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   Antonyms     NDA + SSC  

स्वागत, आप सभी students and users का इस पर आज के इस पोस्ट में आप ANTONYMS के बारे में full details में अध्ययन करेंगे  

इस पोस्ट में आपको step by step सभी चीज़े बताये जायेंगे, तो सबसे पहले हम यह जान लेते है कि ANTONYMS किसे कहते है 

यह पर आपको एक sentence दिया गया है जिसमें एक bold वाला word है आपको उसका meaning समझ कर उसका opposite meaning वाला word को choose करना है 

1. John is always shabbily dressed.

( bold word का अर्थ- मैला कुचैला  )

(a) decently

(b) beautifully

(c) extravagantly

(d) scantily 

2. The new manager of the Bank is urbane in his manners.

( Bold word का अर्थ- सभ्य, विनम्र  )

(a) civilised

(b) slow

(c) rude

(d) foolish

3. It is necessary to develop thrifty habits to be able to lead a comfortable life

( Bold word का अर्थ- मितव्ययी )

(a) expensive

(b) extravagant

(c) economical

(d) good

4. Many people suffer because of pride

( Bold word का अर्थ- घमंड )

(a) lowliness

(b) submission

(c) humility

(d) obedience

5. He handled the machine with deft fingers

( Bold word का अर्थ- चतुर, चालाकी )

(a) delicate

(b) sturdy

(c) quick

(d) clumsy

6. I was deeply affected by his urbane behaviour

( Bold word का अर्थ- सभ्य, विनम्र  )

(a) rural

(b) rude

(c) irrational

(d) indifferent

7. His timidity proved costly

( Bold word का अर्थ- कायरता )

(a) arrogance

(b) boldness

(c) skilfulness

(d) cunning

8. Arrangements were made to handle the mammoth gathering tactfully

( Bold word का अर्थ- बड़ा, विशाल )

(a) significant

(b) small

(c) unruly

(d) noisy

9. He was engrossed in his work when I walked in

( Bold word का अर्थ- लीन होना, मगन होना )

(a) occupied

(b) inattentive

(c) engaged

(d) absent

10. These are the main points of the preceding paragraph

( Bold word का अर्थ- पीछे का  )

(a) following

(b) previous

(c) first

(d) last

11. He made a shrewd guess

( Bold word का अर्थ- सही, सटीक )

(a) clever

(b) wild

(c) incorrect

(d) discriminating

12. He is suffering from a severe cough

( Bold word का अर्थ- गहरा, गंभीर )

(a) violent

(b) mild

(c) bad

(d) continuous

13. Cumulatively, the effect of these drugs is quite bad

( Bold word का अर्थ- इक्कठा, संचयी )

(a) individually

(b) obviously

(c) clearly

(d) collectively 

14. He was conspicuous because of his colourful shirt.

( Bold word का अर्थ- विशिष्ट, ध्यान देने योग्य )

(a) charming

(b) ugly

(c) small

(d) unnoticeable

15. He hates these continual arguments with his friend.

( Bold word का अर्थ- निरंतर )

(a) repeated

(b) irrational

(c) occasional

(d) regular

16. Ramesh is a very dubious character.

( Bold word का अर्थ- संशयपूर्ण )

(a) shady

(b) suspicious

(c) trustworthy

(d) doubtful

17. Do not indulge in unmindful activities, please.

( Bold word का अर्थ- अनजान, पागल, बेखबर )

(a) vigilant

(b) careless

(c) stupid

(d) fatuous

18. He is suffering from a curable disease.

( Bold word का अर्थ- साधय )

(a) remediable

(b) treatable

(c) terminal

(d) operable

19. He was born on a very auspicious day

( Bold word का अर्थ- शुभ )

(a) propitious

(b) fortunate

(c) ominous

(d) opportune

20. He has deeper hostility towards Mohan.

( Bold word का अर्थ- दुश्मनी )

(a) animosity

(b) belligerence

(c) malice

(d) friendship

21. His life is rather monotonous

( Bold word का अर्थ- नीरस, उबाऊ )

(a) exciting

(b) dreary

(c) tedious

(d) uneventful 

22. The country’s economy must be geared to wartime requirements

( Bold word का अर्थ- ठीक करना, ऋण अनुपात )

(a) subordinated to

(b) related to

(c) adjusted to

(d) unlinked to

23. Why does fire attract insects ?

( Bold word का अर्थ- आकर्षित करना )

(a) discharge

(b) destroy

(c) repel

(d) remove

24. The party was excellent, and I would like to thank all the people concerned 

( Bold word का अर्थ- सम्बंधित )

(a) cared

(b) attentive

(c) dependable

(d) uninvolved

25. He is very serious by temperament

( Bold word का अर्थ- गंभीर )

(a) grave

(b) trivial

(c) sober

(d) stupid

26. There are a few miscellaneous items to discuss in this meeting

( Bold word का अर्थ- मिश्रित, मिला -जुला   )

(a) pure

(b) mixed

(c) homogenous

(d) discordant

27. Due to the postal strike, the outgoing mail got delayed

( Bold word का अर्थ- बाहर आना )

(a) urgent

(b) incoming

(c) ordinary

(d) speedy 

28. He had a fine ear for music

( Bold word का अर्थ- अच्छा, चिकना )

