Answer Key of English SCIENCE Class 12 || Bihar Board Exam 2023



1. I can’t live on _______ 500 dollars a month.

(A) a  

(B) an

(C) the

(D) no article 

2. His rude behaviour will make him lick the dust one day .

(A) fall down 

(B) get killed 

(C) to be buried 

(D) get humiliated 

3. A remedy for all diseases. 

(A) Narcotics 

(B) Antiseptic 

(C) Panacea 

(D) Lyric 

4. We____forget to take the chicken out of the freezer. 

(A) must 

(B) have to meet 

(C) has to 

(D) mustn’t 

5. God helps those who _______ themselsves.

(A) helps 

(B) has helped 

(C) helped 

(D) help 

6. In my bedroom, there’s a bed ______ a wardrobe.

(A) but 

(B) so 

(C) and 

(D) also 

7. The mountain peak was _______ away than she had expected. 

(A) farther 

(B) father 

(C) either 

(D) other 

8. How ______ did your computer cost? 

(A) many 

(B) any 

(C) some 

(D) much 

9. You _______ read his latest book.

(A) ought 

(B) were 

(C) used 

(D) should 

10. Someone is waiting _____ the library. 

(A) outside 

(B) through 

(C) out of 

(D) of 

11. Hello ! It ______nice to meet you. 

(A) am 

(B) are 

(C) was 

(D) is 

12. Raj and Ritik became partners. They started their own shoe business 

(A) Raj and Ritik became partners, they started their own show business 

(B) Raj and Ritik became partners when they started their own shoe business 

(C) Raj and Ritik became partners, so they started their own shoe business 

(D) Raj and  Ritik became partners and started their own shoe business 

13. Choose the correct sentence : 

(A) You should not smoke 

(B) You not smoke 

(C) You smoke not 

(D) You not must smoke 

14. My Uncle ______ a source of inspiration for me. 

(A) was being 

(B) will be 

(C) is being 

(D) has been 

15. The case was put _____ the judge. 

(A) at 

(B) from 

(C) before 

(D) of 

16. My brother and _____ went to the park. 

(A) I 

(B) us 

(C) we 

(D) him 

17. ______ that dress specially made for you ? 

(A) Has you 

(B) Could you 

(C) Should you 

(D) Did you have 

18. He said that he might buy a pen. 

(A) He said, ” I may buy a pen.” 

(B) He will say, “I must buy a pen”. 

(C) He says, “I am going to buy a pen.” 

(D) He asked, “Must I buy a pen ? 

19. Give the chocolate to the crying baby. (CHOOSE ADJECTIVE)

(A) Chocolate 

(B) Baby 

(C) Crying 

(D) Give 

20. How can he cheat me ? 

(A) He cannot cheat me like this 

(B) Cheat me he cannot 

(C) Cannot cheat mem he 

(D) He will cheat me not 

21. Ishita will _____ her new dress today. 

(A) put out 

(B) put on 

(C) put up 

(D) put off 

22. This is made in ______ United Kingdom 

(A) a 

(B) an 

(C) the 

(D) no article 

23. She smiled _____ my mistakes 

(A) at 

(B) on 

(C) upon 

(D) over 

24. The wind _____ heavily yesterday. 

(A) blow 

(B) had blow 

(C) blown 

(D) was blowing 

25. A person who has characteristics like a woman is called 

(A) Eunuch 

(B) Effeminate 

(C) Feminist 

(D) Frail 

26. Would you _____ my dog for me this weekend ? 

(A) look 

(B) look after 

(C) look up 

(D) look into 

27. To hit the nail right on the head means _____

(A) To do the right thing 

(B) To destroy one’s reputation 

(C) To announce one’s  views 

(D) To teach someone a lesson 

28. Choose the correct spelling : 

(A) Tadious 

(B) Tidieous 

(C) Tedious 

(D) Tedeous 

29. Ramesh ____ in the middle of his speech. 

(A) break down 

(B) broke down 

(C) broken down 

(D) breaking down 

30. He saw a snake _____ he awoke. 

(A) when 

(B) than 

(C) then 

(D) but 

31. Choose the correct sentence : 

(A) I she participate in the competition ? 

(B) Do she participate in the competition ? 

(C) Did she participate in the competition ? 

(D) She participated in the competition ? 

32. Choose the correct antonym ‘Prohibit’ : 

(A) Allow 

(B) Prevent 

(C) Outlaw 

(D) Achieve 

33. My niece dropped _____bottle on the ground 

(A) his 

(B) her 

(C) it 

(D) their 

34. ________ your father got a nice car? 

