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Story of English | Class 12 Bihar Board.

Old English || By Amar Sir

1. The period of Old English 

449 AD – 1066 AD

2. It has started when Anglo Saxon envanded to England

3. Old English is also known as German Language

4. The Well known writers of Old English

a. Aelfric

b. Alfred

c. Bede

d. Caedmon

5.The Golden Period of Old English was the Period of The King Alfred.

6. The Manuscript of Old English

The Beowulf

The Junius 

The Exeter

The Vercelli 

6. The Dialects of Old English

a. Kentish

b. Mercian

c. Northumbrian

d. West Saxon

7. The runic Alphabet was used in Old English.

Middle English || By Amar Sir

1. The period of Middle English.

1150 AD – 1500 AD

2. Norman Conquest took place in Middle English

1066 AD

3. The important events of Middle English

A. The introduction of Printing Technology

B. The Great Vowel Shift

4. The Dialect of Middle English

A. Northern

B. Southern

C. East Midland

D. West Midland

E. Kentish

5. Well Known writers of Middle English

A. Geoffrey Chaucer

B. Gower

C. William Langland

D. Wyclif

6. Geoffrey Chaucer is known as 

A. Father of English poetry

B. Father of English Literature 

Modern English || By Amar Sir

1. The period of Middle English

1500 AD – till now

2. Printing Technology Introduced in Modern English

In Europe

3. The Well Known writers of Modern English

A. Spensor

B. Marlowe

C. Francis Bacon

D. Ben Johnson

E. William Shakespeare

Borrowing words 

1500 AD – till now

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