Official English Model Paper | Part-1 to 10 | Bihar Board Exam 23 | Rearranged by Amar Sir || Brilliant Model Paper

  Model Paper | SET – 1 | By Amar Sir  

1. Benjy’s hens were producing an average of.

(A) 300 eggs

(B) 200 eggs

(C) 100 eggs

(D) 400 eggs

2. How many day’s leave had been taken by Malgaonkar ? 

(A) Three days

(B) two days

(C) four days

(D) five days

3. Ratiram was the son of…… 

(A) Sohanlal Ratiram 

(B) Mohanlal Ratiram

(C) Devanlal Ratiram 

(D) Herolal Ratiram

4……. was the role model of Dr. Zakir Hussain.

(A) Dr. Radha Krishnan. 

(B) Dr. Rajendra Pd.

(C) Indira Gandhi .

(D) Sardar Patel 

5. Dr Zakir Hussain took the Oath as the ……..

(A) President

(B) Governor 

(C) Minister 

(D) Mayor

6……. is ever present in India.

(A) Religion

(B) Fear 

(C) Hatred

(D) Jealousy

7. “I Have a Dream” is written by…. 

(A) Mahatma Gandhi 

(B) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(C) Martin Luther King Jr. 

(D) H. E. Bates 

8. “Ideas That Have Helped Mankind” is written by…..

(A) Bertrand Russell

(B) Shiga Naoya

(C) Germaine Geer

(D) Pearl S Buck

9. “You are an idiot.”- Who said this to Seibei?

(A) his mother 

(C) his father

(B) his aunt

(D) his teacher

10. The porter sold the gourd of Seibei for…… yen.

(A) 40

(B) 50

(C) 60

(D) 10

11. Seibei’s mother was……. with him. 

(A) angry

(B) happy

(C) terrified 

(D) sad

12. In Bangladesh … a kind of fairy tales. 

(A) Rupthoka 

(B) Supthoka

(C) Tupthoka

(D) Jupthoka

13. How free is the press is__

(A) an essay 

(B) a short 

(C) a drama

(D) a story fiction 

14. India was a part of the background of.__

(A) The doctor’s life

(B) The wife’s life

(C) The Kashmiri man’s life 

(D) Pearl S. Buck’s life

15. Benjy bought the land from……

(A) Peter

(B) Sanders

(C) George 

(D) John 

16. The Earth is written by___

(A) Pearl S Buck

(B) HE Bates

(C) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(D) Mahatma Gandhi

17. Pearl S Buck blames the…..for the ills and misfortunes of India. 

(A) zamindars

(B) industrialists

(C) Britishers

(D) Indians

18. Natalia is the daughter of___

(A) Choobookov

(B) Chekhov

(C) Ivan

(D) Vassilievich

19. That there’s some corner of a foreign field’ – is from:

(A) An Epitaph 

(B) The Soldier

(C) Macavity

(D) Song of Myself

20. The first…… lines are called octave. 

(A) 6

(B) 8

(C) 9

(D) 5

21. T.S.Eliot is a …… poct. 

(A) Twentieth Century

(B) Eighteenth Century

(C) Seventeenth Century

(D) Sixteenth Century

22. Macavity is an ……………

(A) outlaw

(B) criminals 

(C) Looter

(D) diplomat

23. R. K. Narayan has written……

(A) Pinch of Snuff

(B) The Guide

(C) Train to Pakistan 

(D) Savitri 

24. Let not thy divining heart; Forthinke me

 any ill- is from: 

(A) Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

(B) The Soldier

(C) Song of Myself

(D) Fire-Hymn

25. Who was forced to leave Oxford

 University without a degree?

(A) Walt Whitman 

(B) W.H. Auden 

(C) John Donne

(D) None of these

26. I harbour for good or bad, I permit to

 speak at every hazard”- is from:

(A) Snake

(B) Song of Myself 

(C) An Epitaph 

(D) The Soldier

27. Who composed Song of Myself ?

(A) Walt Whitman 

(B) Walter de la Mare 

(C) Rupert Brooke 

(D) John Donne

28. And the nightingale is dumb’ – is from:

(A) Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast

(B) Snake 

(C) Fire-Hymn

(D) To Autumn

29. The redness of the fire appears………… the poet.

(A) nice

(B) cruel

(C) comfortable 


30. John Keats is a …… poet.

(A) Romantic

(B) War 

(C) Metaphysical

(D) Melancholic

31. …….. was a Poet of Nature. 

(A) DH Lawrence

(B) TS Eliot

(C) John Keats

(D) None of these

32. Who has written a number of poems

 for children?

