VVI Question Answer of Class 12th ENGLISH


 # PROSE SECTION                           

  Based on Bihar Board Rainbow Part II  

Lesson-1 || Indian Civilization and Culture|| By
Mahatma Gandhi ||


1) What do you understand by
civilization and culture?

Civilization is that mode of conduct which points
out (to show) a man to the path and performance of duty. Whereas Culture is an
ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a people or society.


2) How is Indian Civilization
different from European civilization?

The main difference between Indian civilization
and European civilization is that the India civilization emphasize in limiting
the indulgences in luxuries whereas European civilization believe in promoting


3) Why does Gandhi says that “mind
is a restless bird” what makes the mind restless?

Our mind is a restless bird because the more it
get the more it wants, and still remains unsatisfied. Ultimate number of our
inner wants make our mind restless birds.


4) Why did our ancestor dissuade us
from luxuries and pleasures? Did they do the right thing?

Our ancestors dissuaded us from luxuries and
pleasures because its leads us to unlimited numbers of wants which never could
be achieve. “Yes” they did the right thing.


5) How did our ancestors view large
cities? Why were they satisfied with small villages?

Our ancestors view for large city was that in
large city there is a gangs of thieves, robbers, prostitution and vice
flourishing in them and that poor men would be robbed by rich men. But in
village there is nothing like that. That why our ancestors were satisfied with
small villages.


6) How did our ancestors enjoy true “Home Rule”?

Everyone’s work in society was divided. They all lived
independently and followed their occupation.. Because of these kinds
distribution of work and responsibilities bring peace and harmony in the


Lesson-2 || Bharat is my Home || By Dr. Zakir Hussain


1) What did Dr. Radhakrishnan bring
to the presidency?

Dr. Radhakrishnan brought to the presidency a
mental equipment, a degree of erudition and wealth of experience rarely to be
found anywhere.


2) What oath did Dr. Zakir Husain
take of?

Dr. Zakir Husain took the oath of loyalty to the
constitution of India and its Citizen and also pledge to the service of the
totality of India’s culture.


3) What did Dr. Zakir Husain pledge
himself to?

Dr. Zakir Husain pledge Himself to the loyalty and
service of the totality of India’s past culture and work for India’s strength
and progress and also for the welfare of its people without distinction of
cast, colour or creed.


4) On what occasion did Dr. Zakir
Husain Deliver this speech?

This speech was delivered by Dr. Zakir Husain
after taking the oath as third president of India in 1967. He was the first
Muslim president of India.


5) Why does Dr. Zakir Husain call India “the young
state of an ancient people”?

Dr. Zakir Husain call India “the young state of an
ancient people “Because the India was set free from British rule very recently
and the foundation of democracy in India was very new. But Indian civilization
was very ancient and old.


6) Why is Zakir Husain overwhelmed?

Dr. Zakir Husain is overwhelmed because the people
of India have placed trust in him by electing him to the highest office in the
Land (India).


7) What has Dr. Zakir Husain to say
about the past?

Dr. Zakir Husain say that the past is not dead and
static. On the other hand is it very much alive and dynamic.


8) What is the business of

The business of the education is to help in
growing national culture and national character. It is the prime Instrument of
National purposes.


9) What did Dr. Radakrishnan bring
to the presidency?

Dr. Radhakrishnan brought to the presidency a
mental equipment, a degree of erudition and wealth of experience rarely to
found anywhere.


Lesson-3 || A Pinch of Snuff || By Manohar Malgoankar ||


1) Who was Nanukaka ?

Nanukaka was narrator’s maternal uncle. He was
coming from Maharastra to Delhi to see some ministers.


2) How does Nanukaka impress
Sohanlal Ratiram?  

Nanukaka starts to talk in loud voice, when he
reaches to Sohanlal office. He talks about his own status in high tone to
attract Sohanlal. He shows off his contact with many big ministers and
ambassador Hazrat Barkat Ali.


3) From where Nanukaka was coming?

Nanukaka was coming from Maharashtra to Delhi.


4) How much money did Nanukaka give
to the washer-man?

Nanukaka gave 2 rupee to the washer-man.


5) Why had Nanukaka come to Delhi?

Nanukaka had come to Delhi to meet some minister


6) What was the post of Narrator’s?

The narrator was under-secretary on Probation


7) How did Nanukaka impressed the

Nanukaka dressed himself in such a way that he
could look alike a hereditary pundit from a princely state and that was the
cause of impression to the minster for him.


8) Who is Zamindar?

The Zamindar is he who has enough land.


9) How did Nanukaka manage to
impress the Sikka Auto Dealers?

He showed off the wealth with the help of Dhobi to
Sikka Auto Dealer which was not in real.


Lesson-4 || I have a dream || By Martin Luther King Jr.


 1) What is the author trying to
achieve through his speech?

The author trying to achieve justice and end of
discrimination against Negro through his speech.


2) What is Martin Luther’s pledge?

Martin Luther’s pledge is that they will always
march ahead until they don’t get their right of freedom.


3) What are the “Trials and Tribulations”
the author talks about?

Jail, brutality, persecution, discrimination,
hatred are some of the trials and tribulations that the author is talking


4) This is our hope. What is the

The hope of the author is that they will be able
to eliminate the radical discrimination from America and able to transform the
jangling discords of America into beautiful symphony of Brotherhood one day.


5) What Martin Luther says about
the life of Negro?

