Give one word – Part 1



 1.Place where animals are killed for food.

  (A) Abbot 

  (B) Abattoir

  (C) Abbreviation 

  (D) Abdication

  2. Ritual washing of the body.

  (A) Ablution 

  (B) Abstruse 

  (C) Abundance 

  (D) Accentuate

  3. Helper in a wrong deed or crime.

  (A) Acronym 

  (B) Addendum 

  (C) Accomplice

  (D) Advertisement

  4. The act of forestation by planting many trees.

  (A) Agnosticism 

  (B) Agenda 

  (C) Aggressor 

  (D) Afforestation

  5. One who belongs to different country, race of group.

  (A) Alimony 

  (B) Alien 

  (C) Allegory 

  (D) Widow 

  6. One who lives and works for the welfare of others.

  (A) Amateur 

  (B) Ambassador 

  (C) Altruist 

  (D) Ambidextrous

  7. Having more than one possible meaning

  (A) Ambiguous

  (B) Amnesia 

  (C) Amnesty 

  (D) Amphibian

  8. A designated section of seats in any part of a theater. 

  (A) Analgesia 

  (B) Anarchist 

  (C) Anarchy 

  (D) Amphitheatre

  9.Short amusing story about some real person or event.

  (A) Anniversary 

  (B) Anecdote 

  (C) Annual

  (D) Anomaly

  10. A book or a work of art whose author is not known.

  (A) Antagonist

  (B) Antidote 

  (C) Anonymous 

  (D) Aphasia

  11. One who abandons his religious faith.

  (A) Aristocracy 

  (B) Arbitrator 

  (C) Aquatic 

  (D) Apostate

  12. The cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed.

  (A) Assassination 

  (B) Armistice 

  (C) Ascetic

  (D) Astrology

  13. Science of universe with sun, moon, stars and planets.

  (A) Audience 

  (B) Atheist 

  (C) Astronomy 

  (D) Autobiography

  14. A government by one person.

  (A) Avaricious 

  (B) Bachelorhood 

  (C) Bankrupt

  (D) Autocracy

  15. A part of the sea/ lake enclosed by a wide curve of the shore.

  (A) Beach 

  (B) Bellicose

  (C) Belligerent 

  (D) Bay

  16. One who gives financial help to a school, hospital, etc.

  (A) Bibliophile 

  (B) Benefactor 

  (C) Biennial 

  (D) Bigamy

  17.One who is filled with narrow and prejudiced opinion.

  (A) Bigot

  (B) Bilingual 

  (C) Biography

  (D) Biped

  18.Speaking irreverently about God or sacred things.

  (A) Bliss 

  (B) Bohemian 

  (C) Blaspheme 

  (D) Bibliophilic

  19. Person who is rough and ill mannered.

  (A) Botany 

  (B) Brittle 

  (C) Bureaucracy 

  (D) Boorish

  20. A series of cabredance / acts at a night club.

  (A) Cabby

  (B) Cacophony 

  (C) Cajole 

  (D) Cabaret

  21. Art of beautiful hand writing.

  (A) Cannibal 

  (B) Cannibal 

  (C) Calligraphy 

  (D) Capsize

  22. Killing of large numbers of people.

  (A) Carnival 

  (B) Cartographer 

  (C) Carnage 

  (D) Cartography

  23. List of books and other articles.

  (A) Catalogue 

  (B) Celibate 

  (C) Cemetery 

  (D) Centenary

  24. According to sequence of time.

  (A) Circumlocution 

  (B) Chronological 

  (C) Coerce 

  (D) Cloakroom

  25. Having the same source or origin.

  (A) Colleagues 

  (B) Collusion 

  (C) Cognate 

  (D) Conflagration



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