VVI Answer the Questions of Class 12 | Bihar Board Exam 2023

1. Did language play a role in human development? 

Ans – Yes, language played a very important role in human development because without language we couldn’t talk. Language helped us to share ideas and feelings. Inventions and discoveries went on one generation to another with language. 

2. How did our ancestor enjoy true home rule ? 

Ans – Our ancestors enjoyed true home rule by doing agriculture and living with their families they disliked courts and lawyers. they settled their dispute in Panchayat. In this way they enjoyed true home rules. 

3. Why did the house gone into silence in my grandmother house ? 

Ans – The house went into silence because the woman of that house has died their was no anyone to take care of that house. 

4. Name some element of Drama ? 

Ans – Some elements of Drama are : 

  • Music 
  • Plot 
  • Characters 
  • Scenic Effect 
  • Dialogue 
  • Gesture 
  • Soliloquy 

5. Name different types of drama ? 

Ans – The different types of drama are : 

  • Comedy 
  • Tragedy 
  • Tragi – Comedy 
  • Mellow Drama 
  • Farce 
  • Mosque 
  • One Act Play 

6. What does our civilization depend upon ? 

Ans – Our civilization does not depend upon our multiplication of wants and demand but it depends on the idea of restricting them. It depends on the idea of self- denial. 

7. What did Benjy understand about the business of hens ? 

Ans – Benjy understand all the tricks of trade of hens. He knew the ideas of selling eggs and hens in the market. He began to earn lots of money in their business. He became a successful businessman of hens. He purchased land and made poultry farm for hens. 

8. Why does the poet called Macavity ” The Mystery Cat”? 

Ans – The poet calls the Macavity a mystery cat because Macavity does many bad activities secretly that scotland yard and it’s flying squad is unable to catch him red handed Macavity disappears from scene of crime before the police reached there. 

9. What makes a man’s power feeble ? 

Ans – The depending of men on their fate makes man’s power feeble. He does not have power to add a moment to the happiness. He is helpless before death 

10. Who were known as university wits ? 

Ans – The Elizabethan scholars associated with oxford university and Cambridge university were known as University wits. They used to write dramas as well as act on the stage. They were lodge, Nashe, Knshe, Greene, Kyd, Lily and Marlowe 

11. Which speech care to be known as received pronunciation ?

Ans – The standard speech used in London and South Eastern England is known as the received pronunciation. It is considered most prestigious pronunciation spoken in Britain 

12. What does the poet think about beauty ? 

Ans – The poet Walter De La Mare thinks that physical beauty is transient. It never lasts forever. He says that inner beauty never passes nor fade it always brings joy for us. Outer beauty studies the eyes but inner beauty win the soul. 

13. What is meant by the Great Vowel Shift ? 

Ans – A series of changes in the pronunciation of the English long vowels is called The Great Vowel Shift. It is a sign  of systematic changes in the pronunciation of English vowels that accured in Southern England during Middle English period. It has great effect on English pronunciation and spelling.

14. Is the speaker ” in the soldier ” afraid of death ? 

Ans – No the speaker is not afraid of death. He is ready to die for his country. The speaker fought in first world war.

15. What does Martin Luther say about the Negros ? 

Ans – Martin Luther King says that the life of the Negroes is still crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. They live in very miserable condition. They spend their lives like refugees in his own land. They still live on a lonely island of poverty.

16. How did Nanukaka impress Sohanlal ? 

Ans – Nanukaka starts to talk in loud voice when he reaches to
Sohanlal office. He talks about his own status in high tone to attract
Sohanlal. He shows off his contact with many big ministers and ambassador Hazrat
Barkat Ali. 

17. Why is the poem “The Snake ” the poet decided to wait? 

Ans – The poet decided to wait because he had come after the snake at his water trough. The snake came at water trough to drink water after that the poet went there to take water. But the poet decided to wait because the snake had come before him.

18. What is the business of education ? 

Ans – The business of education should be the growth of national culture and national character.

19. What does Walt Whitman want to with creeds and the schools ? 

Ans – Walt Whitman wants to know the system of thoughts with creeds and schools. He wants to forget all of them in his life.

20. What did Benjy want to do with Money ? 

Ans – Benjy wanted to multiply his money in the business of
poultry. He wanted to buy some Hybrid hens. He wanted to buy some lands to make
poultry farm and his house with his money. 

20. What has the speaker’s blood formed ? 

Ans – The speaker’s blood is made of soil and air of America. Walt Whitman belongs to America so his body is made of soil and air of America. 

21. On what occasion did Zakir Hussain deliver the speech “Bharat is my home” ? 

Ans – Dr. Zakir Hussain delivered this speech on the occasion of taking an oath of third president of India on 13 May 1967. This was his first speech as the president of India. 

22. What is sonnet ? 

Ans – A poem of fourteen lines is called a sonnet. It has two parts octave and sestet. The first eight lines of a sonnet is called octave and the second six lines of a sonnet is called sestet. 

23. Name the countries where English is used as mother tongue ? 

Ans – The name of some countries where English is used as mother tongue is UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 

24. Name the countries where English is used as second language ? 

Ans – The name of some countries where English is used as second language is India, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Namibia and Botswana.

25. Name the countries where English is used as foreign language ? 

Ans – The name of some countries where English is used as foreign language is China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, UAE, Egypt, Iraq, Eritrea, France, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico and Brazil.  

26. What does the speaker in “Song of Myself” observe in summer ? 

Ans – The speaker Walt Whitman in “Song of Myself” observes a spear of grass in summer. 

27. What are the two broad categories of ideas that have helped mankind ?

Ans – The two broad categories of ideas that have helped mankind are (1)broad category of ideas contributes to knowledge and technique of mankind and (2)concerned with morality and political frame work.

28. What is the meaning of the “Sicilian July, with the Etna smoking ? 

Ans – The poet in “snake” has referred Sicilian July, with Etna smoking to indicate the extreme hot is Sicily. There is a volcano in Etna which erupts and cause extreme hot in Sicily in the month of July. So poet calls it Sicilian July with Etna smoking.

29. What is the reward of pregnancy for Sylheti women ? 

Ans – The reward for a Sylheti woman is the festive environment in her parents house. She gets much love and care from her parents. She gets much care during her pregnacny. 

30. In what sense does the sun conspire with the autumn ? 

Ans – The sun conspires with autumn season to load the trees with fruits and make them tasty and fleshy. They conspire to fill the flowers with juice. and make seeds of hazel sweet.

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