Top 20 Rules of Question Tag

Question Tag is a short addition to the end of the sentences which changes statement into question to confirm the answer.

We often use question tags when we expect the listener to agree with our statement.

Look at these examples to see how question tags are used.

Amar Sir is a teacher, isn’t he?
अमर सर एक शिक्षक हैं ना ?

You have a cow, haven’t you ?
आपके पास एक गाय है ना ?

Komal is not a teacher, is she ?
कोमल एक शिक्षका नहीं हैं ना ?

Rules to make Question Tag

Rule – 1

Rule 1. जिस Sentence में HV हो उसे Question Tag में बदलने में के लिए HV को Negative में बदल कर Sentence के Subject का Pronoun प्रयोग करते हैं। 

1. He is a teacher, isn’t he ?

2. I am a boy, aren’t I ?

3. You are a girl, aren’t you ?

4. I can eat food, can’t I ?

5. I could speak English, couldn’t I ?

6 .She may come today, mayn’t she ?

7. He might surprise you, mightn’t he ?

8. People should go to Goa, shouldn’t they 

9. Komal will eat Cake, won’t she ?

10. Suman is a Doctor, isn’t she ?

Note : Positive Sentence का Negative QT होता है और Negative Sentence का Positive QT होता है।

Rule – 2

Rule 1. Simple Present Tense के Sentences को Question Tag में बदलने के लिए Don’t + Pronoun का प्रयोग करते हैं।

1. I love my family, Don’t I ?

2. I write a letter 

3. She speaks English

4. They play Cricket

5. We pray to god.

6. Amar plays tennis

7. We watch movie

8. I chop vegetable

9. I Slice the cake 

10. They count money

11. Farmers grow wet.

12. I take a bath.

13. People celebrate Holi.

14. Amar sir teaches in Begusarai.

15. He teaches English.

Rule – 3

Simple Past Tense को Question Tag में बदलने के लिए Didn’t + Pronoun का प्रयोग करते हैं।

1. I loved your house, didn’t I ?

3. I bought a car, didn’t I ?

4. She went to Goa, didn’t she ?

5. I spoke the truth. didn’t I ?

6. He went for shopping, didn’t he ?

7. He bought a Cycle, didn’t he ?

8. She loved her mother, didn’t she ?

9. I sold his car, didn’t I ?

10. I took a cup of tea, didn’t I ?

Rule – 4

Imperative Sentences को Question Tag में बदलने के लिए Don’t you या Won’t का प्रयोग करते हैं।

1. Open the gate, don’t you ? | won’t you ? 

2. Kindly finish your work.

3. Bring a glass of water.

4. Please go there

5. Come here.

6. You should help poor 

7. Switch off the light

8. Wash your hands before eating.

9. Stop the car.

10. Please leave the class.

Rule – 5

जिस Sentence का Subject में There आए तो उसमें There का ही प्रयोग करते हैं।

1. There is a boy 

2. There is a beautiful place.

3. There are many books.

4. There are many birds.

5. There is a laptop.

6. There were 50 boys.

7. There is a good girl.

Rule – 6

जिस Sentence का Subject में This | That आए तो उसमें It का  प्रयोग करते हैं।

1. This is a mango, isn’t it ? 

2. That is a bird.

3. This is a fruit.

4. That was a girl.

5. This is is a laptop.

Rule – 7

जिस Sentences में Let us हो उसका Question Tag Shall we से बनाते हैं।

1. Let us play cricket.

2. Let us play Ludo.

3. Let us enjoy the party.

4. Let us do this work.

5. Let us finish the job.

Rule – 8

जिस Sentences में Let me हो उसका Question Tag Will you से बनाते हैं। 

1. Let me play the piano.

2. Let me inform the police.

3. Let her enjoy the party.

4. Let them play cricket.

5. Let him type a letter.

Rule – 9

जिस Sentence का Subject में Someone, Anyone, Noone, Everyone, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody, Everybody आए तो उसमें They का  प्रयोग करते हैं।

1. Someone has stolen my pen.

2. Anyone can dance.

3. Someone will love you.

4. Everybody will enjoy the party.

5. Nobody has done a mistake.

Rule – 10

जिस Sentence का Subject में Something, Anything, Nothing, Everything आए तो उसमें Pronoun के रुप में It का  प्रयोग करते हैं।

1. Something is wrong.

2. Anything can be done.

3. Nothing is impossible.

4. Everything will be closed.

5. Anything can be done.

Rule – 11

जिस Sentence में Seldom, Rarely, Barely, Scarcely, Hardly, Noone, Nobody, None, Few, Little आए तो वह Sentence Negative में होते हैं।

1. I hardly eat pizza.

2. She seldom goes there.

3. Amar scarcely comes here.

4. I have few friends.

5. She has little milk.


1) I am right.

2) I am not guilty.

3) I am doing for you.

4)You are not sure.

5)You are reading well. 

6) Ram is very rich.

7)He was very brave.

8)They are not anxious

9)They were not ready. 

10) He was to start the work.

11) You were learning how to

12) There are many girls.

13) Ram knows me very 

14) There is a school.

15) He speaks English well.

16) You leave for Bombay tomorrow. 

17) She does not do her work

18) Amar is a teacher.

19) Kajal reads English

20) It is true,

21) Ram and Shyam are friends,

22. Ram was absent Sita is not beautiful,

23. The boys are not going tomorrow,

24) The chair is not strong enough

25)Amar helped you.

26)That woman has no sense. 

27) Anyone can do so.

28)Nobody have seen god.

29). Amar had a great day

30) Everybody is your enemy

31) Everything is clear to you.

30) Everybody is your enemy.

