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 Phrase & Idioms  

What is Pharse ? 

A group of words having no subject and predicate is called phrase.

शब्दों का वह समूह जिसमें ना कोई Subject हो और ना कोई Predicate हो उसे Phrase कहते हैं। 

There are five kinds of Phrase

1. Noun Phrase

2. Verb Phrase

3. Adjective Phrase 

4. Adverb Phrase 

5. Prepositional Phrase 

1. जो phrase noun का काम करते हैं, उसे  noun phrase कहते है इसका प्रयोग subject object या complement के समान होता है 

Amar has seen many ups and down in his life.

2. जो Phrase Adjective का काम करते हैं, उसे  Adjective Phrase कहते है इसका प्रयोग Noun या Pronoun की विशेषता बतलाने के लिए होता है  

I dislike your hole and corner policy.

3. जो Phrase Verb का काम करते हैं, उसे  Verbal Phrase कहते है 

She smells the pizza

4. जो Phrase Adverb का काम करते हैं, उसे  Adverbial Phrase कहते है

They left the city bag and baggage.

5. जो Phrase Preposition का काम करते हैं, उसे  Prepositional Phrase कहते है इसका प्रयोग हमेशा Noun या Pronoun आता है 

He is superior to me in point of age. 

List of Important Phrases

  1. All in all – सर्वेसर्वा                                 

My father is all in all in the family.

  2. A rainy day – दुःख भरे दिन                 

My rainy days have been passed.

  3. A red letter day – यादगार दिन           

26 January is a red letter day.

  4. At once – अचानक                                  

He came here at once.

  5. By hook or by crook – हर संभव प्रयास 

He tried by hook or by crook to pass exam

  6. Look after – देखभाल करना                    

I look after my family.

  7. An apple of eye – बहुत प्यारा           

He is my apple of my eye.

  8. Fall flat – बेअसर                                 

His speech fell flat before the public.

  9. Give up – छोड़ देना                            

I gave up smoking

  10. An apple pie order – क्रमानुसार  

Please arrange the things in apple pie order

  11. Ups and down – उतार चढ़ाव           

I have seen many ups and down in my life.

  12. Bed of rose – सुखद वस्तु                  

Life is not a bed of rose.

  13. At any cost – हर कीमत पर   

I will get a job at any cost.

  14. At hand – निकट होना          

My exam is at hand.

15. In a fix – उधेड़बुन में होना

I am in a fix.

16. Look for – खोजना       

I am looking for a job.

17. For good – हमेशा के लिए    

The English went for good.

18. Bag and baggage – बोरिया बिस्तर समेत  

I went to England bag and baggage.

  19. Lion’s share – बड़ा हिस्सा  

I want lion’s share.

  20. Bring up – पालन पोषण करना  

Yashoda brought up Krishna

  21. Bone of contention – झगड़े की जड़  

Wealth is the bone of contention.

  22. To and for – इधर उधर   

Don’t look to and fro.

  23. Ask for – मांगना   

I asked for help

  24. As if – मानों  

She speaks as if she were my girlfriend.

  25. At home in – निपुण होना  

I am at home in cooking.

26. Bring forth – पैदा करना

27. Black sheep – बदनाम व्यक्ति

Vijay Malya is a black sheep

28. A dark horse – छुपा रूस्तम

He is a dark horse

29. By leaps and bound – दिन दुनी रात चौग

India is developing by leaps and bound

30. Beat about the bush – डींग हांकना

He is beating about the bush

31. Face the music – कष्ट भोगना

I faced the music in lockdown.

32. A white elephant – कीमती बेकार चीज

33. Takes after – की तरह देखना

I take after my mother.

34. Man of Street – साधारण व्यक्ति

You are a man of street.

35. A man of letters – विद्वान आदमी

Kalidas was a man of letters.

36. Maiden speech – पहला भाषण

He gave a maiden speech.

37. A Close shave – बाल बाल बचना

He closes shave in an accident

38. Bad blood – दुश्मनी होना

There is bad blood between Ram and Rakesh.

