1 ) Where is the
museum? Can you tell me?

A. Can
you tell me where is the museum?

B. You can tell me where is the museum?

C. Can you tell me where the museum is?

D. Tell me where is the museum?

2 ) Dhoni will
play to his potential. I know this.

A. Dhoni will play to his potential, I know this.

B. I
know Dhoni will play to his potential.

C. Dhoni will I know that play to his potential.

D. Who knows Dhoni will play to his potential.

3 ) Work hard and
you succeed. This sentence can be rewritten using ‘if’ as __

A. If
you work hard, you will succeed.

B. You work hard if you will succeed.

C. If you will work h ard, you will succeed.

D. If you work hard, you succeed.

4 ) He laughed at
the beggar, (Passive)

A) The
beggar was laughed at

B) The beggar is laughed at

C) The beggar will be laughed at

D) The beggar has been laughed at

5 ). Why do you
tell a lie?

A. Why a lie is told by you?

B. Why is a lie be told by you?

C. Why
is a lie told by you?

D. Why is a lie being told by you?

6 ). We are taught
grammar by Mr. Singh

A. Mr.
Singh teaches us grammar

B. Mr. Singh teaching us grammar

C. Mr. Singh taught us grammar

D. Mr. Singh will teach grammar

7 ). I _____here
since morning

A. Am waiting                     

B. Have been waiting

C. Had been waiting           

D. Will be waiting

8 ). You have been
riding non-stop for hours. Y
very tired

A. Must

B. Can       

C. Ought       

D. Would

9 ). She ran out
of the room. She was screaming.  

A. She ran to the room screaming

B. She
ran out room screaming

C. She had run to the room screaming

D. None of these

10 ). ______you
mind standing for a moment


B. Could

C. Should                     

D. Can

11 ) I
______interested in meta- physics

A. Am

B. Have
always been

C. Had always been    

D. Will always been

12 ). He said, “I
have got a toothache”.

A. He says he has got a toothache

B. He said he have a toothache

C. He
said that he had got a toothache.

D. He had said that he got a toothache.

13 ). She thanked

A. She said to him, “thank you”

B. She says to him , “thank you”

C. She say to me, “thank you”

D. She
said to me, “thank you”

14 ) My brother
did not ____here


B. Choosing

C. Choose                   

D. Chosen

15 ). ______at a
very high speed is dangerous

Driving cars             

B. Cars

C. Drive car                 

D. Cars driving

16 ). She___six
book on Indian Mythology

A. Have written            

B. Has written

C. Will written              

D. Be written

17 ). This material
is different ______that.

A. To           


C. At           

D. From

18 ). He climbed
____the ladder

A. At              

B. On           

C. Of               

D. In

19 ). He has been
absent _____ Monday

A. Since          

B. For          

C. From          


20 ) Choose the
correct sentence

A. Sid can play tennis as good as his brother

B. Sid will play tennis as well as his brother

C. Sid
can play tennis as well as his brother

D. Sid had played tennis as good as his brother

21 ) Choose the
correct sentence

A. I have a homework to do

B. I
have homework to do

C. I will have homework to do

D. I haching homework to do

22 ) Choose the
correct sentence

A. That was sure a mistake     

B. This was a sure mistake

C. That may be sure mistake

D. That was surely a mistake

23 ) He ________if
we had taken our food

A. Asked      

B. Asks      

C. Will ask      

Had ask

24 ). All depends
on ______ the examination.

A. Has passing                

B. Will passing

C. His

D. Had

25 ). You _not go
to attend the meeting

A. Can                             

B. Need

C. May                             

D. Would

26 ). When Radha
____back, she will flip

A. Will come                    

B. Comes

C. Came                          

D. Has come

27 ). Would you
mind ____to my house, please?

A. To come                    

B. Have come

C. Came                         

D. Coming

28 ). She is
______most beautiful girl.

A. An                 

B. A          

C. The         


29. My sister ___a
dress for her BD last week

A. Buy       


C. Will buy    

D. Bought

30. Kamlesh has
been __his house for a few days

A. Repaired                      

B. Repairing

C. Had repaired               

D. Will repair

31 ). Sita fell
_____the rickshaw

A. From            


C. Down            

D. Off

32 ). You can do it

A. Yourself                       

B. Himself

C. Herself                         

D. Themselves

33 ). Choose the
correct spelling

A. Families                       

B. Famallies

C. Familes                       

D. Famlies

34 ). Either of two
girls ___come here

A. Has             

B. Have       

C. was          

D. were

35 ). Pearl. S.
Buck is an _______writer

A. American    

B. Indian    

C. Iranians    


36 ). ______he was
ill, he went to work as usual.

