1) They were being interviewed for the job for her.

A. She had been interviewing them for the job.

B. She will have interviewed them for the job.

C. She was interviewing them for the job.

D. She had to interview them for the job.

2) The king
gave him a reward.

A. A reward was being given to him by the king.

B. He was given a reward by the king.

C. He was given the reward by a king.

D. He had been given by the king a reward.

3) Please be quiet. The baby ________

A. Has slept               

B) B. Sleep

C. Sleeps                   

D) Is sleeping

4) What
_______she do in her free time?

A) Done                        

B) Does

C) Have                        

D) Had

5) He told me that he _____ill for six days.

A) Was                         

B) Had been

C) Is                             

D) Have been

6) He was tired of walking. He sat down to rest.

A. Tired of walking, he sat down to rest

B. Tired of been on walk, he sat down to rest

C. Tired because of walk, he sat down to rest

D. Tired of walking, he has sit down to rest.

7) ________you speak English?

A) Ought                       

B) Can

C) Shall                         

D) Are

8) The principal ordered me not to conduct any
test the next day .

A. The principal said to me “Don’t conduct any test tomorrow”

B. The principal told me, “Don’t conduct any test tomorrow”

C. The principal says, “Don’t conduct any test tomorrow”

D. The principal tells, “Don’t conduct any test tomorrow”

9) I wanted _____some presents, but we didn’t have
much time.

A) To buy                        

B) Buying

C) To bye                        

D) To buying

10) As far as I am concerned, I prefer reading…….

A) Than rest                    

B) To sleeping

C) For joy                        

D) Over watching T.V

11) I said to him, “Why are you working so hard?”

A. I asked him why he was working so hard.

B. I asked him why was he working so hard.

C. I asked him why had he been working so hard.

D. I asked him why he had been working so hard.

12) They ran _____the hill.

A) Above                         

B) On

C) Down                          

D) Through

13) There is a shop in front _____my house.

A) Opposite                   

B) Of

C) On                             

D) To

14) Stop _____this terrible noise at once.

A) Make                         

B) Making

C) To make                    

D) To making

15) It fell ______the table and broke.

A) Of                              

B) Behind

C) Off                             

D) At

16) Choose the correct sentence”

A. They invited my friend and I to tea.

B. They invite me and my friend to tea.

C. The invited my friend and me to tea.

D. I and my friend was invited by them to tea.

17) Would you like ______to market?

A) Go                          

B) To

C) Going                     

D)  Will go

18) My father taught me ______

A. Dance

B. Will dance

C. How to dance

D. To dancing

19) Choose the correct sentence:

A. Let us stop playing now.

B. Let us to stop playing now.

C. Let us stop played now.

D. Let us stopping to play now.

20) Choose the correct sentence:

A. The poors are miserable.

B. The poor are miserables.

C. The miserable are poor

D. The poor are miserable.

21) How many people ______in your family?

A) Is there           

B) There are

C) Are there        

D) There

22) You must ______this book

A) Read              

B) To read

C. Reading         

D) Had to

23) One must do ______work.

A) His                 

B) Self

C) One’s              

D) Oneself

24) This car isn’t ______for us

A) Enough big    

B) Big enough

C. Too big          

D) Much big

25) A person who does not believe in the existence of god is called ___

A) Theist           

B) Atheist

C. Heretic          

D) Fanatic

26) She can’t come to college as she ___fever

A) Having           

B) Has

C. Have              

D) Has

27) Choose the correctly spelt word:

A) Affedevit           

B) Affidavit

C) Afedevit            

D) Affidevit

28) ________ heavily in winter in Shimla.

A) It snows                 

B) It is snowing

C) It snowing              

D) It is snow

29) Choose the correctly spelt word:

A) Comitee                 

B) Committee

C) Comittee                

D) Commiti

30) The students ______about the weather.

A) Spoke                    

B) Said

C) Told                       

D) Talked

31) I saw ______one-eyed man.