(A) Have 

(B) Has 

(C) Am 

(D) Were

35. Choose the odd one out : 

(A) Blind 

(B) Deaf 

(C) Dumb 

(D) Idiot 

36. When something is hilarious, it is ______

(A) scary 

(B) sad 

(C) funny 

(D) grave 

37. They are pretty. They are intelligent. 

(A) They are pretty and intelligent 

(B) Both pretty and intelligent they are 

(C) Are they pretty but intelligent ? 

(D) Intelligent they are as well as pretty 

38. Do you still ______ to the club ? 

(A) belongs 

(B) are belong 

(C) belong 

(D) belonging 

39. Choose the correct sentence : 

(A) We have to reach on time for the play

(B) We have to reach at time for play 

(C) We have to reach at time for the play 

(D) We have to reach at time to play 

40. Who _______ on the phone ? 

(A) is 

(B) were

(C) am 

(D) are

41. What type of sentence is this ? 

     How sweet it smells !

(A) Declarative

(B) Interrogative 

(C) Exclamatory 

(D) Imperative 

42. She interrupted me _____ through my speech. 

(A) meanwhile 

(B) sometimes 

(C) midway 

(D) otherwise 

43. I wonder if they will change _____ plans ? 

(A) there 

(B) their 

(C) theirs 

(D) them 

44. Choose the correct synonym of ‘Hurdle’. 

(A) Throw 

(B) Opposition 

(C) Obstacle 

(D) Suspicion 

45. Choose the correct antonym of ‘Enter’: 

(A) Arrive 

(B) Exit 

(C) Access 

(D) Insert 

46. I _____ the Taj Mahal last month 

(A) visit 

(B) will visit 

(C) visiting 

(D) visited 

47. The council _____ made its decision. 

(A) have 

(B) have had 

(C) has 

(D) having 

48. This side is parallel _______ that. 

(A) to 

(B) of 

(C) with 

(D) from 

49. Choose the correctly spelt word : 

(A) Scripter 

(B) Scripture 

(C) Skripture 

(D) Scriptur 

50. John read English ________

(A) off and on 

(B) up and above 

(C) give and take 

(D) near and near 

51. This is _____ best car in our showroom. 

(A) a 

(B) an 

(C) the 

(D) no article 

52. We won’t be late, _________ ? 

(A) won’t we 

(B) will we 

(C) are we 

(D) can we 

53. The woman is standing ______ the door . 

(A) in 

(B) on 

(C) at 

(D) through 

54. You can ______ him even now. 

(A) cheque 

(B) check 

(C) cheqk 

(D) cheqke 

55. All the boys laughed at him. 

(A) Laughed at was he by the boys 

(B) All the boys laughing at him 

(C) He was laughed at by all the boys

(D) The boys all laughing at him

56. The teacher said to Ramesh, ” Do it at once.” 

(A) The teacher asking Ramesh to do it at once.

(B) The teacher ordered Ramesh to do it at once.

