A Marraige Proposal – Anton Checkov


Anton Chekhov (Anton Pavlovich Chekhov ) was a Russian Playwright and Short-story Writer. He was Born in 29 January, 1860 in Taganrog, Russia and Died in 15 July, 1904 in Badenweiler, Germany.  He began his literacy career by writing comic sketches. He was Doctor By Profession. His important works Includes, Uncle Vanya, The Three Sisters, The Cheery Orchard.


“A Marriage Proposal” is written by Anton Chekhov. In this play, the three characters are Choobookov, Natalia and Lomov. They all are Neighbours. Lomov loves Natalia. So, Lomov wants to marry Choobookov’s daughter (NATALIA) but he does not dare to put the proposal of marriage-ceremony before Natalia.
Natalia’s father, Choobookov also wants his daughter to marry Lomov but he does not find a way how to make his daughter agree with this proposal. One day Lomov comes to the house of his friend Choobookov and tells everything about the marriage of Natalia and him. Choobookov becomes very happy to know about this marriage proposal.

By Chance, the daughter of his friend, Natalia also comes there. Soon Natalia and Lomov start quarrelling over the superiority of their dogs-leap and guess and a piece of land belonging to Lomov. Having heard the shout, Choobookov becomes a friend and pretends to be dying and appeals to Lomov and Natalia to accept the marriage proposal.


1. Hypochondriac : वैसा व्यक्ति जो अपने स्वास्थ्य के बारे में बहुत चिंतित  हो 
2. Country House : फार्म हाउस या कुटिया 
3. Esteemed : आदरणीय 
4. Beat about the bush : झूमा फिरा कर बात करना 
5. Yearning : लालसा 
6. Fervent : उत्सुक / इचछुक 
7. Blockhead : एक बेबकूफ व्यक्ति 
8. Dumstruck : आवाक / बोली बंद होना 
9. Palpitations : दिल की तेज धड़कन 
10. Wrought up : काम किया 
11. Twitching : झटके से खीचना 
12. Merchandise : व्यापर 
13. Shelling : SHELL को हटाना 
14. Mown : काटा या फँसाया हुआ 
15. Dolled up : तैयार होना 
16. Interrupting : कुछ कहने या करने से रोकना 
17. Wedged in : बाधा होना 
18. Statute : कानून 
19. Impertinent : असभय 
20. Land Grabber : वैसा व्यक्ति जो किसी भी तरह के जमीन का अधिग्रहण कर सकता है 
21. Disputed : विवादित 
22. Accustomed to : परिचित 
23. Robber Baron : महान आदमी के आड़ में चोर होना 
24. Litigate : मुकदमा करना 
25. Quibbler : व्यक्ति जो बहस करता है 
26. Embezzlement : रूपया चुराना 
27. Sue : अदालत में किसी के खिलाफ दाबा  करना 
28. Colossal : विशाल / बहुत बड़ा 
29. Upstart : तुच्छ व्यक्ति 
30. Yelling : चिल्लाना 
31. Numb : बिना संवेदना 
32. Jabbing : मारना 
33. Grouse : शिकायत 
34. Hound : शिकारी  कुत्ता 
35. Retrieving : वापस आना / ठीक होना 
36. Pedigreed : अच्छे नस्ल का 
37. Exasperating : तंग करने वाला 
38. Fly off  the handle : गुस्से पर काबू न कर पाना 
39. Spite : गुस्सा 
40. Mimicking : नकल करना 
41. Wobbling : लडखडाहना 
42. Meddle with : हस्तक्षेप करना 
43. Intrigues : साज़िश करना 
44. Henpecks : हावी होना 
45. Windbag : वैसा आदमी जो अधिक बात करता
46. Launching : शुरुआत / प्रारंभ करना 
47. Marital Bliss : वैवाहिक आनंद 


1) Lomov was the ________of Choobookov.

A. Neighbour

B. Enemy

C. Friend

D. Sister

2) Natalia‟s dog is named __________.

A. Leap

B. Weap

C. Deap

D. Neap

3) The name of the dog of Lomov is _________.

A. Guess

B. Buess

C. Ruess

D. Cress

4) “A marriage proposal” is a _______act play.

A. Three

B. One

C. Two

D. Four

5) Lomov says that he will prove in the court that the ________meadows belongs to him.

A. Cow

B. Buffalo

C. Ox

D. Goat

6) _______says that he is having a heart failure.

A. Lomov

B. Choobookov

C. Matalia

D. Ratalia

7) ________is made in love of Lomov.

A. Natalia

B. Khatalia

C. Matalia

D. Ratalia

8) The ownership of _______ is disputed.