31) Everything is clear to you. 

32) Nothing could be done.

33) Something is there. 

34) Anything can be done for you.

35) All of us can do this.

36. All of you can do this.

37. All of them can do this. 

38. Most of you read the book.

39) Most of them don’t know this.

40) neither or you has done his,.

41) None of us have seen the Taj Maha

42) He dare not go there.

43)He does not dare to go there. 

44) They have dared to beat him.

45) I need not ask him. 

46) I don’t need to ask him.

47) He dares to go there. 

48) I will need nothing.

49) He has a ball.

50) One of us was good.

51) All of them are crazy.

52) Some of you are good.

53) Shut up

54. Let’s dance.

55. Let us play

54) Ram is a dancer.

55) None has come

56) Anyone can do this,

56) Someone has come 

57) Everyone can win the match

58) Everybody are good

59) Ram had a cat.

60) Anybody can dance

61) Nobody is guilty

62) Nothing is perfect 

63) Rakesh made a mistake.

64) He tried to cheat me.

65) The boys went to the zoo. 

66) Rakesh did not go there.

67) You did not go there.

68) She did not come in time.

69) Open the door Open the door

70) Use your own pen. 

71) Komal will come tomorrow.

72) Use your own sense.

73) Let us play together

74) All of us can do this sum.

75) All of you can solve this sum. 

76) All of them can do this work.

77) Either of you is innocent.

78) Neither of us was honest.

79) Some of them have come.

80) None of us are handsome.

81) None of them were honest.

82) All of us are poor. 

83) Some of you are rich.

84) Some of them are crazy.

85) All of them are

86) Some of you have done this work. 

87) Most of them are happy.

88) One of them was present.

89) Some of them were poor.

90) Everybody was happy. 

91) Somebody has come.

92) Nobody was present

93) Anybody can dance 

94) No one was absent

95) Someone was talking

96) All of you were there, 

97) All of them had gone there,

98) Some of us can do it,

99) Neither of us has deceived her, 

100) All of us can do this.

101) All of you can do this.

102) All of them can do this. 

103) Most of you read the book.

104) Most of them don’t know this.

105) Neither or you has done his,

106) Amar has a car

107. I am honest

108). I am not clever 109.

109) I am reading the Gita,

110). You are writing a letter,

111). You are not helping me, 

112). Amar was a very poor boy,

113). They are playing cricket, 

114) We are ready to face the difficulties

115). She has given me a notebook

116) The students have played well,

117). Manu has sympathy for y 

118. Nobody liked your activities,

119. He knows little about the plan,

120. I don’t know a little about your pla

121) Do it at once,

122. Bring a bottle of whisky, 

123. Please help me to follow my instru

124. Don’t go there again,

125. Kindly don’t tease the animals,

126. Let us start the work, 

127. Let her study,

128. Nobody dares to oppose him,

129.There are twenty boys in my class,

130.There is a girl in my class, 

131. There were six girls there,

132. There was no one to help him,

133. One can help you, 

134. This is useful,

135. That was not for you,

136. These are yours, 

137. Those are mine,

138) He leaves for Delhi,

139) The girls could do this work, 

140) We should not go out, 

141) Nobody can challenge you,

142) It will rain today, 

143) We can help her,

144) Nothing is yours,

145) Amar and Neha are cousin 

146) There is a mango on the table

147) They write a letter,

148) Most of them do not know them,

149) Neither of us was laborious 

150) He used to come here,

151) Amar used to take coffee,

152) Puja used to drink milk at night, 

153) Chanda used to eat chicken,

154) Let him go to house,

155) Let me dance on the floor,

156) Someone might come today 

157) Everybody was ready,

158) Somebody has broken the chair,,

159) No money has been spent, 

160) That man has stolen my watch,

161) These bananas are rotten,

162) Those girls are industrious, 

163) This girl is very beautiful,

164) No one dares to come here

165) Anyone will not do this work, 

166) Nothing was sold,

167) Everyone wants to help the poor,

168) Let her do that,

169) It is rarely found these days,

170) You have done this,

171) I leave for Mumbai,

172) He dares not to talk

173) He dares to scold me,

174) You need not to go there,

175) She likes you

176) They did not do their work,

177) The passengers went to the station

178) He made a mistake,

179) My beloved does not do her work

180) He leaves for Delhi,

181) The girls could do this work,

182) It will rain today,

183) We can help her,

184) We should not go out,

185) Nothing is yours,

186) Amar and Neha are cousin

187) There is a mango on the table

188) They write a letter,

189) Most of them do not know them,

190) Neither of us was laborious

191) He used to come here 

192) Some of them are crazy. honest.

193) Let us complete this project,

194) Let us work,

195) Let us dance together,

196) Do not be disappointed,

197) Do not spit here

198) Work hard,

199) Please attend the class in time,

200) Open the door,

  Solved Exercise of Question Tag  

201) He seldom comes here, does he? 

202. His father is a dentist, isn’t he?

203. She likes playing tennis, doesn’t she?

204. He has got a nice car, hasn’t he?

205. Sophia didn’t go to school yesterday, did she?

206. You haven’t had breakfast yet, have you?

207. You had been to London before, hadn’t you?

208. She will come back tomorrow, won’t she?

209. John can make his own decision, can’t he?

210. They couldn’t come to the party, could they?

211. I should see a doctor, shouldn’t l?

212. You must call him, mustn’t you?

213. She wouldn’t meet with Daniel, would she?

214. He never plays computer games, does he?

215. Nobody knows the truth, do they?

216. I’m invited to the party, aren’t I?

217. Let us go to the gym, shall we?

218. Don’t stay up late tonight, will you?

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