(C) Ordering Ramesh to do it at once was the teacher 

(D) Ramesh was requested to do it at once by the teacher 

57. The antonym of ‘Hostile’ is 

(A) Costly 

(B) Partly 

(C) Friendly 

(D) Disobey 

58. We shall get wet if it _______

(A) raining 

(B) will raining 

(C) rains 

(D) rain 

59. He is very ________ in calculations. 

(A) quick 

(B) calm 

(C) tolerable 

(D) frank 

60. They ______ rung back yet. 

(A) have 

(B) has 

(C) haven’t

(D)  hasn’t

61. Nanukaka ______before he spoke 

(A) ate some biscuits 

(B) drank tea 

(C) inhaled some snuff 

(D) drank coffee 

62. One hundred years later, the Negro is still____in corners of American society. 

(A) complaining 

(B) enjoying 

(C) languishing 

(D) clamouring 

63. All technological changes cause____ 

(A) mental problems 

(B) social problems 

(C)physical problems 

(D) health problems

64. John Donne thinks that______ is certain 

(A) death 

(B) life 

(C) work 

(D) walking 

65. Chaucer and Langland are writers of the______ period. 

(A) Old English 

(B) Middle English 

(C) Modern English 

(D) Post- modern English 

66. Who wrote ‘Mac-Flecknoe’?

(A) John Dryden

(B) John

(C) George Herbert 

(D) Alexander Pope 

67. Standard British English speech came to be known as 

(A) Second language 

(B) New English 

(C) American English 

(D) Received Pronunciation 

68. English development into a single, standard _________

(A) Queen’s English 

(B) King’s English 

(C) Prince’s English 

(D) Royal English 

69. ” And what I assume you shall assume” is taken from _______

(A) Song of Myself 

(B) An Epitaph 

(C) The Soldier 

(D) Fire Hymn 

70. Human life is no better than _________

(A) life 

(B) death 

(C) journey 

(D) sleep 

71. ‘King Lear’ is a ________

(A) comedy 

(B) tragedy 

(C) tragi-comedy 

(D) mysterious play 

72. In the last few decades of ______, the English language has seen rapid changes 

(A) 17th 

(B) 18th 

(C) 19th 

(D) 20th 

73. Benjy’s parents planned for a ceremony when he was _________

(A) thirty 

(B) twenty- one 

(C) twenty-five 

(D) fifteen 

74. According to Pearl S Buck, what lesson has India to teach the world ? 

(A) The lesson of violence 

(B) The lesson of peace 

(C) The lesson of honesty 

(D) The lesson of non-violence 

75. Mr. Stepan Choobookov is a ______

(A) lawyer 

(B) landowner 

(C) writer 

(D) poet 

76. Even more important than the domestication of animals was 

(A) Invention of agriculture 

(B) Illiteracy 

(C) Superstitions 

(D) Fear and cowardice 

77. Who wrote ” The Canterbury Tales’? 

(A) Langland 

(B) Chaucer 

(C) Yeats 

(D) Beowulf 

78. _________ has the largest number of native speakers. 

(A) English 

(B) Chinese 

(C) Urdu 

(D) Tamil 

79. _________ is a ‘window to the world’. 

(A) Hindi 

(B) Urdu 

(C) Chinese 

(D) English 

80. Modern English begins from __________

(A) AD 1300 

(B) AD 1400 

(C) AD 1500 

(D) AD 1600 

81. The taming of ________ animals made life much pleasant.

(A) wild 

(B) weak 

(C) robust 

(D) domestic 

82. One day Seibei found a peculiar gourd at a shop which costed him ______

(A) five cents 

(B) ten cents 

(C) two cents 

(D) nine cents 

83. When a baby born, it is an occasion of joy for _______

(A) the mother 

(B) the father 

(C) strangers 

(D) the whole family 

84. No widely circulated newspaper dare support a public due to vested interest of _______

(A) the government 

(B) editor 

(C) reporter 

(D) advertisers 

85. What is that modern civilization ? It is the worship of, _______

(A) material 

(B) ethical 

(C) brotherhood 

(D) equality 

86. Earlier he (Dr. Zakir Hussain) had served as ______

(A) the Governor of Bihar 

(B) the Governor of Punjab 

(C) the Governor of West Bengal 

(D) the Governor of Assam 

87. _________ was coming to the narrator’s family 

(A) Sohanlal 

(B) Ratiram 

(C) Minister 

(D) Nanukaka 

88. ______advocated non- violent struggle. 

(A) Martin Luther King Jr. 

(B) Shiga Naoya 

(C) Kamala Das 

(D) Pearl S Buck 

89. Who is the speaker in the poem ‘Song of Myself”? 

(A) A boy 

(B) A girl 

(C) The poet himself 

(D) An old man 

90. For Auden, poetry was a _________

(A) light game 

(B) interesting game 

(C) serious game 

(D) troublesome game 

91. Keats was ______ poet 

(A) a Romantic 

(B) a Victorian 

(C) a Modern 

(D) an Augustan 

92. Walter De La Mare belonged to the ______ century 

(A) 19th 

(B) 20th 

(C) 18th 

(D) 17th 

93. Kamal Das has earned a respectable place in both English and ______literature 

(A) Tamil 

(B) Malayalam 

(C) Kannada 

(D) Telugu 

94. The ________ forgets its dead. 

(A) man 

(B) animal 

(C) fire 

(D) wind 

95. The Soldier’s is a _________ poem 

(A) nature 

(B) war

(C) love 

(D) happy 

96. Macavity is called ________

(A) The Hidden Paw 

(B) The Mysterious Paw 

(C) The Exposed Paw 

(D) The Naughty Paw 

97. The term ‘concealed’ in “The Soldier” stands for 

(A) hidden 

(B) disappeared 

(C) absent 

(D) mysterious 

98. According to T.S. Eliot, Macavity is the____of crime. 

(A) Hitler 

(B) Napoleon 

(C) Alexander 

(D) Osama 

99. Who composed the poem ‘Fire-Hymn’? 

(A) K.N. Daruwala 

(B) Kamala Das 

(C) J. Mahapatra 

(D) N Ezekiel 

100. In ______according to the poem ‘Snake’ black snakes are considered innocent.

(A) England 

(B) Sicily 

(C) France 

(D) Italy 



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