Subject Verb Agreement : Definition, Example and Rules


Subject Verb Agreement 

किसी भी Sentence में  Subject  के Number Or Person  के अनुसार Verb के प्रयोग को Subject Verb Agreement (Syntax) कहते हैं

Subject and Verb must agree with one another in Number Or Person is called Subject Verb Agreement.

If Subject is Singular its verb must also be Singular and If Subject is Plural its verb must also be Singular. 

Example of Subject Verb Agreement : 

Amar speak English ❌
Amar speaks English. ✔️  

The Student do her homework  ❌
The Student does her homework.  ✔️

The Results is bad  ❌
The Results are bad  ✔️

The Director and The Producer has Arrived ❌
The Director and The Producer have Arrived ✔️

A car and a bike is Yellow ❌
A car and a bike are Yellow✔️

Rules of Subject Verb Agreement : 

1). Singular Subject (S.S)  के साथ  Singular Verb (S.V) का और Plural Subject (P.S) के साथ Plural Verb (P.V) का प्रयोग करते हैं॥ 

For Example : 

1. He is Boy.

2. You are Girl

3. I am a teacher. 

4. Amar is a Doctor.

5. They are Swimmer. 

2).  जब दो Noun (and) से जुड़ा हो तो Plural Verb का प्रयोग करते हैं

For Example :

1. Sita and Gita are hot. 

2. Ram and Raavan were enemy. 

3. Radha and Rani are Sexy. 

3). जब दो Noun (And) से जुड़ा हो और एक में The लगा हो तो Singular Verb का प्रयोग करते हैं 

For Example : 

1. The doctor and nurse was present. 

2. The Poet and director is going. 

3. The Director and Producer has arrived.

Note : लेकिन जब दोनों noun में the लगा हो तो वह Plural होता है  

1. The teacher and the owner are missing.

2. The friend and the benefactor are coming.

4). जब दो Noun (And) से जुड़ा हो और एक वस्तु का बोध हो तो उसमें Singular Verb का प्रयोग करते हैं

For Example :

1. Rice and Curry is good. 

2. Bread and Butter is tasty. 

3. Horse and carriage is ready. 

Note: Age and experience | Hammer and sickle | Slow and steady | Wine and soda | 

5).  जब दो Digits (And) से जुड़ा हो तो Singular verb  का प्रयोग करते

For Example :

1. Five and Five is ten. 

2. Six and Six is twelve. 

3. Two and two makes four. 

6). जिस वाक्य में  Each, Every, Either, Neither, No, None,  One of, One, Thing, Body, Everyone, Anybody, Nothing, Nothing but, Collective Noun, Noun After Noun हो तो Singular Verb का प्रयोग करते हैं

For Example : 

1. Each girl and biy is good. 

2. Every girl and boy is handsome. 

3. Neither girl and is hot. 

3. Either pens is best. 

3. One of them is good. 

4. Someone is guilty. 

5. Nothing has been determined as of yet. 

5. A team of  players is coming. 

6. Ship after Ship is destroyed. 

7). Some, Many, Both, A few, Several, Most, के बाद Noun और Verb हमेशा Plural होता है. 

For Example :

1. Some boys are guilty. 

2. Many girls are hot. 

3. A few boys are good. 

4. Both are qualified for the job. 

5. Several are already on location. 

6. Most of the Biscuits were eaten.

8). कुछ बीमारियों, खेल, देश, विषय, किताबों के नाम जिसमें (s) लगा हो उसे वे Singular होते हैं 

For Example :

Diseases  – Mumps, Rickets, Diabetes, 

Sports – Darts, Billiards

Subjects – Civics, Economics, Physics

Country – United States, West Indies, Philippines

Books – Guliver’s Travels, The Three Musketeers

9). अगर दो Noun (as well as, along with, together with,  and not, rather than like, with) के साथ जुड़ा हो तो पहले वाले पहले वाले Subject के अनुसार Verb का प्रयोग होता है 

For Example :

1. Ram as well as you are hot. 

2. My  ex-girlfriend, along with her sisters is dancing. 

3. She, with her parents is coming. 

10). दो नाली वाली वस्तु हमेशा Plural होती है लेकिन A Pair of के साथ हो तो Singular Verb लगते हैं। 

Tongs, Pyajama, Scissors, Googles, Glass, Shoes, Pant, Spectacles, Socks, Binoculars, Gloves etc. 