A. At            

B. Although      

C. Must       

D. Could

37 ). ______you
like another cup of tea?

A. Shall      


C. Would       

D. Must

38. He said to
me, “Will you be there tomorrow?

A. He
asked me if I would be there the next days.

B. He told me to be there.

C. He ordered me to be there.

D. He enquired me to be there a next day.

39. He worked
hard. He passed.

A. He worked hard, so he passed

B. He worked hard and yet he passed.

C. He worked harder but passed.

D. He working hard to pass.

40. I must
congratulate you__your success.

A. On            

B. With         

C. Of          

D. Under

41. Unfavourable
season _______crop.

A. Affects      

B. Effect       

C. Effects      

D. Effected

42. His ______is

A. Thinking    


C. Writing   

D. Crying

43. There is no
_______in the hall.

A. Place       

B. Room      

C. Vacant      

D. Business

44. Choose the
correct sentences.

A. I must to call him immediately.

B. I must call him immediately

C. I shall to call him immediately.

D. I must have call him immediately.

45 ). He ____himself
from the school yesterday.


B. Absent

C. Will absent             

D. Can absent

46 ). She danced
don the stage, ______?

Didn’t she?             

B. Won’t she?

C. Can’t she?              

D. Will she?

47 ). Choose the
correct spelling

A. Precupied               

B. Procupied

C. Pricupied                

D. Preoccupied

48 ). He was
_____at for his foolishness.

A. Laugh                     

B. Laughed

C. Laughing                

D. Will laugh

49 ). I have not
seen him _____his last birthday.

A. Since          

B. By        

C. For             

D. Upon

50 ). That ______be

A. Shall      

B. Can’t      

C. Would      

D. Shan’t

51 ). Rani said
that Rekha was her friend.

A. Rani enquired, “Rekha is my friend”

B. Rani said, “Rekha is my friend”

C. Rani told, “Rekha was my friend”

D. Rani said, “Rekha will be my friend”

52 ). I am no

A. Exception                

B. Exceptional

C. Except                     

D. To exception

53 ). Choose the
correct sentence:

A. I
visited Delhi last weekend

B. I have visited Delhi last weekend.

C. I will have visited Delhi last weekend.

D. I may have visited Delhi last weekend.

54 ). The village
girl has never___a train.

A. Seen        


C. Will see          

D. Saw

55 ). _____you lend
me your pen?

A. Must           

B. Should    

C. Can          

D. May

56 ). They knew the
answer, ______

A. Can’t they?                 

B. Won’t they?

C. Shan’t they?               

D. Didn’t they?

57 ). Would you
like____to the market?

A. To go       

B. Will go      

C. Can go     

D. Must go

58 ). Is English
______by her?


B. Speak    

C. Will speak    

D. Speaken

59 ). They___in
this street for twenty years.

A. Will have lived                     

B. Have lived

C. Should have been living      

D. Can have lived

60 ). Choose the
correct sentence:

A. She’s married with a dentist.

She’s married to a dentist.

C. She’s married by a dentist.

She’s married of a dentist.

61)  My Experiments
with Truth was written by_____

A. Mahatma

B. Jawahar
Lal Nehru

C. Sardar

62)  The world
famous Attic civilization is in_____

A. Greece

B. Italy

C. Spain      

D. Portugal

63)   ___viewed large
cities as snares and useless encumbrances

A. Romans        

B. Italians

C. Germans       

D. Our ancestors

64)   __were
satisfied with small villages

A. Romans        

B. Our ancestors

B. Italians          

D. Germans

65)   Pharaohs were
rulers of ancient…..