(A) Walter De la Mare

(B) TS Eliot 

(C) DH Lawrence

(D) None of these

33. Ravindra Nath Tagore wrote………..

(A) Geetanjali

(B) Savitri

(C) Macbeth 

(D) The cup

34. The………… of a few women raised in warning cannot be heard over the humming and throbbing of our machines. 

(A) singing 

(B) crying 

(C) voices

(D) sleeping

35. K. N. Daruwala is an …… poet.

(A) British 

(B) American 

(C) African

(D) Indo-Anglian

36. Snake is written by …… 

(A) John Donne

(B) Kamala Das 

(C) DH Lawrence

(D) Walt Whitman

37. DH Lawrence belonged to ………

(A) Britain

(B) France

(C) America 

(D) None of these 

38. My Grand Mother’s House is written by ……

(A) Kamala Das 

(B) DH Lawrence

(C) Keki N Daruwala 

(D) John Donne

39. Mac Fleckone’ is written by ……

(A) John Dryden

(B) Alexander Pope

(C) Lord Byron 

(D) John Keats

40. Benjy showed no sign of ….. while driving away his parents.

(A) normal emotion 

(B) sadness 

(C) anxiety

(D) fear

  Model Paper | SET – 2 | By Amar Sir  

1. A Pinch of Snuff” is …….

(A) a short story. 

(B) an essay

(C) a drama

(D) a speech.

2. Dr. Zakir Hussain became the President of India in …….

(A) 1969

(B) 1967

(C) 1966

(D) 1965

3. Bharat is my home is written by ……

(A) Anton P Chekhov 

(B) Pearl S Buck

(C) Dr. Zakir Hussain 

(D) Mahatma Gandhi

4. Indian Civilization is_____ 

(A) Godless

(B) based on partiality

(C) based on matter

(D) based on belief in God

5. Who dominated Indian politics from 1915 to 1948?

(A) J.L. Nehru

(B) Sardar Patel

(C) M. Gandhi 

(D) S.C. Bose 

6. Which language is not our native language?

(A) English

(B) Hindi

(C) Tamil

(D) Malayalam

7. A Pinch of Snuff is written by 

(A) Manohar Malgaonkar 

(B) Germaine Greer

(C) Dorothy L Sayers 

(D) HE Bates

8. Martin Luther King Jr. belonged to…..

(A) The USA

(B) Britain

(C) Germany

(D) France

9. Who was influenced by Gandhiji ? 

(A) Martin Luther King Jr. 

(B) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(C) Bertrand Russell

(D) H.E. Bates

10. If America becomes a great nation, it mustn’t overlook the problems of____

(A) Farmers

(B) Labourers

(C) Negroes

(D) Unemployeds

11. Who was a philosopher, historian and a mathematician?

(A) M. Gandhi  

(B). Dr. Zakir Hussain 

(C) Bertrand Russell

(D) H.E. Bates

12. Shiga Naoya belonged to which century?

(A) 17th century

(B) 18 century

(C) 19″ century 

(D) 20″ century

13. Shiga Naoya is a ……… writer

(A) Japanese

(B) Chinese 

(C) Indian

(D) Bhutanese

14. A Child is Born is written by 

(A) Germaine Greer 

(B) H. E. Betes

(C) Anton P Chekhov

(D) Shiga Naoya

15. Dorothy L. Sayers says that press is free

(A) everywhere 

(B) somewhere at most places

(C) nowhere

(D) at more places 

16. How Free is the Press is written by. 

(A) HE Bates 

(B) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(C) Dorothy L. Sayers

(D) Bertrand Russell

17. According to Pearl S Buck, the Indian people are deeply_____

(A) honest

(B) content

(C) religious

(D) devoted

18. Mahatma Gandhi was not…………. of material progress of the West.

(A) enamoured 

(B) critical 

(C) pleased

(D) contemptuous

19. Who was Lomov?

(A) a businessman 

(B) a gardener 

(C) a landowner

(D) a grocer

20. Lomov wants to marry………

(A) Jessica 

(B) Natalia

(C) Susan

(D) Florence

21. John Donne is a…… poet.

(A) war

(B) romantic

(C) metaphysical 

(D) modern 

22. Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe is written by ……

(A) John Donne 

(B) Kamala Das 

(C) D. H. Lawrence 

(D) Walt Whitman

23.Walt Whitman is…… years old.

(A) 35 

(B) 36 

(C) 37

(D) 38

24. The line “And the prams go rolling on’ if from……….

(A) Snake

(B) To Autumn

(C) Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast 

(D) Fire Hymn

25. The leaves are falling……

(A) fast

(B) slow

(C) good

(D) soon

26. “Think not of them, thou hast thy music too.’ – is from:

(A) An Autumn 

(B) Fire-Hymn 

(C) Ode to Autumn

(D) The Soldier

27. …… was a great lover of Nature. 

(A) John Keats

(B) WH Auden

(C) Rupert Brooke 

(D) John Donne 

28. The line, I think she was the most beautiful lady’is from-

(A) Snake

(B) Fire Hymn

(C) To Autumn

(D) An Epitaph 

29.The teacher who caught Seibei playing with ground.

