Prepostion : संबंधसूचक अव्यय

A Preposition is a word which comes before noun or pronoun to show its relation with other words in a sentence. 

 वह शब्द जो Noun या Pronoun के पहले आकर उस शब्द का संबद्ध दूसरे Noun या Pronoun के साथ बताता है उसे Preposition कहते है।
There are 3 kinds of Preposition

      1. Preposition of Time

      2. Preposition of Place

      3. Preposition of Direction

1 ) Preposition of Time:-

A Preposition which expresses time is called Preposition of time. 

वह Preposition जो समय को दर्शाए उसे Preposition of Time कहते  हैं ।
Example : In, On, At, Before, After etc.

1. I will come in January.
2. She will go on Sunday.
3. Amar gets up at 5 o’ clock.
4. Call me before you leave
5. I was sad after everyone left.

2 ) Preposition of Place:- 

A preposition which expresses place is called Preposition of Place. 

वह Preposition जो समय को दर्शाए उसे Preposition of Time कहते  हैं ।

Example : Behind, Infront of, Under, Between, Near, Above, Below, In, On, At etc.

1. The chair was behind her.
2. My office is in front of Hawa Mahal.
3. The Cat was sitting under the table.
4. There is door between two room.
5. My Coaching is near Mamta Hotel.
6. We were flying above clouds.
7. My room is just below.
8. Amar lives in London.
9. She sleeps on the bed.
10. I live at home.

3 ) Preposition of Direction:- 

A preposition which expresses direction is called POD. 

वह Preposition जो समय को दर्शाए उसे Preposition of Time कहते  हैं ।

Example : Across, Along, Round Over, Toward, to ,  etc.

For example
1. I saw them walking across street.
2. We walked along the beach.
3. The earth moves round the sun.
4. The child knocked over the door.
5. She is coming towards me.
6. She went to Goa.

List of All Preposition

1) Across
2) About
3) Above
4) At
5) After
6) Again
7) Against
8) Along
9) Amid
10) Amidst
11) Among
12) Around
13) Because
14) Before
15) Behind
16) Below
17) Beneath
18) Beside
19) Besides
20) Between
21) Beyond
22) But
23) By
24) Concerning
25) Despite
26) Down
27) During
28) Except
29) Excluding
30) From
31) For
32) In
33) Into
34) Inside
35) Like
36) Near
37) Next to 
38) Off
39) Of
40) On
41) Onto
42) Out
43) Outside
44) Over
45) Since
46) Then
47) Through
48) Throughout
49) Till
50) To
51) Toward
52) Under
53) Until
54) Up
55) Upon
56) Via
57) With
58) Within
59) Without

Tips and Trick on Preposition :

1) निम्नलिखित शब्दो में हमेशा AT का प्रयोग होता है 

top, bottom, night, platform, stare, bus-station, back, front, annoy, laugh, amaze,

astonish, aim,

2) निम्नलिखित शब्दो में हमेशा OF  का प्रयोग होता है 

afraid, aware, fond, proud, pride, guilty, full, tired, blind, born, assure, accused, cautious, diffident, greedy, worthy, die,

3) निम्नलिखित शब्दो में हमेशा WITH  का प्रयोग होता है 

satisfy, content, accomplice, interview, alliance, collusion, engagement, relation, harmony, familiar, enmity

4) निम्नलिखित शब्दो में हमेशा  BY  का प्रयोग होता है 

cash, cheque, abide,

5) निम्नलिखित शब्दो में हमेशा TO  का प्रयोग होता है 

invent, junior, senior, superior, inferior, prior, liable, key, refer, respond, prefer, preferable, sensitive, access, due, faithful, loyal, obedient,

6) निम्नलिखित शब्दो में हमेशा  IN  का प्रयोग होता है 

believe, interest,

7) निम्नलिखित शब्दो में हमेशा ON  का प्रयोग होता है 

duty, strike, diet, based, fire, impose,

8) निम्नलिखित शब्दो में हमेशा FOR  का प्रयोग होता है 

pity, qualify, disqualify, famous, wait, famous, hope, sorry,

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