Letter Writing Format in English

There are Two Types of Letter

Formal Letter : A letter which is written to Editor, School, College and Government offices is called a formal Letter.

Informal Letter : A letter which is written to our Friends and Relatives is called an informal letter.

Formal Letter Format 

Step 1 – Sender Address 
Step 2 – Date of sending letter
Step 3 – Receiver Address
Step 4 – Salutation
Step 5 – Subject of letter
Step 6 – Body of letter
Step 7 – Your Sincerely / Faithfully
Step 8 – Your Name

Letter to Editor  

House No – 0146 , Sector -18
Mirganj, Begusarai – 851101

20th April, 2021

The Editor,
Times of India,
Delhi – 1101 

Respected Sir / Madam,

Subject – Reckless Driving

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities and the general public towards the issue of more and more cases of reckless driving everyday.
Reckless driving has become the order of the day, so many accidents take place everyday on the city roads, Drivers play with the lives of children and old men.
Young boys feel the thrill of speed. They do not observe traffic rules, They take pride in overtaking other vehicles and going against light at the crossing. All this results in fatal accidents. 
Traffic rules must be observed, Under-aged drivers and those driving without license should be punished. I wish the authorities make a note of the situation and act upon it immediately.
Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely, 
Amar Sharma

Informal Letter Format 

Step 1 – Sender Address 

Step 2 – Date of sending letter
Step 3 – Salutation
Step 4 – Body of letter
Step 5 – Your Loving 
Step 6 – Your Name

Letter to Friend  

Mirganj, Near Mamta Hotel 
Begusari – 851101

20th April, 2021

Dear Raj,

How are You my friend? It’s been a long time since we met, How was your trip to Kashmir? Hope you enjoyed in the mountains. I received all the photos which you had sent me from there. Thanks a bunch !
I loved each of them, Hey ! Guess what? My Aunt Meghna has organized an early birthday party for me and she has asked me to invite all my friends, You know very well that no party of mine is complete without you. So please be at my place this Monday. Don’t be late.
Hope your parents all right, Give them my regards.
See you this Monday,

Your Loving Friend
Rishav Sharma

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