39. Fair sex – नारी जाति

We should respect fair sex.

40. Hue and cry – शोरगुल

I don’t like hue and cry.

41. High and low – उतार चढ़ाव 

I have seen many high and low

42. In vague – प्रचलन में होना

Jeans and top are in vague.

43. Chicken hearted – डरपोक व्यक्ति

Ram is a chicken hearted person

44. Keep on – जारी रखना

Keep on smiling

45. Get into – मुसीबत में पड़ना

I got into trouble in lockdown

46. Under a cloud – संशय में होना

This project is under a cloud

47. Add fuel to flame – भड़का देना

He added fuel to flame

48. Smell a rat – शक होना

He smellls a rat

49. A Cuckoo in the nest – बिन बुलाया मेहमान

You are a cuckoo in the nest

50. A Cock and Bull story – मनगढ़ंत कहानी

She told a cock and bull story

51. A snake in the grass – कपटी मित्र

He is a snake in the grass

52. At stake – खतरें में होना

Ravana’s life was at stake

53. Back out – मुकर जाना 

Most of the leaders back out from their promise

54. Broken Reed – दुबर्ल व्यक्ति

Ram was a broken reed

55. Backup – समर्थन देना

I back up you

56. Bosom Friend – जिगरी दोस्त

You are my bosom friend

57. Break out – फैल जाना

Malaria broke out in the village

58. Cling to – चिपके रहना

People cling to their culture

59. Deal in – व्यापार करना

I deal in rice

60. Fond of – शौकीन होना

I am fond of jeans

61. Get of – उतरना

He got of the bus

62. Give air – डींग हांकना

He gives air

63. Grow up – परिपक्व होना

He grew up

64. Heart and soul – तन मन से

I study heart and soul

65. In vain – बेकार 

I tried but in vain

66. In vogue – प्रचलन में होना

Hot pant and top are in vogue

67. Keep up – जारी रखना

Keep up your study

68. Round the clock – दिन भर 

He studies round the clock

69. Deal with – व्यवहार करना

I deal with honesty

70. Nook and corner – हर जगह 

I searched a bag nook and corner

71. Pick hole – दोष निकालना

Don’t pick hole in others

72. Run out – खत्म होना 

My petrol has run out

73. Sleeping partner – निष्क्रिय सहयोगी

Ram is my sleeping partner

74. Take after – की तरह दिखना

She takes after her mother

75. Work up – भड़काना

76. A man of straw – कमजोर व्यक्ति

77. Ins and out – पुणे विवरण

78. Null and void – मान्य

79. Capital punishment – मौत की सजा

80. Grease the palm – घुस देना

81. Crocodiles tears – बनावटी आंसू

82. Above all – सर्वोपरी

83. Couch potato – आलसी व्यक्ति

84. Break the ice – चुप्पी तोड़ना

85. Herculean task – कठिन कार्य

She has a herculean task

86. From hand to mouth – खाने पे आफत होना

I feel from hand to mouth

87. Above all – मुख्यता

Wheat is above all food.

88. Make room – जगह बनाना

Please make a room in the train

89. Set for – रवाना होना

Amar set for london

90. Set free – आजाद कर देना

I set free the birds

91. Green eyed monster – ईर्ष्यालु व्यक्ति 

Ramesh is a green eyed monster 

92. White collar – नौकरी पेशा लोग

They are white collar person

93. Get rid of – छुटकारा पाना

I want to get rid of headache

94. Rain cats and dogs – मुसलाधार बारिश

It was raining cats and dog

95. Tooth and nail – पुरी शक्ति से

I tried tooth and nail.

96. Above Board – निष्पक्ष व्यक्ति

97. At snail pace – धीमी गति से         

98. Fancy wife – बिना सिंदूर की पत्नी 

99. Hard Up – रुपयों की तंगी होना

100. Hammer and Tongs – बड़े जोर शोर से 

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