The Hindu- Word Capsule-1

1). Ambivalent (Adjective)   

Meaning: having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas

about something or someone.

Synonyms: equivocal, uncertain, unsure, doubtful, indecisive, inconclusive, irresolute

2). Forsake (Verb)                

Meaning: abandon or leave.

Synonyms: abandon, desert, leave, quit, depart from,

leave behind..

3). Impudent (Adjective)     

Meaning: not showing due respect for another person;

Synonyms: impertinent, insolent, cheeky, audacious,


4). Inept (Adjective)            

Meaning: having or showing no skill; clumsy.

Synonyms: incompetent, unskillful, unskilled, inexpert, amateurish 

5). Novice (Verb)                 

Meaning: a person new to and inexperienced in a job or situation.

Synonyms: beginner, learner, inexperienced person 

6). Salient (Adjective)        

Meaning: most noticeable or important.

Synonyms: important, main, principal, major, chief, primary, notable 

7). Umbrage (Noun)            

Meaning: offence or annoyance. 

Synonyms: take offence, be offended, take exception,

bridle, take something personally 

8). Serendipity (Noun)        

Meaning: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. 

Synonyms: chance, happy chance, accident, happy accident, fluke 

9). Quaint (Adjective)         

Meaning: attractively unusual or old-fashioned.

Synonyms: picturesque, charming, sweet, attractive,

pleasantly old-fashioned 

10). Truculent (Adjective)    

Meaning: eager or quick to argue or fight; aggressively


Synonyms: defiant, aggressive, antagonistic, belligerent, pugnacious, bellicose 

11). Intractable (adjective)  

Meaning: hard to control or deal with.

Synonyms: unmanageable, uncontrollable, ungovernable, out of control. 

12). Delineate (Verb)           

Meaning: describe or portray (something) precisely.

Synonyms: describe, set forth, set out, present, outline, depict, portray. 

13). Ascetic (adjective)       

Meaning: characterized by severe self-discipline and

abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.

Synonyms: austere, self-denying, abstinent, abstemious

14) Daunt (verb)                  

Meaning: make someone feel intimidated  or apprehensive

Synonyms : intimidate, abash, take aback, shake, ruffle, throw 

15) Idyllic (adjective)          

Meaning : extremely happy, peaceful

Synonyms : perfect, ideal, idealized, wonderful, blissful 

16). Burgeon (verb)             

Meaning: begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish.

Synonyms: grow rapidly, increase

rapidly/exponentially, expand. 

17). Anomalous (adjective)    

Meaning: deviating from what is standard, normal, or


Synonyms: abnormal, atypical, non-typical, irregular. 

18). Friable (adjective)            

Meaning: easily crumbled.

Synonyms: crumbly, easily crumbled, powdery, dusty. 

19). Protean (adjective)          

Meaning: tending or able to change frequently or


Synonyms: ever-changing, variable, changeable,

mutable, kaleidoscopic. 

20). Recondite (adjective)      

Meaning: (of a subject or knowledge) little known;


Synonyms: obscure, abstruse, arcane, esoteric, little


21). Boisterous (adjective)     

Meaning: noisy, energetic, and cheerful

Synonyms: lively, active, animated, exuberant, 

23). Sodden (adjective)         

Meaning: saturated with liquid, especially water;

soaked through.

Synonyms: soaking, soaking wet, soaked, soaked

through, wet through 

24). Perfidious (adjective)     

Meaning: deceitful and untrustworthy

Synonyms: treacherous, duplicitous, deceitful,

disloyal, faithless 

25). Conundrum (noun)         

Meaning: a confusing and difficult problem or question.

Synonyms: problem, difficult question, vexed

question, difficulty 

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