A) A                           

B) The

C) An                         

D) Any

32) He ______completely.

A) Recovers            

B) Has

C) Recovering         

D) Have

33) Choose the correct sentence:

A) He should guard from danger.

B) He should guard with danger.

C) He should guard against danger.

D) He should guard in danger.

34) Rita said, “Man is mortal”.

A. Rita said that man is mortal.

B. Rita said that man was mortal

C. Rita said that the man is mortal

D. Rita says that man was mortal.

35) We _______him the money.

A) Has paid            

B) Has pay

C) Will paid            

D) Have

36) They ________finished the work.

A) Has been            

B) Will be

C) Have                  

D) Having

37) ‘Bharat is my Home’ is written by ______

A) Germaine Greer          

B) Shiga

C) Pearl S. Buck              

Zakir Hussain

38) ‘Civilization, in real sense of the term, consists not in the
multiplication, but in the deliberate ad voluntary restriction of want’

Is from _______

A) A Child is Born                

B) The Earth

C) I Have a Dream              

Indian Civilization and Culture

39) Shiga Naoya is a ______short story writer.

A) Chinese              

B) Japanese

C) Malaysian           

D) Korean

40) Dorothy L. Sayers
is the author of _______

A) How free is the press    

B) A
pinch of snuff

C) A child is Born              

D) The

41) Pearl S. Buck is known for her ______

A) Romance          

B) Novels

C) Dramas             

D) Poems

42) The name of Benjy’s wife was _____

A. Natalia                 

B) Jessica

C. Florence              

D) Mary

43) ‘O how feeble is man’s power’ is from__

A) Fire -Hymn    

B) To Autumn

C) Snake            

D) Sweetest
Love , I Do Not Goe

44) Lomov and Natalia are characters in ____

A) A pinch of snuff          

B) The

C) A marriage proposal  

D) The

45) ‘Leaves of Grass’ is a collection of poems by_________

A) John Donne         

B) W.H.Auden

C) T.S.Eilot              

D) Walt

46) Who is ‘I’ in the poem ‘My Grand Mother’s

A) Poetess               

B) Aunt

C) Grandmother      

D) Mother

47) ‘Lamia’ and Hyperion’ are written by-

A) William Wordsworth    

B) P. B. Shelley

C) John Keats                 

S.T Coleridge

48) T.S. Eliot was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in ______

A) 1942           

B) 1946

C) 1944           

D) 1948

49) ‘Travellers in their last distress’ is from___

A) Now the leaves are falling fast  

B) An epitaph

C) Snake                                        

D) The

50) ‘But beauty vanishes,: beauty passes’ is from_________

A) Snake                 

B) Fire

C) An Epitaph           

D) The

51) ‘The Rape of the lock’ is written by _____

A) Alexander pope   

B) John Dryden

C) John Donne         

D) John

52) Who among the following was a Romantic Poet?

A) John Donne          

B) W. H. Auden

C) John Keats           

D) Rupert Brooke

53) English is studied as a___language in Saudi Arabia.

A) First             


C) Foreign        

D) Native

54) ‘The Canterbury Tales’ is written by ____

A) Langland     

B) Gower

C) Wycliff         

D) Geoffrey Chaucer

55) The word ‘drama’ comes from a _____word.

A) Latin                   

B) Scandinavian

C) Indian                 

D) Greek

56) The ‘Romantic Revival’ is often associated with ___________

A) John Dryden               

B) Alexander

C) William Wordsworth    

D) John

57) The poet in ‘Song of Myself’__for himself.

A) Laughs                        

B) Sings

C) Shouts                        

D) Cries

58 . I __speak

A) Does not                 

B) have

C) do not                     

D) had

59 . They_______here
next week

A) Had come              

B) coming

C) came                      

D) will

60 . Have you
seen_________Taj Mahal

A) A                        


C) the                     

D) None

61. Look ___this

A) in                       

B) at

C) of                       

D) off

62. You must
start now. You will miss the bus

A) Unless you start now, you will miss the bus

B) Will you start now, you will miss the bus.