For Example :

1. The shoes are dirty. 

2. My scissors are good. 

3. A pair of shoes is clean. 

11). Government, Board, Committee, Jury, Staff वाले Subject में Singular verb  और Plural verb दोनों का प्रयोग होता॥ 

For Example :

1. The Jury have given their opinions

2. The Board has given it’s verdict. 

3. The Government has issued it’s report.

12). If, As if, As Though, Suppose, I wish, In Case से शुरू होने वाले sentence में हमेशा were का प्रयोग करते हैं 

For Example :

1. If  I were a king, I would make a place. 

2. I wish I were a king. 

3. Would that my father were alive. 

13). A number of, A large number of, A great number of के साथ हमेशा Plural verb लगता है, लेकिन (The Number of ) के साथ Singular verb लगता है

For Example :

1. A large number of boys were coming. 

2. A great number of girls are dancing. 

3. A number of girls are going. 

4. The number of girls is coming.

14). अगर किसी Sentence का Subject (The+Adj.) हो तो  Plural verb का प्रयोग करते हैं

For Example :

1. The poor are honest

2. The blind have no eyes.

3. The dumb are coming.

15). Half of, Quarter of, Two third of, Three fourths of, The rest of, Precent of, Most of,  A great deal of, plenty of, A lot of,  के साथ जैसा Noun वैसा Verb लगता है।

For example :

Half of the mango  was good.

Half of the mangoes are good. 


16). There | Here | The following के साथ Singular और Plural दोनों Verb का इस्तेमाल करते हैं। 

1. There is a cat on the table. 

2. There are cats on the table. 

3. The following questions are hard. 

4. The following question is hard. 

5. Here are five books

Common Error Based on SYNTAX | Competitive Exams

1.Jeans was not permitted in our town.

2.The furniture in this room are made of teak.

3. A swarm of bees are hovering over the flowers.

4. Not only his wife, but also his mother find him selfish.

5. Ten years are too long to wait.

6. The principal not less than the secretary are responsible

7. Three fourths of the house were constructed.

8. Every man and woman work for the welfare of the poor

9. Five lakhs of rupees are a huge sum.

10. It is I who is to blame.

11. He, rather than his father, are to blame.

12. She commanded me as if she was my girlfriend.

13. You like your brothers, always drinks. 

14. All is well that end well.

15. Rice and curry are my favourite food.

16. I, Amar, is an honest man.

17. Whisky and soda are served in the party.

18. The shoes is too old to use.

19. Shakespeare’s poetry are immortal.

20. Nothing but sand were seen there.

21. God blesses you!

22. Truth and honesty are the best policy.

23. Draughts are a table game.

24. The crew have not come yet.

25. The west-Indies has not won any match this year.

26. Riches grows in hell.

27. You are one of the students who does not copy.

28. Strawberries and peaches is my favourite dish

29. One of the flowers are artificial.

30. Either of the boys have to buy a book.

31. Nobody deny the fact. 

32. Half to the coins is false.

33. The United States are a great country.

34. The percentage of honest persons are small.

35. This is one of those problems which has many solutions.

36. A red and black field.

37. None of the candidates have appeared for an interview.

38. The Japanese is hard-working.

39. Many an animal live on grass.

40. More than one examinee were expelled.

41. Letter after letter pinpoint the need for hard work. 

42. I like a boy who show intelligence.

43. There seems to be three lions in the den.

44. Churchill, statesman and writer, are no more.

45. Tales from Tagore are a nice collection of stories.

46. Amar, together with his friends, were enjoying.

47. Bread and butter are wholesome food.

48. The officer, along with his clerks, are in the office.

49. The philosopher and the statesman is retired.

50. Is there anybody in the office? No, there are no one.

Syntax Exercise || Competition Exam

By – Amar’s Classes for English

1. Two miles beyond | the pasture was seen hundreds | of cattle including | some lambs. | No Error

2.It is noticed that | the elite class have no soft | corner for the downtrodden who are the | real victims of the present social set up. | No E

3. Ritu as well as | some of her friends | have fallen in love with Sonu, who | is the eldest son of an S.D.O. | No error.

4.More than one successful candidate| have taken the interview for one| of the popular magazines| being published from Delhi. | No E

5. Is there any difficulties| in disposing of the gorgeous building| build on such a spacious| and beautiful campus. | No error.

6. The leader as well as | his followers are fatally injured in | the train accident which occurred last night | near this railway crossing. | No Error

7. The request of the workers’ |  union that their wages should be |  increased were supported by | a vast majority | NE

8. Along the northern frontier | of India is seen/the Himalayas mighty/in their splendor.

9. The publisher says/that there is/many important details to attend/to before this book gets printed. /No error.

10. His politics is not/good, so we have suggested to him/that he should read Gandhi, Nehru/ and Karl Marx. /No error.

11. Just outside/the hotel is/two bars, extremely beautiful/as well as crowdy. /No error.

12. We should not forget that/we have a right to criticize but/at the same time each of us/have to remember the duty also. /No error.

13. Her pugnacious daughter/always do something that may incur insult/on her neighbours who hold a wrong/opinion about her family. /No E

14. One of/the biggest industrial house/in Mumbai is on the verge of/declaring a lockout.

15. Our head of the department assured/us that a series of lecture on Milton/were to be arranged/the following week and so we should not create any nuisance. /No

16. A b body of volunteers/have been organized/to help the faculty members/in their attempt to raise the funds. /No error.

17. Each of the students, /whom I have chosen to take part/in the cultural programmes to be performed/in the City Hall, are up to the mark. /No error.

