SSC MTS Practice SET-1

1. The new government took__last year

(a) out

(b) after

(c) over

(d) upon

2. Mohan’s career has taken some__twists and turns

(a) incentive

(b) interesting

(c) interactive

(d) intuitive

3.The bus__fifty passengers fell___the river

(a) with, into

(b) for, upon

(c) over, on

(d) of, at

4. It is raining___. Do not go out

(a) heavily

(b) fast

(c) soundly

(d) strongly

5. She tries to adjust___her relations

(a) for

(b) at

(c) so

(d) with

6. She was remarkably ___in singing and dancing

(a) accomplished

(b) conductive

(c) flutuating

(d) cooperative

7. Amar Sir gained an advantage__me

(a) upon

(b) from

(c) on

(d) over

8. Take this medicine regularly and you will get rid__this disease

(a) at

(b) from

(c) of

(d) over

9. Statistics___always my worst subject

(a) are

(b) were

(c) is

(d) have

10. When she retired, she handed___the charge to the vice president

(a) over

(b) out

(c) across

(d) off

11. Give the best expressing meaning of the given word


(a) Thorny

(b) Uncivilized

(c) Premeditated

(d) Barber’s

12. Give the best expressing meaning of the given word


(a) Suspicion

(b) Throw

(c) Opposition

(d) Obstacle

13. Give the best expressing meaning of the given word


(a) To hinder

(b) To neigleet

(c) To Disapprove

(d) To differ

14. Give the opposite meaning words


(a) Solvent

(b) Diligent

(c) Malevolent

(d) Brilliant

15. Give the opposite meaning words


(a) Distorted 

(b) Disorganized

(c) Inept

(d) Carefree

16. Give the opposite meaning words


(a) Adamant

(b) Humane

(c) Fearless

(d) Criminal 

17. The man changed colours when I questioned him on the allocation of funds.

(a) turned pale

(b) got numbed

(c) turned happy

(d) got motivated

18. We cannot depend on him for this assignment as it need careful handling and he is like a bull in a china shop.

(a) a felicitous person 

(b) a clumsy person 

(c) a tactful person 

(d) a no-nonsense person 

19. The mother always insists on keeping the house spick and span.





20. On receiving his appointment letter, Amar treated us with a sumptuous meal.

treated us to

treated us for

treated us by

No improvement

Long ago in Mounnelin there lived an fenreiqrowing old. One day, he sano gram in the street. Upset at being rennin led that someday, he too, would ago, he ordered all the old people to leave his land. One day, a violent storm iswept, the kingdom. Nothing was safe from its fury. It  roared into the palace and blew away the emperor’s belongings, including his priceless golden pitcher. Then the storm ended, the emperor ordered that pitcher who found and brought back to him. People went in search of the pitcher. They saw it in a lake nearly. But no matter who had tried, no one could get grip on the pitcher All they, got was a handful of water. Yet it could the plain  glittering and just below the waters surface

21. The emperor’s orders were that all the____

Children should leave his land 

Old men should leave his land 

Old men should live in his land 

Young men should stay in his land.

22. What did the people who went to bring the pitcher get?

Nothing at all

A handful of water

a handful of air

The pitcher’s handle 

23. The people saw the golden pitcher

in a river nearby 

in alake nearby 

in a pit nearby 

24. The emperor feared

getting old

getting young

getting weak

getting ill

25. The emperor was upset to see the old man because 

(a) it reminded him of his grandfather

(b) it reminded him that he might fall ill

(c) it reminded him that he would grow old too

(d) it reminded him that he had to colour his hair 

I hope कि ये पोस्ट आपको helpful लगा होगा यदि यह पोस्ट आपको helpful लगा तो इस पोस्ट को अपने friends और other students को share अवश्य करें, जिससे कि वो सब भी इस पोस्ट को पढ़कर MTS के प्रश्नो को सीख सकें

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