Top 60 | Give One Word Set-1


Amar’s Classes for English

1. An official call to appear in a court of law

(A) Summon 

(B) Notice

(C) Memorandum 

(D) Petition

2. To cut apart a parson’s body

(A) Amputate

(B) Mutilate

(C) Ambush

(D) Mitigate 

3. A speech delivered without previous preparation

(A) Soliloquy 


(C) Rhetoric

(D) Expression

4. One who pretends to be what he is not

(A) Crocodile 

(B) Flatterer

(C) Hypocrite

(D) Counterfeiter

5. Study of heavenly bodies

(A) Astrology

(B) Stargazing

(C) Astronomy

(D) Astrophysics

6. To be known for bad acts

(A) Famous 

(B) Notorious

(C) Criminal 

(D) Terrorist

7. Words of similar meaning

(A) Homonyms

(B) Pseudonyms

(C) Antonyms 

(D) Synonyms

8. Instrument to measure asure mospheric pressure

(A) Metronome 

(B) Compass

(C) Pedometer

(D) Barometer

9. To struggle helplessly

(A) Flounder 

(B) Founder

(C) Fumble

(D) Finger

10. One who tends to take a hopeful view of life

(A) Magnate 

(B) Creator

(C) Pacifist

(D) Optimist

11. Belonging to all parts of the world arts of the world.

(A) Common 

(B) Universal

(C) Worldly

(D) International

12. Feeling inside you which tells you what is right and what is wrong

(A) Cleverness 

(B) Conscience

(C) Consciousness

(D) fear

13. Release of a prisoner from jail on certain term and condition

(A) Parole

(B) Pardon

(C) Acquittal

(D) Forgetting

14. Loss of memory

(A) Ambrosia 

(B) Amnesia

(C) Insomnia 

(D) Amnesiac

15. Still existing and known.

(A) Extent 

(B) Extant

(C) Eternal 

(D) Immanent

16. Fear of height.

(A) Agoraphobia 

(B) Hydrophobia 

(C) Acrophobia 

(D) Pyrophobia

17. The Highest point.

(A) Height

(B) Zenith

(C) Zeal

(D) Ridge

18. To confirm with the help of evidence

(A) Corrborate

(B) Implicate

(C) Designate

(D) Extricate

19. One who is a dabbler in arts, science of literature:

(A) Dilettante

(B) Aesthetic

(C) Maestro 

(D) Connoisseur

20. The time between midnight and noor noon.

(A) Afternoon 

(B) Antipodes

(C) Ante-meridiem

(D) Antenatal

21. Capable of being interpreted in two ways

(A) Confusing 

(B) Unclear

(C) Ambiguous

(D) Ambivert

22. One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views

(A) Religious 

(B) Fanatic

(C) Bigot

(D) God-fearimg

23. The action of looking within or into one’s own mind

(A) Observation 

(B) Examination

(C) Introspection

(D) Intovert

24. Something that causes death

(A) Dangerous 

(B) Fatal

(C) Brutal

(D) Horrible

25. A person who writes decoratively

(A) Calligrapher 

(B) Colliery

(C) Choreographer

(D) Cartographer

26. A person who loves mankind

(A) Misanthrope

(B) Anthropologist

(C) Philanthropist

(D) Mercenary

27. Pretaining to cattle

(A) Canine

(B) Bovine

(C) Feline

(D) Verminous

28. To look at someone in an angry or threatening way

(A) Glower 

(B) Gnaw

(C) Gnash

(D) Grindith

29. A post with little work but high salary work but high salary

(A) Director 

(B) Trustee

(C) Sinecurea

(D) Ombudsman

30. A raised passageway in a building

(A) Walkway 

(B) Walkabout

(C) Walkabout 

(D) Walkover

31. A cure for All diseases

(A) Laxative 

(B) Panacea

(C) Antidote

(D) Purgative

32. One who cannot speak.

(A) dumb


(C) deaf

(D) visionless

33. Able to use the left hand and right hand equally well

