11. Go slowly 

12. Work hard 

Rule:-14-जब Active Voice का वाक्य Imperative Sentence (Let ) मे हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है


1. Let him do this work

2. Let her solve the problem

3. Let her complete the work

4. Let them do this sum

5. Let her enjoy the party

6. Let him read the book

7. Let her sing a song

8. Let us discuss the matter

9. Let us sing a song.

10. Let him play the tennis.

11. Let her scold the child.

12. Let her finish job.

Rule:-15-जब Active Voice का वाक्य To-Infinite मे हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है


1. I have to join the party.

2. She has to kill a snake.

3. Ramu had to win the race.

4. He is to write a letter.

5. Amar is to write a grammar book.

6. Sakshi was to pluck a mango.

7. She had to finish the job.

8. Amar sir was to catch a big fish.

9. Sonam has to write a book.

10. She will to finish her work.

11. We have to write some letters

12. Suman is to break a chair.

Rule:-16-जब Active Voice का वाक्य (Causative Verb) मे हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है


1. I made you laugh

2. She made me weep

3. He made us work

4. They made him king

5. I found him swim

6. They made me sing

7. We made him chairman

8. They elected Mukesh captain

9. Ram made them happy

10. She made him a mayor

11. She made her queen

12. She made me sad.

Rule:-17-जब Active Voice का वाक्य (Reflexive Pronoun) मे हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है

(sub+verb3+by +obj

1. She enjoyed herself

2. You invited yourself

3. He studied himself

4. You lost yourself

5. They invited themselves

6. Amar hurt himself.

Rule:-18-जब Active Voice का वाक्य (Preposition) मे हो तो उसे Passive में बनाने के नियम है

Sub + HV + V3 + preposition + by + Obj

1. The police enquired into the matter

2. The children laughed at him

3. Your sister will look after you

4. The govt. will arrive at the agreement

5. He cried at me

6. She looks after me

7. No one can put up with such an insult.

8. They listen to me

9. I looked at the flower

10. Amar looks after his mother

11. We must look for the watch

12. Amar was looking for a job.

13. Rani was laughing at the beggar.

14. The captain arrived at the conclusion

15. The magistrate is looking into the case.

16. Jyoti was looking after her mother.

Rule:-19-जब Active Voice का वाक्य (Verb to be/Verb to have) मे हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है


1. I am to do this work.

2. He is to write a letter.

3. We are to buy a laptop.

4. I am to write a book

5. I have to write a letter

6. He had to invite me

7. She had to cook the food

8. They are to sell the car

9. Ram has to buy a frock


Rule:-20-जब Active Voice का वाक्य मे (There + To-infinite) मे हो तो उसे Passive में बनाने के नियम है


1. There is no work to do.

2. There is no food to eat.

3. There is nothing to worry.

4. There are some letters to write

5. There are five students to admit

6. There is no time to lose

7. We have nothing to gain

8. There are men to admire

9. It is time to do some work

10. It is necessary to write this letter

11. It is time to register the name

Rule:-21- जब Active Voice का वाक्य मे (That-Clause) हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है

(It+HV+V3+That Clause) 

1. Years ago, people believed that earth was flat.

2. They believed that Mr. Sharma was very rich.

3. They said that Amar was a bad carpenter.

4. People said that the poor are happy.

5. People said that the rich have all facilities.

6. Everyone thought that the govt. was wrong.

7. People say that he is a spy.

8. People say that he is intelligent.

9. They believe that the terrorist killed him

10. They say that the moon give us light

11. People felt that the officers were corrupt.

12. People think that the tiger is fierce animal

13. They said that he was a thief.

14. He said that Ram was a doctor.

15. People will say that he is a police

16. People will say that you a thief

17. They said that the sun gives us light.

Rule:-22-जब Active Voice का वाक्य मे (WH question Word) हो तो उसे Passive मे बनाने के नियम है


1. Who will harm him ?

2. Who cut a cake ?

3. Who has built the Taj Mahal ?

4. Who wrote the letter ?

5. Who wrote grammar book ?

6. Who is writing a grammar book ?

7. Who was writhing grammar book ?

8. Why do you cut the cake?

9. When do you write a letter?

10. When does she write a book?

11. Why did she cut the cake?

12. Who divided the sweets?

13. Who had spoken English?

14. What does she eat?

15. Where does he celebrate Diwali?

16. How do you enjoy your birthday?

17. How do you write a grammar book ?

Rule:-23- Active Voice के वाक्य मे कुछ ऐसा क्रिया होता जिसमे By के जगह अलग अलग Preposition का प्रयोग करते हैं

1. The book interested me

2. Amar married Katrina.

3. Sonam married Rahul.

4. The book contains five pages.

5. I know it.

6. She knows me.

7. She knew him.

8. She married ram

9. He satisfied me

10. He pleased me

11. I surprised him.

12. I astonished you.

13. She knew him

14. Your marks surprised me

15. Her dress pleases him

16. He satisfied his father.

17. People can cheat you

Rule:-24- Active Voice के वाक्य मे कुछ ऐसे Subject होते है जिसका प्रयोग Passive Voice मे Object रूप में नहीं होता, वे लुप्त हो जाते है ।

1. Folk eat grass.

2. One can do it.

3. The Police catch thief.

4. Robbers steal money

5. Kidnappers kidnapped a boy

6. Somebody has done it.

7. Everybody will eat ice.

8. Anybody can mislead you.

9. No one can help you

10. Nobody will solve this problem.

11. All could do that sum.

12. One can solve this sum.

13. The people can do this sum

14. The police caught a thief.

15. One cannot do this work

16. Somebody has stolen your pen.

17. Robbers robbed a bank.

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