Give One Word Part – 2

 1. A person in his seventies

(A) sexagenarian

(B) septuagenarian

(C) centurion

(D) patriarch

2. A government in which a small group of people hold all the power

(A) oligarchy

(B) aristocracy

(C) plutocracy

(D) bureaucracy 

3. Causing or ending in death

(A) fatal

(B) deadly

(C) serious

(D) dangerous

4. One who has obstinate and narrow religious views

(A) theosophist

(B) bigot

(C) philosopher

(D) theologian 

5. The sound of the funeral bell

(A) knell

(B) spell

(C) dong

(D) swat

6. One who believes that gaining pleasure is the most important thing in life.

(A) hedonist

(B) pessimist

(C) misanthrope

(D) philistine

7. A spot or a stain caused by a discolouring substance

(A) hue

(B) blot

(C) tint

(D) dye

8. Property handed down after the death of a person

(A) legacy 

(B) legend

(C) patrimony

(D) inheritance 

9. A group of girls

(A) bevy

(B) covey

(C) troupe

(D) coterie 

10. One who does not follow the usual rules of social life

(A) bohemian

(B) artisan

(C) partisan

(D)  physician

11. Placing a thing beside another

(A) impose

(B) repose

(C) juxtapose

(D) expose

12. Living together of a man and woman without married

(A) marriage

(B) equipage

(C) lineage

(D) concubinage

13. Too much official formality

(A) red-tapism

(B) rotation

(C) motivation

(D) manifesto 

14. A stream of water moving very fast.

(A) current

(B) tide

(C) torrent

(D) storm

15. An ill-tempered woman

(A) shrew

(B) amazon

(C) widow

(D) harlot 

16. A person who has no money to pay off his debts

(A) insolvent

(B) poor

(C) destitute

(D)  pauper

17. Words uttered impiously about god

(A) amoral

(B) philosophy

(C) logic

(D) blasphemy

18. One who complies a dictionary

(A) geography

(B) lexicographer

(C) lapidist

(D) linguist 

19. A number of ships

(A) fleet

(B) galaxy

(C) constellation

(D) group

20. A test in which cells from diseased organ are removed and tested

(A) biopsy

(B) autopsy

(C) operation

(D) amputation

21. A foreigner who settles in a country

(A) immigrant

(B) emigrate

(C) alien

(D) visitor

22. Doing something according to one’s own free will

(A) willfully

(B) obligingly

(C) voluntarily

(D) compulsorily

23. Place that provides refuge

(A) shelter

(B) house

(C) country

(D) asylum

24. A person who gambles or bets

(A) punter

(B) backer

(C) customer

(D) client

25. Art of writing for newspaper and magazine

(A) literature

(B) journalism

(C) biography

(D) artistry

26. An abandoned child of unknown parents is found by somebody

(A) foundling

(B) sibling

(C) urchin

(D) orphan

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