Once there lived a crow who did not like his feathers. She always admired the colorful feathers of the peacock and wanted to be one among them.

“You all look so dull and plain. Look how beautiful the peacocks are. I so wish I were a peacock” she would say to her fellow crows.

One day, the crow saw many peacock feathers on the ground. Seeing those peacock feathers an idea struck. She gathered them and stuck them into her wings and tail and a few up from her head to look exactly like the peacock. 

“Now I am as gorgeous as a peacock,” she said to herself. And so, she went to join the flock of peacocks but was mocked and thrown out. The peacocks clearly understood that she was not one among them. “Putting on peacock feathers will not make you a peacock,” they said to her. Sad and humiliated, she returned back to her fellow crows. But, none of her fellow crows wanted her company after all her insults. To add insult to the injury, they noticed peacock feathers hanging out from her wings and tail and mocked her. Then an old wise crow came and told him “we should accept the way we are. Don’t try to copy others blindly. I hope you have learned your lesson”.

1. After seeing Peacock feathers what idea stuck to crow?

(a) It hated peacock feathers.

(b) It struck them into her wings. 

(c) It hide the feathers.

(d) None of these.

2. What did the crow say to her fellow crow’s ?

(a) I wish I were a peacock. 

(b) I wish I were a crow.

(c) I wish I were a gorgeous crow.

(d) None of these 

3. How did the peacock behave with the crow?

(a) They welcomed her.

(b) They mocked and thrown her out.

(c) They encouraged her. 

(d) They praised her for her trick. 

4. What did the wise crow say? 

We should accept the way we are 

To try copy others

Try to become beautiful

(d) We should try to compete them. 

5. Choose the word nearest in meaning to the word  given below:


(a) Aggreeable

(c) Rivaling

(b) Conflictive

(d) Improper

6. Choose the word almost opposite in meaning the word given below:


(a) Vessle 

(b) Moving 

(c) Craft 

(d) Hold

7. Identify the correctly spelt word.

(a) Bemifitted

(c) Benefeted

(b) Benefited

(d) Benefetad

8. Choose the correct one word substitute for theo Following term.

Killing of wife

(a) Mariticide

(c) Familicide

(b) Uxoricide

(d) Filicide

Direction (9-13): Choose the most appropriateanswer and fill in the blanks.

9.The Noun form of ‘Compel’ is

(a) Compiling

(b) Compelled

(c) Compulsive 

(d) Compulsion

10. Verb of Glory

(a) Glorification

(c) Glorious 

(b) Glorified 

(d) Glorify

11. He does not know__accept or reduce the offer.

(a) Whenever 

(b) When 

(c) Where 

(d) Whether

12. He was very ill there was hope to recover. 

(a) Few 

(b) Little 

(c) The Little 

(d) A few

13.Plural of Sheep?

(a) Shoop 

(b) Sheep 

(c) Sheeps 

(d) Lamb

Direction (14-16): Find the error. 

14. My mother does(a)/not like me coming late/(b)at night//(c) No error (d)

15. Some of you(a)/ speak French (b)/ Isn’t it ?(c)/No error (d).

16. He had no (a)/illusion of being either distingusihed(b)/ writer or a editor(c)/ No error(d).

17. Change the narration

She said, “I cleans teeth everyday”. 

(a) She said that she cleanes teeth everyday. 

(b) She said that she cleaned teeth everyday. 

(c) She told that she cleans teeth everyday. (d) She said that she clean teeth everyday.

18. Change the voice He was given the details of his uncle’s will by the lawyer.

(a) His uncle’s will was given to him by his


(b) The lawyer gave him the details of his uncle’s will.

(c) His uncle’s will and its details were given by the lawyer. 

(d) The lawyer has given the details of his uncle’s will.

19. What is collectly noun of group 

A group of keys:

(a) Bunch of keys 

(b) Stock of keys

(c) A collection of keys 

(d) A cluster of keys 

20. Write the negative without changing the sense. 

She is a rich woman.

(a) She is not a poor woman.

(b) She is not a prosperous woman.

(c) She is not a respective woman. 

(d) She is not a wealthy woman. 

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