C) Till you start now, you will miss the bus.

D) Until you start now, you will miss the bus.

63. Patna is
situated_____the bank of the Ganga.

A) At                   

B) On

C) Of                  

D) To

64. When Sita
_____back, we will discuss the 

A) Will come                   


C) Came                         

Has come

65. Choose the
correct sentence:

A)She is the girl whose name is Raavi.

B)She is girl whom name is Raavi.

C)She is the girl who name is Raavi.

D)She is the girl that name is Raavi.

66. Radha asked
Ravi where his father was.

A) Radha said to Ravi, “Where is your

B) Radha said to Ravi, “Where is your father?”

C) Radha said to Ravi, “Where was his

D) None of these

67. A lot of
energy____wasted on finding the 

A) Was                

B) Were

C) Can                

D) Will

68. Marsha is
reading a novel.

A) A novel was read by Marsha.

B) A novel had read by Marsha.

C) A novel is being read by Marsha.

D) A novel must read by Marsha.

69. Choose the
correct sentence-

A) I have a homework to do.

B) I have homework to do.

C) I will have homework to do.

D) I having homework to do.

70. Drivers ___drive over the
speed limit.

A) Should             

B) Can

C) Must not          

D) Must

71. The great scholar and
poet _____died.

A) Have                

B) Has

C) Are                   

D) None of

72. The house was painted by

A) Tom was painting the house

B) Tom is painting the house.

C) Tom paints the house.

D) Tom painted the house.

73. Choose the
correctly spelt word-

A) Committee                

B) Commiitee

C) Comittee                   

D) Cumittee

74. He
_______Video games.

A) Had playing             

B) Am

C) Are playing              

D) Is

75. Listen!
Radha ______the sitar.

A) Will playing             

B) Had

C) Is playing                

D) Are

76. When the
sun is shining, we usually
____for swimming.

A) Went                

B) Going

C) To go               

D) Go

77. ________he
come with us?

A) Will                 

B) Is

C) Do                  

D) Have

78.I am
______my bed.

A) Making            

B) Make

C) To make         

D) Had making

79. “What
do you want?” , She asked him.

A)She asks what he wants

B)She asked him what he wanted.

C)She will ask what he wants.

D)She asked what he had wanted.

80. Choose the
correct sentence-

A) I wish were I young again.

B) I wish was I young again.

C) I wish I were young again.

D) I wish I was young again.

81. John
______in hospital for two weeks.

A) Has been lying               


C) Is lying                           

D) Lied

82. That’s strange, our kids
__watch TV serials.

A) Do not                            

B) Are

C) Be                                  

D) None of

83. The man was
______by a dog.

A) Bitten                              

B) Bit

C) Had bit                             

D) Had bitten

84. Either of
the two _______acceptable.

A) Is                                     

B) Are

C) Have                             

D) Has

85. I bought
these books ______auction.

A) For                                

B) From

C) At                                    

D) Of

86. The doctor
suggested _____take a vacation.

A) The patient                      

B) The patient will

C) That the patient should   

D) The
patient ought

87. English
used since AD 1500 is called______

A) Old English                 

B) Modern

C) Middle English            

D) None
of these

88. John Donne
is a ______poet.

A) Nature                   

B) Metaphysical

C) Cavalier                

D) Romantic

89. “Savitri is written by

A) Aurobindo Ghosh             

B) Sarojni

C) Rabindranath Tagore       

D) Toru

90. And as we walk,
we make the pledge that we shall _______

A) always be satisfied 

B) always fight

C) always hate people 

D) always marched ahead

91. Seibeis hobby was
collecting ________

A) Gourds                     

B) Flowers

C) Seeds                      

D) Grass


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