18. Everybody among the businessmen/were enjoying drinking/when the Manager of the hotel/was short dead. /No error.

19. Most of the news/pertaining to the students demise of Dr.Sen/have been communicated by some of the ruffians/whom I know well./ NE

20. Although these buildings are/in need of repair, /there have been much improvement/in their appearance. /No error.

21. Twenty miles/are/a long way/to walk/No error.

22. Neither my wife/nor my brother-in-law/ were able to help me/in my work/No error.

23. If my father/approve/I will go/to Begusarai /No error.

24. Neither India nor Pakistan/have yet acquired/the capability to produce/nuclear weapons/No error.

25. You and I / has known/each other/ for the last six years/No error.

26. My father has not heard/from my younger brother/who are abroad/for over a month/No error.

27. He have been working/ in a bank/ in New Delhi/ for the past several months/No error.

28. The Arabian Nights/ have/ lots of interesting stories/ for young readers/ No errors

29. Every man, woman and child/ are now aware of/ the terrible consequence/ of the habit of smoking/No error.

30. Meatless Days’ have been/made/into a film/No error.

31. Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels/ have been/read by me/several times/No error.

32. Neither he/ nor his father/is interested/ in joining the party/No error. 

33. Children/likes to eat/chocolates/rather than sweets/No error.

34. Unless you/ works hard/you cannot/succeed/No Error.

35. The director, along with/ the staff members/were present for/ the annual day celebration/No Error

36. The climate / of this place/ do not/ suit me/No error.

37. If you follows/ my instructions/you will get/a suitable reward for that/ No error.

38. Amar was/ one of those great sons of India/who has earned everlasting fame/for scientific researches/No error.

39. If I was/ in her shoes/I would have died/with shame/ NE

40. My father-in-law/who live in Mumbai/has come/to stay with us/ No Error

41. Each girl/was given/a bunch of flowers/which pleased them very much/No Error.

42. He often says that / it are these obscense films / that lead the youth to their moral degradation / and are responsible for many evils growing in our society / NE

43. Not only the doctor/but also the nurses of this nursing/home is very kind and helpful/to attendants. /No error.

44. There appears/a number of new faces in the hall/and I really do not know where they have/come from and Why. /No error.

45. The teachers face the/same problem in their day to day lives/as do an ordinary man/of our society. /No error.

46. The man who cannot/believe his senses and the man who cannot/believe anything else are/insane. /No error.

47. The available statics/indicate that the population of the world will double in about 30 years/and human life will become/more and more miserable. /No error.

48. Shingles are a disease/in which the patients develops/lots of inflamed spots round the/waist. /No error.

49. What were once glorious forts/are now nothing/but piles of/rubble. /No error.

50. Whether you should get married/now or whether you should remain/single all of your life/are your personal problem. /No error.

51. Each faculty member as/well as most of the students/were of the view that there should/be many more new courses in the college./NE

52. Does his daily struggle/for existence leave time/to ponder over/international affairs? /No error.

53. Either the manager/or his assistants always try to misguide the public/regarding the vacancy/in the factory. /No error.

54. Every man and woman/of the village have come out/to see this strange child/who claims to know everything about his pre-natal existence. /No error.

55. In our college, it/was obligatory for each of/the students to buy/his own instruments. /No error.

56. Those athletes who/did not adhere to the rules of athletes/was deprived of  the waist. No error.

57. One of the developing or undeveloped/countries are not in favour of launching/chemical warfare because it trembles/to image its repercussions. /No

58. Not John and his friends/but Mary has surreptitiously taken/your photographs and sent them/to their friends. /No error.

59. The idea of/introducing genes/to correct heritable and other/disorders are revolutionary. /No error.

60. An ability to shrink/and reduce oneself to a tiny form and reserve the process

whenever desired/belongs to the realm of fantasy and is heard of only/in fairy tales or tales of music. /No error.

61. Neither Rajni/nor Ragini were to take to her heels/when they saw a cobra lying/at the gate. /No error.

62. Have either of/the two candidates been/selected for the post off Branch manager/in the Punjab National Bank? NE

63. None/of the five players/who have been given a chance/to join this team play confidently. /No error.

64. What she says/and what she does/are incomprehensible/to an ordinary mind like yours./No error.

65. When she went/and where she left the purse/are not known to us; so it/is of no use being worried about her. /No error.

66. Nobody else/but these comely young women have/played a prank on you; but it is pitiable that you don’t/understand it. /No error.

67. Some highly significant/observations has been made by the former UN/Secretary General, Mr. Perez De Cueler, /in his annual report submitted to the current session of General Assembly. /No error.

68. If any proof was needed to show that the United Nations/have lately become a policy tool in the hands of the U.S.A.

69.If Mahatma Gandhi/ was alive/he would start weeping / to see the present condition of India / NE

70. Was she a bird/she would definitely fly to you/and say that she could not/live without you. /No error.

71. There were/reports a few days before the Accra Session commenced/that concrete measures to/restructure the movement would be considered. /NE


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