H. E. Bates, His Full Name was Herbert Ernest Bates CBE. He was an English Author and Short Story Writer. He was born in 16 May, 1905 in Rushden, United Kingdom and Died in 29 January, 1974 in Canterbury, United Kingdom. His Important Works Includes, Fair Stood the Wind for France, The Purple Plain, The Jacaranda Tree, The Scarlet Sword and The Darling Buds of May


“The Earth” is written by English writer H.E. Bates. It shows the story of a man named Johnson who is thrown out of his house by his own son named Benjy. Benjy is a simple-minded son. His parents all the time worry about his well being.
He takes him to a doctor who suggests him to help him (Benjy) to start a business of poultry farming. Benjy works hard and soon becomes a very rich person in the area. Benjy married a girl named Florence against the wishes of his parents.
Since the house, in which they live has been bought by Benjy, he compels them to shift their room in which they have slept all their lives. One day he drives them away from the house too. Johnson, the father and his mother are left alone on an unfamiliar road to help themselves.


Acre : जमीन का एक टुकड़ा जो 480 Sq. Yard का हो
Imbecile : मन से कमजोर / मुर्ख
Persuaded : यकीन करनेवाला / मनाना
Wire Coop : तारो का जाल के साथ एक बंद जगह
Speckled : धब्बेदार
Scraps : भोजन द्वार में छोड़ना 
Seeded Cabbage : वैसा CABBAGE जो बहुत समय से खेत में बचा हो जिसकी वजह से उसमे फूल और बीज का उत्पादन हुआ हो। 
Gleaned : जुटाया हुआ / जमा हुआ 
Stubble : अनाज का एक डंठल (डाली )
Thrives : फलना या पनपना 
Commercialized : वाणिज्यीकरण 
Pecked Nourishment :  खाना उठाना 
Nesting- box : डब्बे से बना NEST 
Basin : कटोरा 
Laying Pullets : युवा मुर्गी जिन्होंने अंडे देना शुरू कर दिया हो 
Hawk : माल उतरना 
Segregate : अलग 
White leghorns and Rhode island : मुर्गी का दो प्रसिद्ध नस्ल 
Stubbornly : हठपूर्वक 
Congregations : पंडितो की सभा 
Gnawed : निबटा हुआ /  कुतरना 
Diligent : मेहनती 
Tremor : तरकश 
Pulpit : मंच 
Distracted : बगल में 
Inviolate : किसी भी खतरे के लिए खुला नहीं रहना 
Chronicle : अभिलेख 
Antagonism : अस्वस्थता 
Scoured : मलना या रगड़ना / साफ करना 
Immobile : स्थिर 
Stupefied : दंग रहना / व्यग्र 


1) Benjy parents did not like ___because of grey eyes.
A. Mary
B. Florence
C. Rekha
D. Sikha
2) Benjy left school at the age of _________.
A. Twelve
B. Thirteen
C. Fourteen
D. Fifteen
3) Benjy purchased land from _______
A. Sanders
B. Meanders
C. Randers
D. Pandors
4) Benjy was the son of ____
A. John
B. Johnson
C. George
D. Charles
5) ______was the real owner of the land.
A. Sanders
B. Landrs
C. Randers
D. Manders
6) Benjy wanted to marry________.
A. Florence
B. Clorence
C. Rupani
D. Diana
7) The earth is written by ________.
A. Pearls S. Buck
B. H.E. Bates
C. Dr. Zakir Hussain
D. Mahatma Gandhi
8) Benjy should be allowed to keep ________
A. Goals
B. Cows
C. Dogs
D. Hens
9) ________drives his parents from their home
A. Benjy
B. Sanders
C. Johnson
D. Georg
10) Johnson was a poor _________.
A. Teacher
B. Doctor
C. Carpenter
D. Farmer
11) The ________suggested that Benjy should be allowed to keep hens.
A. Doctor
B. Teacher
C. Saint
D. Farmer
12) The bank will give interest on it when Benjy will be _______year old.
A. 20
B. 21
C. 19
D. 22
13) For many years Benjy‟s father has been a local ___
A. 4 acres
B. 2 acres
C. 5 acres
D. 6 acres
14) There was more than _________
A. 240 pound
B. 230 pounds
C. 340 pounds
D. 330 pounds
15) Johnson rented land from _________.
A. Sanders
B. Landers
C. Panders
D. Renders
16) Benjy moved into the house with ________as his wife at the age of 40.
A. Johnson
B. Florence
C. Elizabeth
D. Victory
17) Benjy told his parents to eat in the _______.
A. Kitchen
B. Bathroom
C. Drawing room
D. Other room
18) Beny left his ________on the pavement
A. Wife
B. Sister
C. Brother
D. Parents
19) The earth is a _______.
A. Drama
B. Poetry
C. Story
D. Essay
20) H. E. Bates was born in _____
A. 1905
B. 1805
C. 1908
D. 1810
21) H.E. Bates died in the year _______
A. 1984
B. 1974
C. 1965
D. 1898
22) H.E. bates belonged to ___________
A. America
B. England
C. Germany
D. Italy
23) Johnson was a ______ farmer.
A. Tenant
B. Lazy
C. Hard-working 
D. Boring
24) Benjy had left school at _____ age.
A. 12
B. 13
C. 14
D. 15
25) For many years Benjy’s father had been a local____
A. Sweeper
B. Preacher
C. Teacher
D. Doctor


1) Who is a tenant farmer?
A tenant Farmer is a farmer who rents a farm for a certain period.
2) What did the doctor advise Benjy’s Parents to ensure his mental growth?
The Doctor advised Benjy’s parents to give him something to do, some occupation, which would help his development.
3) What did Benjy understand about a hen?
Benjy Understood that a hen existed for the purpose of laying eggs.
4) What did Benjy understand about the business of hens?
Benjy Understood about the business of hens that eggs could be sold to callers and money could kept in a basin.
5) What silent belief did Benjy’s parents Cherish about their land?
Benjy’s Parents cherished a silent belief that the land would  one day outgrow it poverty by itself.
6) Why had their land not yielding much?
The land had not yielding much because they did not work hard. They had put more value on faith than hard work.
7) How did Benjy’s parents feel when he silently put the passbooks in his pocket?
When Benjy’s silently put the passbooks in his pocket their (Benjy Parents) feelings were hurt. They felt a mixture of disappointment, fear, pride and pain.
8) How did Benjy’s Parents expected when they handed him the Passbook?
They expected Benjy to thank them for the gift, and a word of willingness that they should share the money they had helped to save.
9) What did Benjy want to do with money?
Benjy wanted to buy a piece of land next to theirs with the money.
10) Who had Johnson rented their land from?
Johnson had rented their land from Sanders.
11) What information did Sanders give them that made them happy?
Sanders told them that their son Benjy was buying their land, to made them happy.
12) Who was Florence?
Florence was one of Benjy’s employees. 
13) Why did Benjy want to marry Florence?
Benjy wanted to marry Florence because he hoped she would help him with the hens.





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