Directions (51-53): In these questions, the sentence is divided into three parts (A), (B) and (C). Find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no error, mark your answer as

51. A lot of travel delay is caused (A)/ due to inefficiency and lack of (B)/ good management/on behalf of the Railways.(C)/ No errors (D) 

52. Neelima has scored the first class (A)/ in her final exams – (B)/is not it (C)/ No error (D)

53. The conductor asked the passenger (A)/ why had not he purchased a ticket (B)/ in advance to board the bus. (C)/ No error (D)

Directions (54-56): In these questions, a sentence has been given where in a group of words have been given in Bold. Three alternative (A), (B) and (C) are suggested to improve the sentence. Choose the alternative, which improves the sentence. In case of the no improvement, your answer is (D).

54. No sooner he has returned home then his mother felt happyh

(A) Had he returned home when

(B) He had returned home then

(C) Did he return home than

(D) No improvement

55. Will you lend me few rupees in this hour of need?

(A) Lend me any rupees

(B) Borrow me a few rupees

(C) Lend me a few rupees

(D) No improvement

56. Are you more cleverer than us ?

(A) more cleverer to us

(B) cleverer to us

(C) Cleverer than we

(D)No improvement

Direction (57-60) Complete the sentences by correctly filling the blank space

57. The more Himanshu tried to find excuse for his coming late to his office regularly, the more he…..

(A) was confused

(B) tied the knot

(C) was in the flat spin 

(D) cut above others

58. He fielded the ball and threw it, but it missed the wicket..

(A) by a long chalk

(B) by a distance

(C) To draw a blank 

(D) by the way

59. His book was marked by many……remarks which made us forget its main in a……..

(A) idiotic

(B) humorous

(C) slanted

(D) digressive

60. When an infant displayed signs of illness, the anxious parents called in a…

(A) paediatrician

(B) plagiarist

(C) paediatrist

(D) practitioner

Directions (61-62): Choose the exact meaning of the idioms / phrases.

To fly off the handle 

(A)To break something

(B) Honest means

(C) To act foolishly

(D) To get into a rage and lose self-control

Directions ( 63-64 ): Out of the given alternatives, choose

Fair and square

A) Honest means

B) Successful

C) Honest

(D) Worthy

Directions ( 63-65 ) Out of the one, which can be substituted for the given sentence.

63. Too much official formality.

(A) Delayed

(B) Officiousness 

(C) Formality

(D) Red tapism

64. A speech made without preparation.





Directions (65-66): In the questions, choose the word Opposite in meaning to the given keyword.


(A) Purebred 

(B) Composite

(C) Familiar

(D Ignorant


(A) Disparage

(B) Praise

(C) Slander

(D) Purify

Direction : (67-68) nearest in meaning







Thrown forward




Direction : (69-70) One of the words is missspelt. Find it out

(A) Supercilous

(B) Parliament 

(C) Benefactor

(D) Testament 

(A) Elaborate

(B) Therapy 

(C) Thoroughness

(D) Instabillity 

Directions (71-75): Fill in each of the numbered blanks in the following passage with the most suitable word from those provided under the passage.

Kashmir is more than a territorial or political issue (71)Indo-Pakistan relations and South Asian peace and I have no intention of (72) events and issues related to Kashmir in chronological (73) nor do I intend do dilate political arguments put forward bIndia and Pakistan to (74) their (75) views on the present status or future of Kashmir.

71. (A) Deteriorating

      (B) Affecting

      (C) Effecting

      (D) Spoiling

72. (A) Counting

      (B) Calculating

      (C) Repeating

      (D) Negotiating

73. (A) Pattern

      (B) Sequence

      (C) Manner

      (D) Background

74. (A) Plan

      (B) enumerate

      (C) Narrate

      (D) Substantiate

75: (A) Own

      (B) Selfish

      (C) Personal

      (D) Respective 

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