Martin Luther King say that one hundred years
later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of
segregation and the chains of discrimination.


6) What does Martin Luther urge his
people to do?

Martin Luther urges his people not to
degenerate their creative protest into physical violence.


Lesson-5 || Ideas that helped mankind || By Bertrand
Russell ||


1) What two broad categories of
ideas that have helped mankind?

The two broad categories of ideas that have helped
mankind are (1) knowledge and technique (2) morals and politics.

2) Did language play a role in
human development ?

Yes, language played very important role in human
development. Without it, it would have been very difficult to hand to hand on
from generation to generation the inventions and discoveries that were
gradually made.


Lesson- 6 || The Artist || By Shiga Noaya ||


1) Who was Seibei?

Seibei was 12 year talented Japanese Boy. He
studied at primary School.


2) What was Seibei’s hobby?

Seibei’s hobby was collecting gourds and drawing
on them.


3) Where did Seibei live?

Seibei lived at harbour town.


4) Which type of gourd did Sebei

Seibei liked even and symmetrical gourd.


5) Why did Seibei’s father shout at

Seibei father shouted at him because he used to
wander at town in the search of good gourds.


6) Why did Seibei wander about the

Seibei wandered about the town to know every place
that sold gourd on the market.


7) How did Seibei’s father react to
the teacher’s complain?

As soon as Seibei’s father heard the teacher’s
complaint he grabbed his son by collar and gave him a sound beating. He took
his hammer and smashed all the gourds into pieces.


8) What made Seibei’s heart beat

One day Seibei was walking along on unfamiliar
street suddenly he saw a gourd which was five inches long and at first sight
looked quite common place which made Seibei’s heart beat faster.


9) Which is called effinate past
time this story?

Children are indulged in collecting gourds which
was found to be most offensive work. Such work called effinate past time in the


10) How much Curio-dealer pay for
confiscated gourd?

Curio-dealer paid 50 Yen for the confiscated


11) What did Seibei do after he was
forced to give up collecting gourds?

Seibei started to draw the picture after giving up
collecting gourds.


Lesson-7 || A Child is Born || By Germaine Greer ||


1) Where do Sylheti woman go to
stay during the last stag of her pregnancy?

Sylheti women go to stay to their parent’s house
during the last stage of their pregnancy.


2) What is Rupthoka in Bangladesh?

Rupthoka is fairy tales in Bangladesh.


3) What is the reward of Pregnancy
for a Sylheti women?

Much love and care are the rewards of Pregnancy
for a Sylheti women.


4) How are children of joint family
in Bangladesh looked after?

In Bangladesh children under the age of five or
six are looked after by the whole family. All the children of joint family are
looked after together. They are taken to the pond for a bath by daughter-in-law
and she bathes them all


5) What is the immediate impact of
poverty in Medical field?

The immediate impact of poverty in medical field
is that


6) What is the worst impact of
western Medicine in Traditional Societies?

The worst impact of western medicine in
traditional societies is modernization. The prestige of the white coats is


Lesson-8 || How free is the press || By Dorthy L.
Sayers ||


1) What do you mean by the term “free

According to me a free press means is a press that
is not controlled or restricted by government censorship in political or


2) Name two sources of revenue
newspaper usually survive on?

first source of revenue is the wealth and capacity of the owner of the
newspaper and the second is the contributions of advertisement.


Lesson-9 || The Earth || By H.E. Bates ||


1) Who was Benjy?

Benjy was a simple -minded son of Johnson.


2) Who was Florence?

Benjy employed many people to help him in poultry
farm. Florence was one of them. After some time he married Florence.


3) Who is tenant farmer?

A farmer who does not have his own land. He lends
lands for cultivating. Such farmers are called tenant farmer.


4) What did Benjy understand about
a hen?

Benjy understood about a her that the eggs of the
hens could be sold to callers at the back of their house in scores and half


5) What did Benjy want to do with

Benjy wants to multiply his money in the business
of poultry. He wants to buy some Hybrid hens. He wants to buy some lands to make
poultry farm and his house with his money.


6) Why did Benjy want to marry

Benjy was running a poultry farm. Florence worked
at his poultry farm. She was very expert in rearing of chickens.. So, Benjy
fell in love with her. She was very practical lady rather than beautiful,
intelligent and distinguished. So he wanted to marry Florence.


7) Who had Johnson rented their
land from?

Johnson had rented his land from Sanders for 40

Lesson -11 || A Marriage Proposal || By Anton Chekhov ||


1) Who was Natalia?

Natalia was Choobookov’s daughter.


2) Who was Lomov?

Lomov was Choobook’s fast friend.


3) Who was Choobookov?

Choobookov was Lomov’s fast friend.


4) Why does Natalia want to talk
about something else?

Natalia wants to talk about something else like


5) What according to Lomov, is the
main defect of Leap?

According to Om Lomov, the main defect of leap is
that Leap has pug jaw. It means his lower jaw is shorter than his upper jaw.


6) How does Natalia describe her
own pet dog, Leap?

Natalia describes that her dog Leap’s cost is more
than eighty-five Double and she thinks that leap is every way better than
Guess. He is young and strong.


7) Why is Om Lomov unable to speak about the marriage proposal?

Lomov is unable to speak about the marriage proposal to Natalia because, he is
very shy person. He thinks that Natalia would not accept his marriage proposal.
He has very hesitation to tell Natalia about his proposal.


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