A. Ox- Meadows

B. Bull meadows

C. Cow Meadows

D. Goat Meadows

9) Who is the writer of the prose piece, „A Marriage Proposal‟?

A. William Shakespeare

B. H.E.Bates

C. Anton Chekhov

D. Manohar Malgaonkar

10) Anton Chekov was born in _______

A. 1850

B. 1860

C. 1855

D. 1865

11) When did Anton Chekhov die?

A. 1889

B. 1900

C. 1902

D. 1904

12) Mr. Stepan Stepanovich Choobookov is a ______.

A. Lawyer

B. Landowner

C. Writer

D. Poet

13) Natalia is the daughter of ________.

A. Choobookov

B. Ivan

C. Chekhov

D. Vassilievish

14) How old is Natalia?

A. Twenty years

B. Twenty one

C. Twenty eight

D. Twenty five

15) How did choobookov react when he comes to know that Lomov wants to marry Natalia?

A. Happy

B. Sad

C. Angry

D. Thoughtful

16) Lomov thinks that he has a critical age because he is________

A. 15 years old

B. 38

C. 35

D. 18


  1. How is Lomov greeted by Choobookov?
  2. Choobookov greeted Lomov warmly and gently. He gets surprised by seeing him dressed in a coat, gloves, and other such formal clothes. He has made him sit and has welcomed him like a good friend.
  3. How does Choobookov react when he comes to know that Lomov wants to marry Natalia?
  4. Choobookov gets happy when he comes to know that Lomov wants to marry Natalia. He even mentioned that he wanted this for a very long time. He thanked him and kissed him on his hand out of joy.
  5. Why does Lomov think that he is a critical age?
  6. Lomov is already thirty-five years old and he thinks that it’s his critical age because he feels that he would never be able to marry if he doesn’t marry soon.
  7. Why does Lomov feel nervous before proposing to Natalia?
  8. Lomov feels nervous before proposing to Natalia because he has no idea whether Natalia would accept his proposal or not. He is so nervous as it is his final examination.
  9. Why is Natalia afraid that all her hay may rot?
  10. Natalia has mown all her hay out of greed and she regrets it because all her hay may get rot if it won’t get dried and since it has started raining so there is no chance of hay to get dried.
  11. What, according to her, is the real worth of Ox-medows?
  12. According to Natalia the real worth of Ox-meadows is 300 roubles.
  13. Who, according to Lomov, had left the meadows and to whom?
  14. According to Lomov the meadows were lent by his aunt grandmother to the peasants of Natalia’s great grandfather for an indefinite period without any payment.
  15. What is Lomov’s explanation of Ox-meadows becoming a disputed piece of land?
  16. Lomov says that his aunt’s grandmother lent the meadows to Natalia’s great grandfather for an indefinite period and then they used it for forty years and they started treating it like it was their land. This is the reason behind the dispute of ox-meadows land.
  17. What does Choobookov say about Lomov’s father and grandfather?
  18. Choobookov disgraces Lomov’s father and grandfather by saying that his father was a gambler and he used to eat like a pig whereas his grandfather used to drink a lot, he used to drink like a fish.
  19. Why does Lomov refer to the land settlement?
  20. Lomov refers to the land settlement because Natalia and her father are saying that it is their land whereas Lomov is saying that there is no point of conflict regarding land as in the papers, he is the one to whom the land belongs rightfully.
  21. Why does he complain all the time of palpitation and veins throbbing?
  22. Lomov is a very excitable person. Whenever there is an argument, he gets excited. His heart begins to palpitate and his nerves begin to throb.
  23. Why does Natalia cry and weep to know that Lomov has come to propose to her?
  24. Natalia is also twenty-five years old and she starts crying when she comes to know that Lomov has come to propose to her because she might also be concerned for her life or she might like Lomov. She might want him to marry her.
  25. Why does Natalia want to talk about something else?
  26. Natalia wants to talk about something else because they both have an argument about ox-meadows once and she doesn’t want to argue with him as she now knows that Lomov has come to propose to her.
  27. What, according to Lomov, is the main defect of Leap?
  28. According to Lomov, the main defect of Leap is that it is pug-jawed.
  29. How does Natalia describe her own pet dog, Leap?
  30. Natalia describes her pet dog, Leap by comparing it with Lomov’s dog Guess. She has said that Leap is a pedigreed hound greyhound whereas Guess is piebald. So her Leap is a hundred times better than Guess.
  31. ‘That’s a load off my back.’ What is this ‘load’? Why does Choobookov say so? 
  32. ‘Load’ refers to Choobookov’s daughter Natalia. When both Natalia and Lomov get married, he quotes this statement that “that’s a load off my back.” he says so because her daughter has finally got married.

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