Top 20 Superfluous Rules

Superfluous Expression

Some Important Logic

1. Cousin brother | Cousin sister में brother and sister superfluous है

2. Freeship | Lectureship के जगह Freestudentship | Lectureship होता है

3. Consensus opinion में ( opinion ) Superfluous है।

4. Final conclusion में ( final ) superfluous होता है

5. Funeral service में ( service ) superfluous होता है

6. Relative Pronoun ( Who, Which, That ) में ( It)  superfluous होता है।

7. Suddenly come across में ( suddenly ) superfluous होता है।

8. Flee away में ( away )  Superfluous होता है

9. With bag and baggage में ( with ) Superfluous होता है।

10. Await for, Comprise of, Despite of, Investigate into में ( Prepostion ) superflous होता है।

11. Two twins में ( two ) superfluous होता है।

12. Reborn, Rebuild, Regain, Reiterate, Recast, Recall, Recede में ( again ) superflous होता है।

13. Equually as good as में ( equally ) superfluous होता है।

14. Mutual agreement में ( mutual ) superfluous होता है।

15. Kindly requested में ( Kindly ) superfluous होता है।

16. Supposing if में ( If ) superflous होता है।

17. During the period of war में ( period ) superflous होता है।

18. Return, Retreat, Reimburse, Recall, Recapitulate, Recast में ( back ) superflous होता है।

19. Override, Overturn, Overshadow, Overtop, Overshoot में ( Over ) superflous होता है।

20. निम्नलिखित Words के साथ not का प्रयोग नहीं करते हैं।

until, unless, forbid, prevent, dissuade, deny, refuse, lest.

21. Reason because के जगह पर reason that या reason why का प्रयोग करते हैं।

22. Divide into four quarters के जगह पर Divide into four का प्रयोग करते हैं।

23. Who, Which, That के साथ and का प्रयोग नहीं करते हैं। 

24. Linking language, Linking road, Passing marks के जगह पर Link language, Link road, Pass mark का प्रयोग करते हैं।

25. My family member के जगह पर A member of my family का प्रयोग करते हैं।

26. An English teacher के जगह पर A teacher of English का प्रयोग करते हैं। 

27. Conso

By Amar Sir


1. You are my cousin brother

2. He reached at the final conclusion 

3. You are kindly requested to go out

4. She was my cousin sister

5. Mumtaz was present in his funeral service 

6. English is linking languages of the world

7. Grand trunk road is linking road of Pak

8. Amar sir is an English teacher

9. Englishman left India with bay and baggage

10. Neha sudden came across in the market 

11. Ram was a coward man

12. Amar recalled back to me

13. Ram as equally as good as Hari

14. Bahubali reborn again in the tamilnadu

15. Work hard lest you should not fail

16. Amar refused not to take bribe

17. It is a specific example to this book 

18. Cut this apple in two equal halves.

19. I like different varities of sweet

20. Amar grouped together these word 

21. Amar requested to repeated the question again

22. He said that it was his decision and that nobody

23. He is Amar and who is my friend

24. He forbade me not to go but

25. This is the laptop which I bought it for you 

26. The police investigated into the case

27. One of my best friend is in teaching line.

28. She reimbursed back the money which I had spent

29. This is the new house which my father bought it for me.

30. Agrima denied that she was not loving him

31. This is the man to whom I was talking to

32. She was my cousin sister

33. She forbade me to not chew rajanigandha.

34. My uncle was a coward man in my family 

35. Unless you do not read fast you cannot pass

36.  He wished to join my lecterership

37.  Throughout the whole year I did not read

38. Yesterday in the he come to me

39. Supposing if all your problems had been sloved 

40. All his family member are working on the high

41. Amar Sharma is a famous English teacher in Begusarai.

42. Puja returned back to my office at noo

43. He returned back to house 

44. Amar got passing marks in Maths

Exercise || Part- B 

1. Within an hour’s journey we (A) will approach near (B) Agra. (C) No error. (D)

2. He asked (A) supposing if he fails (B) hat he would do. (C) No error. (D)

3. The short story (A) should not exceed (B) more than hundred words (C) No error. (D)

4. The power to (A) distinguish between differences (B) is the basis of science and art. (C) No error. (D)

5. Probably by the end of the year he will (A) leave for the U.S.A; (B) with bag and baggage. (C) No error. (D)

6. This happened (A) just exactly (B) five years ago. (C) No error. (D)

7. Many people don’t hardly know about the real factors (A) that have led the state (B) to so many crises (C) No error (D)

8. When Darun heard the news tht his father has been hospitalised (A) he cancelled his trip (B) and returned back to his village (C) No error. (D)

9. She wishes to join lectureship because (A) she thinks that this (B) is a peaceful profession. (C) No error (D)

10. Looking forward(A) meeting you to meeting you  (B) in person. (C) No error. (D)

11. He was very friendly enough (A) to help me when (B) was in distress. (C) No error. (D)

12. In the back side (A) of our house (B) we have a rock garden. (C) No error. (D)

13. He ran as fastly as he could to (A) win the race (B) but ultimately he lost (C) No error (D)

14. All the students (A) came to school (B) at the same usual time. (C) No error. (D)

15. Unless you do not (A) go through your books (B) you cannot get through examination (C) No error. (D)

16. Throughout the whole year there was not (A) a single day (B) without some violence. (C) No error. (D)

17. Yesterday in the night he came to dinne r but ate (A) ve ry little because he (B) emotionally disturbed. (C) was No Error (D)

18. According to me every student of English literature (A) must read all the best (B) tragedies of Shakespeare. (C) No error. (D)

19. Please remember that dr. Saharan who is a surgeon (A) is my cousin brother and (B) must be shown due respect. (C) No( D)

20. She reimbursed back the money (A) which I had spent during our (B) journey Kathmandu (C) No error (D)

21. Rohit denied that he was not (A) present at the spot of (B) occurrence. (C) No error. (D)

22. The science project of the company was (A) equally as successful (B) as the first project. (C) No error. (D)

23. The candidate re que ste d the chairman (A) to repeat the (B) question again. (C) No error. (D)

24. I took a day’s leave to attend (A) a dear departed friend’s funeral service which was (B) to be conducted by this family priest (C) No error (D)

25. They were quite all right (A) when they started arguing with the (B) so called officer. (C) No error (D)

26. As my neighbourers are very cooperative (A) I do not (B) feel any difficulty (C) No error (D)

27. The patient is comparatively better today and I hope (A) that he will recover so on, (B) said the doctor. (C) No error. (D)

28. They stayed in Kashmir for a very short (A) period of time and then (B) they returned home (C) No error (D)

29. Two recent incident amply illustrate about (A) the present po litical (B) condi tion of the country. (C) No error. (D)

30. She is not (A) able to cope up with (B) the peer pressure. (C) No Error (D)

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