A. Egypt           

B. India

C. Russia         

D. Greece

66)   European
civilization will mean__for India

A. Want                

B. Living

C. Real                  

D. Ruin

67)   Dr. Zakir
Hussain became the president of India in__

A. 1969              

B. 1967

C. 1966              

D. 1965

68)  __was the role
model of Dr. Zakir Hussain

A. Dr.
Radha Krishnan

B. Dr.
Rajendra Prasad

C. Indira

D. Sardar

69)  Which nation
has been called the young state of an ancient people

A. India               

B. Pakistan

C. China             

D. Iran

70)  What is the
Prime instrument of national

A. Education          

B. Teaching

C. Service               

D. Business

71) Nanukaka in a
linguistic emergency always to his__

A. mother

B. Hindi

C. English                        

D. French

72) The second
important person Nanukaka had planned to meet was__

A. The
Welfare Minister

B. The
Home Minister

C. The
Foreign Minister

D. The
Railway Minister

73) __went to the
Minister in Jodhpur coat

A. Manohar

B. Shiga

C. Dr.
Zakir Hussain

D. Mahatma

74)  Nanukaka
managed to travel in 2nd class on a ticket of___

A. 1st

B. 3rd class

C. General

D. Sleeper Class

75)   Nanukaka went
to the __Auto Dealers

A. Sikka           

B. Rikka

C. Mohit          

D. Alankar

76) The portfolio
of the minister is the__

A. Welfare         

B. Home

C. Railway         

D. Finance

77)  Whose
announcement shook Manohar Malgaonkar

A. Mother’s          

B. Father’s

C. Sister’s             

D. Brother’s

78)  Who had
installed Nanukaka in Manohar Malgaonkar room

A. His

B. His father

C. His

D. His brother

79)  How many days
leave has been taken by Malgaonkar

A. Three

B. Four days

C. Five

D. Two days

80)  Who has a
garnish yellow sports car?

A. Ratiram          

B. Sohanlal

C. Matiram         

D. Ghoturam

81) For what
purpose had Nanukaka come to Delhi?

A. For attending
Zamindars convention

B. For
paying the debt

C. For
writing an application

D. For
taking rest

82)   Nanukaka wrote
a cheque for a __rupees

A. Thousand           

B. Hundred

C. Five

D. Ten thousand

83) Martin Luther
King Jr. had__children

A. Four                

B. Three

C. Two                

D. One

84) __is sweltering
with the heat of injustice and oppression

A. Mississippi        

B. Chicago

C. New

D. Texas

85)   To which state
does Martin Luther King Jr. want to see as a developed state

A. Alabama          

B. Tennesee

C. Texas                

D. Alaska

86) The bank of
justice is____

A. Bankrupt            

B. Highway

C. Staggered          

D. Struggled

87) Martin Luther
King dislikes___discrimnation

A. Caste               

B. Sex

C. Religion           

D. Racial

88) The taming of
__animals made life much pleasant

A. Wild               

B. Domestic

C. Weak             

D. Voracious

89) ___was also a
commentator on a large variety of topics

A. Mahatma

B. Dr.
Zakir Hussain

C. Martin
Luther King Jr.

D. Bertrand

90) Which creatures
die of hunger in large numbers during the writer in Ideas that have helped

A. Bird               

B. Hen

C. Peacock        

D. Crow

91) The English
give an elderly __an old age pension

A. Man

B. Animal

C. Elephant         

D. Dog

92) Has
civilization taught us to be more__towards one another ?

A. Enemy            

B. Angry

C. Upset             

D. Friendly

93) Seibei reads

A. Primary           

B. High

C. Middle           

D. +2 school

94) The price of
the five inches gourd is___

A. Ten

B. Five sen

C. Nine

D. Eleven sen

95) What did Seibei
apply to get rid of the unpleasant gourd smell?

A. Tea-leaves      

B. Banana leaves

C. Neem

D. Tulsi leaves

96)  Gourd is a

A. Fruit         

B. Vegetable

C. Grain        

D. Sweets

97)  Who smashed
Seibei’s gourds to pieces

A. His

B. His mother

C. His

D. His brother

98)_____visited an
enormous modern hospital for Bantu patients” in South Africa?

A. Sheila

B. Geeta Sethi

C. Mamta

D. Ragini Kriti

99) ____woman visit
her mother’s house during pregnancy

A. An

B. A Sylheti

C. An

D. A Canadian

100)  A___woman has
to observe various taboos, rituals and customs

A. Pregnant          

B. Beautiful

C. Ugly                 

D. Wicked


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