(a) small

(b) close

(c) coarse

(d) smooth

29. There is no likeness between him and his brother.

( Bold word का अर्थ- समानता )

(a) unlikeliness

(b) unlikelihood

(c) dissimilarity

(d) disaffinity

30. Cultural diversity in the working place is good for business

( Bold word का अर्थ- विविधताएँ, विभिन्नताये )

(a) uniformity

(b) conformity

(c) identity

(d) similarity

31. The company was liquidated within five years

(a) bankrupt

(b) closed down

(c) flourishing

(d) privatised

32. He nodded absently throughout the meeting.

(a) capably

(b) alertly

(c) agitatedly

(d) dreamily

33. I fully believe that the cornerstone of good policy is an electorate that is educated on the national issues.

(a) cerebral

(b) enlightened

(c) ignorant

(d) erudite

34. For important medical decisions, even finding a doctor you trust is not enough.

(a) significant

(b) trivial

(c) basic

(d) probable

35. Plants move in their orbits

(a) push

(b) rotate

(c) stall

(d) flow

36. Temperature is a measure of internal energy of an object and is frequently expressed by physicists in units of Kelvin.

(a) found

(b) told

(c) distributed

(d) concealed

37.. People argue about why Venus is so much warmer than the Earth.

(a) friendlier

(b) colder

(c) wilder

(d) heavier

38. Scientists are concerned whether the oceans and land biosphere will take up as much carbon in the future as they presently do.

(a) worried

(b) indifferent

(c) curious

(d) puzzled

39. The biggest debate among scientists today is about cloud feedback.

(a) contend

(b) moot

(c) wrangle

(d) agreement

40. The Earth’s climate sensitivity is conventionally defined as the equili brium temperature increase caused by a doubling of carbon dioxide.

(a) imperviousness

(b) willingness

(c) responsiveness

(d) closeness

41. The oceans carry a huge amount of heat from the tropics to the high latitudes.

(a) significant

(b) major

(c) tiny

(d) dormant 

42. He found her extremely attractive and charming. 

(a) unnatural

(b) modern 

(c) repulsive

(d) disapproving

43. The sky is boundless.

(a) high

(b) vast

(c) expansive

(d) finite

44. The sky is clear today.

(a) bright

(b) opaque

(c) cloudless

(d) blue

45. I have a fascination for deep waters.

(a) dark

(b) light

(c) dangerous

(d) shallow

46. My boss has been too generous.

(a) stingy

(b) rough

(c) evil

(d) hostile

47. Spring is a time of plenty.

(c) roughness

(d) dryness

(a) ugliness

(b) scarcity

48. He is an industrious workman.

(a) active

(b) productive

(c) lazy

(d) disloyal

49. Plants grow in abundance here.

(a) shrivel

(b) stretch

(c) spread

(d) enlarge

50. She rarely comes here.

(a) seldom

(b) never

(c) always

(d) frequently

51. She is a rather crooked woman.

(a) polite

(b) generous

(c) straightforward

(d) happy

52. My first lecture in the classroom was a fiasco.

(a) success

(b) joy

(c) fun.

(d) disaster

53. It was indeed arduous to cross streets in

New York.

(a) pleasant

(b) effortless

(c) interesting

(d) risky

54. Unlike his brother, he is affable,

(a) reserved

(b) gullible

(c) irritable 

(d) lovable

55. The birth of his child decidedly proved to be an auspicious event in his life.

(a) precious

(b) ominous

(c) useless

(d) unforgettable

56. The witness corroborated word for word the statement of the victim.

(a) accepted

(b) confirmed 

(c) denied

(d) repeated


Pick Out The Opposite

1. Terminate

(a) hasten

(b) depart

(c) begin

(d) change

2. Proclaim

(a) denounce

(b) pretend

(c) attend

(d) distend 

3. Luminous

(a) dark

(b) ludicrous

(c) unsteady

(d) provoking

4. Profane

(a) pious

(b) kitten

(c) energy

(d) wild

5. Radical

(a) superficial

(b) plow

(c) sorrow

(d) simple

6. Amalgamate

(a) merge

(b) split

(c) collect

(d) separate 

7. Successor

(a) failure

(b) loser

(c) predecessor

(d) predator

8. Contradiction

(a) opposition

(b) adjustment

(c) confirmation

(d) agreement

9. Vague

(a) clear

(b) dull

(c) unknown

(d) shady

10. Shallow

(a) height

(b) long

(c) wide

(d) deep

11. Virtue

(a) vice

(b) failure

(c) fault

(d) offence

12. Barren

(a) fertile

(b) rich

(c) prosperous

(d) positive

13. Dynamic

(a) stable

(b) still

(c) lazy

(d) static

14. Diligent

(a) intelligent

(b) lazy

(c) boastful

(d) notorious

15. Barbarous

(a) improved

(b) cordial

(c) civilized

(d) modified

16. Opaque

(a) dim

(b) transparent

(c) filmy

(d) muddy

17. Dim

(a) transparent 

(b) luminous

(c) opaque 

(d) dazzling

18. Erudite

(a) illiterate

(b) crude

(c) boring

(d) ignorant 

19. Desecration

(a) hopelessness

(b) disbelief

(c) veneration

(d) manifestation

20. Include

(a) embrace

(b) embody

(c) eliminate

(d) enclose

21. Culmination

(a) completion

(b) climax 

(c) conclusion

(d) beginning 

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