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1. I disliked him not so much for his meanness but for his dishonesty.
(a) as for 
(b) but because 
(c) but due to 
(d) no improvement 

2. He preferred death rather than imprisonment.
(a) for 
(b) to 
(c) than
(d) no improvement 

3. They kept the idea secretly.
(a) secretive 
(b) secret 
(c) secretively 
(d) no improvement 

4. He ought not to tell me your secret, but he did 
(a) telling 
(b) have told 
(c) having told 
(d) no improvement 

5. If i don’t know the meaning of a word, I look it after in the dictionary.
(a) look it out 
(b) look it for 
(c) look it up 
(d) no improvement 

6. Mr. and Mrs. Rao stay in their home every evening 
(a) at home 
(b) inside home 
(c) within their home 
(d) no improvement 

7. When we saw him last, he ran to catch a bus.
(a) has run 
(b) had run 
(c) was running 
(d) no improvement 

8. She cut a sad figure in her first performance on the stage.
(a) made a sorry figure 
(b) cut a sorry face 
(c) cut a sorry figure 
(d) no improvement 

9. Last evening I went to the optician and bought spectacles.
(a) a spectacle 
(b) two spectacles 
(c) a pair of spectacles 
(d) no improvement 

10. I would like to avail a fifteen days’ holiday this summer 
(a) to avail of 
(b) to avail myself of 
(c) to avail myself 
(d) no improvement 

11. My old teacher gave many poor student money in spite of he was poor 
(a) even though 
(b) as if 
(c) however 
(d) no improvement 

12. You should to read the newspapers regularly, if you want to be well-informed .
(a) ought 
(b) have to 
(c) should be 
(d) no improvement 

13. If he has listening to me he would not have got lost 
(a) listened me 
(b) listened to me 
(c) listen me
(d) No improvement 

14. He asked for a bank loan also he didn’t have sufficient resources.
(a) because 
(b) even if
(c) requiring 
(d) No improvement 

15. I went to the shop to buy some stationeries.
(a) stationery 
(b) stationary 
(c) stationaries 
(d) No improvement 

16. I have been waiting here for the last two hours.
(a) from 
(b) since 
(c) by 
(d) No improvement 

17. The table needs to be painted.
(a) paint 
(b) painting 
(c) having paint 
(d) No improvement 

18. It began to rain heavily just when I prepare to go out.
(a) prepared 
(b) was preparing 
(c) have prepared 
(d) No improvement 

19. The couple seemed to love one another very much.
(a) every other 
(b) each 
(c) each other 
(d) No improvement 

20. It is high time that we did something..
(a) had done 
(b) would do 
(c) have done 
(d) No improvement 

21. If I were a millionaire, I would have helped the poor.
(a) am capable of helping 
(b) could have helped 
(c) would help 
(d) No improvement 

22. The training programme was extended for a month.
(a) from 
(b) until 
(c) since 
(d) No improvement 

23. The painting which they were looking at was done by my sister.
(a) what 
(b) that 
(c) whom 
(d) No improvement 

24. When he heard the rhetorical speech of the leader, he was carried along by his enthusiasm.
(a) carried aloft 
(b) carried down 
(c) carried away 
(d) No improvement 

25. After the heavy rains last week, the water in the lake raised another two feet.
(a) rose another tow feet.
(b) arisen another two feet.
(c) would raise another two feet.
(d) No improvement 

26. One can live and work in a town without being aware of the daily march of the sun across the sky without never seeing the Moon and stars.
(a) seldom 
(b) hardly 
(c) ever 
(d) No improvement 

27. Applications of those who are graduates will be considered
(a) whom are graduates 
(b) whose are graduates 
(c) whom are only graduates 
(d) No improvement 

28. It is raining heavily all through this week.
(a) has rained 
(b) rains 
(c) rained 
(d) No improvement 

29. The sparrow took no notice about the bread.
notice of 
notice from 
notice to 
No improvement 

30. As he spoke about his achievements, his high claims amused us.
No improvement 

31. We ought to stand for what is right.
stand at 
stand on 
stand up 
No improvement 

32. He enjoys to tell stories to children.
how to tell stories 
telling stories 
to narrate stories 
No improvement 

33. In a few minute time, when clock strikes six, I would be waiting here for an hour 
shall be waiting on
shall have been waiting
shall wait
No improvement

34. Had she been hungry, she would have devoured the whole lot of it.
unless she had been hungry 
however she had been hungry 
as if she had been hungry 
no improvement

35. Until you don’t finish the work, you won’t be given leave.
until you must finish.
until finishing 
until you finish 
no improvement

36. The name of the defaulters have been cut off the register.
cut out
struck out 
struck off 
no improvement

37. This is a matter I’d rather not talk about 
of which I’d rather not talk about 
I rather not talk about 
than I’d rather not talk about 
no improvement

38. Only when you left I did sleep.
I slept 
did I sleep 
had I slept 
no improvement

39. I will be happy if you will buy me apples.
will be buying 
no improvement

40. After I saved some money, I shall go abroad.
shall save 
should have saved 
have saved 
no improvement

41. Can you arrange the car to be ready this evening?
arrange with the car 
arrange for the car 
arrange that the car 
no improvement

42. Hardly had he reached home when the telephone rang.
he had reached 
did he reach 
he reached 
no improvement

43. He is likely to win the elections by the sweeping majority .
with the sweeping majority 
in sweeping majority 
by a sweeping majority 
no improvement

44. Although, India is still by far a poor country, it can become rich if its natural and human resources are fully utilised.
few and far between 
by and large 
by and by 
no improvement

45. The more they earn, more they spend.
more they earn, more they spend 
more they earn, the more they spend
the more they earn, the more they spend
no improvement

46. But in all these cases, conversion from one scale to another is easy because scales have well-formulated.
can be well-formulated 
are well-formulated
well- formulated 
no improvement

47. Five years ago on this date, I am sitting in a small Japanese car, driving across Poland towards Berlin 
was sitting 
have been sitting 
no improvement

48. The old man felled some trees in the garden with hardly no effort at all.
hard effort 
hardly any effort 
a hardly any effort 
no improvement

49.  She says she’s already paid me back, but I can’t remember, so I,II have to take her word.
to take  her word true 
to take her at her word 
to take her word for it 
no improvement

50. The workers are hell bent at getting what is due to them.
hell bent on getting 
hell bent for getting 
hell bent to getting 
no improvement

I hope कि ये पोस्ट आपको helpful लगा होगा यदि यह पोस्ट आपको helpful लगा तो इस पोस्ट को अपने friends और other students को share अवश्य करें, जिससे कि वो सब भी इस पोस्ट को पढ़कर Sentence Improvement सीख सकें 

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