History of English in India

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  Geoffrey Chaucer  

Geoffrey Chaucer is known as the father of English. He was Born in 1343 in London, United Kingdom and Died in 1400 in London, UK. His Spouse was Phillippa Roet. He was an English Poet. He is best known for his work “The Canterbury Tales” . In his Carrer, He was trusted and aided by three successive kings – “Edward III, Richard II, and Henry IV. 

History of English has Divided Into 3 Parts

Old English :           4th Century –  11th Century

Middle English :     11th Century – 15th Century

Modern English :   15th Century –  Till Today 

  Old English   

Old English is the earliest  form of the English Language was Spoken and Written by Anglo-Saxon ,Britain in England from 4th Century to 11th Century. There are 4 Dialects of Old English Language is Kentish, Mercian, Northumbrian and West Saxon. The Writing System of Old English is LATIN (old english alphabet). Old English is also known as Anglo-Saxon.

The History of Old English was Divided into three parts :

Prehistoric Old English – 450 A.D  to 650 A.D
Early Old English – 650A.D  to 900 A.D
Late Old English – 900 A.D  to 1150 A.D

  Middle English  

Middle English begin in 11th Century and ended in 15th Century. Middle English was form of English Language spoken after the Norman Conquest in Kingdom of England. There are 4 Dialects of Middle English are : Kentish, Southern, Northern , East-Midland and West-Midland.

The History of Middle English was Divided into 3 Parts :

Early Middle English – 1100 A.D  to 1250 A.D
Central Middle English – 1250A.D  to 1400 A.D
Late Middle English – 1400 A.D to 1500 A.D

  Modern English  

Modern English was begin in 1500 A.D and Still Going On. Modern English is the form of the English language spoken since the Great Vowel Shift in England, Modern English is Spoken all around the world. In India Modern English is Second Most spoken language. William Shakespeare is father of Modern English Literature. India is world’s second-largest English Speaking Country.

Early Modern English is comes before Modern English begin in 1500 A.D  to 1800  A.D

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