(A) Ambivert 

(B) Ambidextrous

(C) Ambivalent 

(D) Philanthropist 

34. One who hates women

(A) Philanthropist 

(B) Ambidextrous

(C) Misogamist 

(D) Ambitious

35. A system of naming things

(A) Horticulture 

(B) Ascetic

(C) Genocide

(D) Nomenclature

36. Fats of a country behind the coast or river bank

(A) Swamps 

(B) Marshes

(C) Hinterland

(D) Isthmuses

37. A written statement about someone’s character, usually provided by an employer

(A) Testimonial 

(B) Memorandum 

(C) Certificate

(D) License

38. One who does not make mistakes

(A) Passivism 

(B) Optimist

(C) Infallible

(D) Hypocrite

39. A person who gambles or bets


(A) Punter

(B) Backer 

(C) Customer 

(D) Client 

40. Art of writing for newspaper and magazine

(A) Literature

(B) Journalism

(C) Biography

(D) Artistry

41. An abandoned child of unknown parents is found by somebody Rishabh

(A) Foundling 

(B) Sibling

(C) Urchin

(D) Orphan

42. A foreigner who settles in a country.

(A) Immigrant 

(B) Emigrate

(C) Alien

(D) Visitor

43. Doing something according to one’s own free will.

(A) Willfully

(B) Obligingly

(C) VoluntarilySolutio 

(D) Compulsorily

44. Place that provides refuge

(A) shelter 

(B) house

(C) country

(D) Asylum

45. A number of ships

(A) fleet 

(B) galaxy

(C) constellation

(D) group

46. A test in which cells from diseased organ are removed and tested

(A) Biopsy 

(B) Autopsy

(C) Operation

(D) Amputation

47. A small room in a big house, hotel, ship etc. where glasses, dishes, spoons food etc. are kept.

(A) Portico 

(B) Pantry

(C) Mezzanine

(D) Kitchen

48. A person who has no money to pay off his debts

(A) Insolvent 

(B) Poor

(C) Destitute

(D) Pauper

49. Words uttered impiously about God

(A) amoral 

(B) philosophy  

(C) logic

(D) blasphemy

50. One who compiles a dictionary.

(A) Geography 

(B) Lexicographer 

(C) Lapidist

(D) Linguist

51. One who lives on human flesh

(A) Vegetarian

(B) Herbivorous 

(C) Cannibal

(D) Carnivorous

52. One who lives on grass

(A) Vegetarian

(B) Herbivorous

(C) Cannibal

(D) Carnivorous

53. One who can eat all kinds of food

(a) Vegetarian

(c) Herbivorous

(b) Cannibal

(d) Omnivorous

54. One who believes in God

(a) Cobbler 

(b) Atheist

(c) Theist 

(d) Family

55. One who lives on flesh

(a) Vegetarian

(b) Herbivorous 

(c) Carnivorous

(d) Cannibal

56. One who does not eat flesh

(A) Vegetarian

(B) Herbivorous

(C) Cannibal

(D) Cannibal

57. One who treats mental illness

(a) Misogynist  

(b) Cannibal

(c) Psychiatrist 

(d) Atheist

58. One who hates women

(a) Misogynist

(b) Cannibal

(c) Psychiatrist 

(d) Atheist

59. One who does not believe in God

(a) Misogynist 

(b) Cannibal

(c) Theist

(d) Atheist

60. One who collects stamps.

(a) Philanthropist 

(b) Somniloquist

(c) Philatelist 

(d) Somnambulist

61. One who walks in sleep

(A) Philanthropist

(B) Somnambulist

(C) Somniloquist

(D) Somnambulist

62. One who talks in sleep

(A) Philanthropist

(B) Psychiatrist

(C) Somnambulist

(D) Somniloquist

63. One who knows everything

(A) Omnivorous

(B) Omnipresent

(C) Omnipotent

(D) Omniscient

64. One who is present everywhere

(A) Omnivorous

(B) Omnipresent

(C) Omnipotent

(D) Omniscient

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