1. What does Martin Luther say about the life of negroes?

Ans:- Martin Luther says that the life of negroes is very pitiable. Their condition is not changed. They have no charm and they are completely cut off from society.

  1. What is Civilization in the sense of the term?

Ans:- Our Civilization in its real sense of term does not consist in multiplication of wants. It consists in the deliberate and voluntary restrictions of wants.

  1. Why does Dr. Zakir Husain call India “The young state of an ancient people?”

Ans:- He says so because our past is alive. It reminds the quality of present and expectations of future. So it must be continued with the blessing of our ancient people. He says that the country is of young people now.

  1. What are the trails and tribulations that Martin Luther King Jr. talks about?

Ans- By using these words, Martin Luther talks about the hardship and torments people had to suffer when they raised their voice against the injustice and discrimination.

  1. How did our ancestors enjoy “True Home Rule?”

Ans:- Our ancestors enjoyed true “Home Rule”. They always believed in “peaceful life. The common people lived independently and followed their agricultural occupation. They were satisfied with what they had. They followed their own rules

  1. In what context does Zakir Husain say, “Bharatis My Home”.

Ans:- He says “Bharat Is My Home” when he delivers his speech after taking the oath as the president of India. He thinks that he is the president of this country and it is like his home and its people are like his family. Here, he express his national feelings

  1. Why is Zakir Husain overwhelmed?

Ans. He is overwhelmed because people made him the President of India. So he expressed his happiness and gratitude to the people who placed him to the highest office in the land.

  1. What did Benjy understand about the business of hens?

Ans- Benjy understood about the business of hens that he would earn money by selling eggs, so he did a lot and took all possible care of hens.

  1. What did Martin Luther want for the Negroes?

Ans:- Martin Luther wanted nothing but freedom for the negroes. He wanted the same opportunity, facility and citizenship for them.

  1. In what dress did the author go to the minister along with Nanukalea?

Ans:-The author went to the minister in Jodhipuri coat and orange turban along with Nanukalea.

  1. What is Dr. Zakir Hussain’s concept of education?

Ans:- According to Dr. Zakir Hussain, education is a prime instrument for making the nation developed. It is necessary for the national purposes. Without it, the nation can’t be developed.

  1. What is the impact of poverty in medical field?

Ans:- There is a bad impact of poverty in medical field because the poor are not able to get expensive drugs and treatments. The doctors can’t facilitate them because of poverty. So they have to frace many difficulties.

  1. What is the pledge taken by the negroes?

Ans:- The Negroes pledge that they will never turn back untill or unless they get their rights. They want to continue their marching for their real freedom and justice.

  1. When is censorship imposed on the press?

Ans:- Censorship is generally imposed during emergency or war-time because the government take swift decision and strong actions.

  1. What are two factors that control “Editorial Policy”

Ans:- The editorial policy is controlled by two factors- Firstly the interest of the advertisers and secondly the welfare or the wealth of the owner of the press.

  1. What is “Linguistic emergency?”

Ans:- Linguistic emergency is that type of situation in which a person always turns to his mother tongue.

  1. Why does Gandhiji says”mind is a restless bird”?

Ans:- He says so because we have many desires. The more we get, the more we want. So we must control over our desires and mind. It is really like a restless bird because it is never satisfied.

  1. What is the superstition associated with acquiring new clothes and instruments for baby before birth?

Ans.- The main superstition associated with acquiring new cloths and instruments for the baby before birth was considered as a bad luck. So they didn’t want to do these things

  1. What does our (Indian) Civilization depen upon?

Ans:- Our Civilization depends upon our restricting wants and self- control It does not depend on multiplying wants.

  1. How did Nanukaka impress Sohan Lal Ratiram?

Ans- Nanukaka impressed him by telling. lies that he knows many V.I.P.s like Hazart Barkat Ali, the ambassador etc. He tells that he has been the hereditary astrologer of Maharaja of Ninnor palace and many mare in loud voice

21. Why is Lomov unable to speak about marriage?

Ans- Lomov does not believe that choobookov will accept his proposal. He has hesitation and fear, so he is unable to speak about marriage.

22. What is the main difference between indian and Western Civilization?

Ans: The main difference between both of them is that the Indian Civilization depends on self control and restricting wants but western Civilization depends on human wants, materialism and luxurious life, discoveries and iriventions.

  1. Why did our ancestors dissuade us from luxuries and pleasures?

Ans:- Our ancestors dissuaded us from luxuries and pleasures because they observed that a man is not necessarily happy because he is rich or a man is unhappy because he is poor. The rich are often seen to be unhappy and the poor to be happy

  1. How did Seibei’s father react to the teacher’s complaint? (What was the reaction of Seibel’s father after the teacher’s complaint)

Ans:- When he knew about the teacher’s complaint, he became angry. He shouted at him, seized him by the collar and gave him a sound beating and smashed all the gourds.

  1. What is the reward of pregnancy for a young sylthet woman?

Ans:- The main reward of pregnancy for a young syitheti woman is that she gets liberty to go her own parents’ house. She is taken proper care there. After giving birth of her own child, the naming ceremony is celebrated as a festival.


  1. What happens in Autumn?

Ans:- In the Autumn season, plants and trees are filled with flowers and fruit. Greenery adds beauty in nature. It is really a pleasant season. Many kinds of birds, fruit etc can be seen in this season. It is not second to the spring.

2. What did the fire hymn say to the poet?

Ans:- The fire hymn said to the poet that he was forgiven, so the poet decided not to commit such a sin again in his life..

  1. How would the poet in “Soldier” like to be remembered if at all he dies in the battle? (How does the “Soldier” like to be remembered after his death?)

Ans:- Here the poet wants that the land where his body is buried after his death, will be of England. He must be remembered with his country’s name because he loves his country very much.

  1. Why and how did the snake come out of the hole/fissure?

Ans. It was a very hot day and the snake was very thirsty. So it came out of the hole/fissure to drink water. It came by trailing its slackness body.

  1. Why is Macavity called/termed a Criminal

Ans. Macavity is called/termed a criminal because he defies the law and commits crime after crime. He loots food, drinks milk, kills small dogs, steals jewels etc.

  1. Why does the poet call Macavity mystery cat?

Ans- The poet Mcavity a mystery cat because the not an ordinary criminal. He is a master duminal. He is called a hidden paw. After crime, he disappears from the crime place.

  1. In what sense does the fire forgets ite deed/ dead? Or, what is the meaning of the fire forgetting its dead?

Ans:- The fire sometimes leaves some parts though it burns most parts of the dead body and changes into ashes

  1. How did the snake drink water?

Ans:- The snake sipped the water with straight mouth through its gums into its slack long body. It sometimes looked hither and thither then drank much water.

  1. What does the poet mean by “The voice of my education?”

Ans:- Here the poet wants to say that on the one hand, he wants to kill the snake because it is poisonous but on the other hand he thinks that he should not kill it because it came before him to drink water. At last, his education forced him to hit it

  1. Why did the poetess (Kamala Das) want to go to her grand-mother’s house?

Ans:- She remembers her grand-mother and her love. There was a complete picture of everything in her memory. so she wanted to go there to have a look for her inner satisfaction.

  1. Why does the poet want to go away from his beloved?

Ans:- The poet wants to go away from his beloved beacuse he knows that death is sure, and he has to die, but he wants to be happy.

  1. Why did the house go into silence in My Grand Mother’s House?

Ans:- The grand-mother of the poetess died and there was nobody else to take care of the house so it went into silence.

  1. What is fire’s debauchery? Or, In what sence does the fire forget its dead?

Ans:- Here the poet says that the main work of fire is to burn everything and change into ashes, but it leaves some parts which are half-burnt. So the poet says that it is fire’s debauchery. It means that it forgets its dead.

  1. In what sense does the sun conspire with autumn?

Ans:- The sun conspires with Autumn to fill all fruit with ripeness.

  1. What is the belief prevailing in sicily about snake?

Ans. According to the poet, in sicily, it is believed that the black snakes are innocent but the gold are poisonous so they must be killed.

  1. Ho the burning ghat look? or does the poet say about burning ghat?

Ans: According to the poet, the burning ghat is very fearful. The redness of fire shows its cruelty. The fire burns everything and the passers-by are frightened to see its cruelty.

  1. Why does the speaker (Kamala Das) say that she has lost her way?

Ans:- She says that she has lost her way because she is very far from the house where she received much love from her grand-mother. She has a great desire to go there but is unable to go.

  1. Why did the poet want/decide to wait in the poem, “Snake”?

Ans:- The poet thought that the snake came to the water-trough before him, so he wanted/decided to wait.

  1. What will happen when the poet dies in the poem “An Epitaph”?

Ans:- Nobody will remember that beautiful lady of the west country when the poet dies.

  1. What does the poet mean by “Power of levitation?

Ans. “Power of levitation means capacity to rise and float in the air. Here the poet says that Macavity could jump and remain in the air for sometimes like fakirs.

  1. What does the poet mean when he says, “And when I crumble, who will remember?”

Ans:- Here the poet wants to say that nabody will remember that beautiful lady of the west country when he dies. So he says, when I crumble, who will remember”?

  1. Why was the speaker (Kamala Das) proud of living in that house?

Ans:- She was proud of living in that house because she received much love and affection from her grand-mother there She couldn’t get such love at stranger’s doors

  1. What will make the speaker’s journey speedier?

Ans:- More wings and spurres (matives) will make his journey speedier.

24. What is an Epitaph?

Ans:- An Epitaph is an inscription on the tomb of the grave.

25. What does the the poet poet thir think about beauty?

Ans:- According to the poet, beauty is not permanent. It vanishes and passes but it is rare in the world

26. Was the Snake concious of the poet’s presence?

Ans: Yes, the snake was concious of the poet’s presence. He looked at the poet vaguely but he was thirsty and began to sip water

27. How does the poet describe Macavity’s pranks?

Ans:- As we know that Macavity is a mystery cat. He is a hidden paw and he breaks the law. He is never found after the crime. So the Scotland yard never find out this master criminal. He loots food, kills pets, steals jewels, drinks milk and he is always wide awake. These all types of activities are his pranks.

28. Is the speaker in the soldier afraid of death?

Ans No he is not afraid of it. He thinks if he dies and his body is buried in the foreign field, it will be of England for ever.


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