(A) appreciated him 

(B) depreciated him 

(C) awarded him 

(D) punished him 

30. How many ‘war sonnets’ did Brooke write?

(A) five

(B) six

(C) seven 

(D) eight 

31. The poet in The Soldier is depicting the miseries of..

(A) war

(B) nature 

(C) relation 

(D) love

32. ‘He’s broken every human law’ is from:

(A) Snake

(B) Song of Myself

(C) Macavity- The Mystery Cat 

(D) Ode to Autumn

333. The poet compares Macavity to 

(A) Samudragupta 

(B) Bismarck

(C) Napolean

(D) Charles

34. In Bangladesh, children are looked after by the ………..

(A) father only

(B) mother only

(C) whole family

(D) maids

35. Fire Hymn is written by …. 

(A) Rupert Brooke

(B) TS Eliot

(C) Kamala Das

(D) Keki N Daruwala

36. The poet is filled with protest because

(A) he fears the snake

(B) he doesn’t want the snake to go 

(C) he wants to kill the snake

(D) he doesn’t want to kill it

37. Who decided to hit the snake? 

(A) DH Lawrence

(B) TS Eliot

(C) Keki N Daruwala

(D) None of these

38. “That woman died, the house withdrew into silence’- is from: 

(A) My Grandmother’s House

(B) Ode to Autumn

(C) Snake

(D) Fire-Hymn

39. The editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled by factors.

(A) three 

(B) two 

(C) four

(D) five

40. Who are known as the international Indian English writers ?

(A) Salman Rushdie and V S Naipul

(B) R.K. Narayan & Mulk Raj Anand

(C) Anita Desai and Anita Ghosh 

(D) Sarojini Naidu and Arundhati Roy

  Model Paper | SET – 3 | By Amar Sir  

1. “Nurse” in the poem ” Now the leaves are falling Fast” stands for

(A) a plant

(B) a fruit

(C) a tree

(D) a bird

2. ___was a spiritual leader than a politician.

(A) Jawahar Lal Nehru

(B) Sardar Patel

(C) Subhas Chandra Bose

(D) Mahatma Gandhi

3. Dr. Zakir Hussain delivered his speech in___

(A) 1966

(B) 1965

(C) 1967

(D) 1968

4. Who has taken the oath of loyalty to the constitution of India?

(A) Shiga Naoya

(B) Mahatma Gandhi

(C) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(D) Bertrand Russell

5. European civilization will mean___for India

(A) want

(B) living

(C) real

(D) ruin

6. Martin Luther King Jr. dislike___discrimnation

(A) caste

(B) sex

(C) religion

(D) racial

7. Who got Nobel Prize in literature in 1950 ?

(A) Bertrand Russell

(B) Mahatma Gandhi

(C) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(D) H. E. Bates

8. The curio-dealer sold the gourd to a wealthy collector for___yen.

(A) 500

(B) 600

(C) 300

(D) 400

9. Seibei was a ___Japanese boy.

(A) ten years old

(B) twelve years old

(C) thirteen years old

(D) eleven years old

10. “An Epitaph” deals with a beautiful___

(A) girl

(B) lady

(C) baby

(D) puppy

11. ___is an extract from sex and Destiny:The Politics of Human Fertility.

(A) A Child is Born

(B) The Artish

(C) A Pinch of Snuff

(D) The Earth

12. Proprietor of the newspaper has___

(A) interest of the people

(B) national interest

(C) social interest

(D) personal interest

13. Benjy’s parents are known as the___

(A) Johnsons

(B) Jacksons

(C) Smiths

(D) Leohorns

14. “Ode to Autumn” exhibits the principle of ___in nature.

(A) joy

(B) contentment

(C) sorrow

(D) beauty

15. “India Through a Traveller’s Eye” is written by___

(A) Pearl S. Buck

(B) Anton Chekhov

(C) H. E. Bates

(D) Shiga Naoya

16. ___is the daughter of Choobookov

(A) Matalia

(B) Natalia

(C) Ratalia

(D) Satalia

17. “The Soldier” is_____

(A) an ode

(B) a sonnet

(C) an epic

(D) an elegy

18. “I knew how paltry, how vulgar, what a mean act” is from:

(A) Ode to Autumn

(B) My Grandmother’s House

(C) Snake

(D) The Soldier

19. The poet had gone to the water trough to drink__

(A) water

(B) tea

(C) coffee

(D) cigarette

20. Macavity is a ___cat

(A) miserable

(B) mystery

(C) appealing

(D) respectable

21. Kamala Das is an___poetess.

(A) American

(B) African

(C) Indian

(D) Nigerian

22. The year AD 1066 is taken to be the end of the ___period.

(A) Middle English

(B) Old English

(C) Modern English

(D) None of these

23. Which language functions as a link language between to south and north India?

(A) Hindi

(B) Tamil

(C) Maratha

(D) English

24. What is the period of the Middle English Period in the history of English

(A) 1100 AD to 1450 AD

(B) 1150 AD to 1500 AD

(C) 1650 AD to 2000 AD

(D) 1000 AD to 1350 AD

25. The name “Augustan” was given to the early__century.

(A) 17th

(B) 18th 

(C) 19th

(D) 20th 

26. Which period’s known as the childhood period of the English language?

(A) Old English Period

(B) Middle English Period

(C) Modern English Period

(D) None of these

27. “Leaves of Grass” was published in__

(A) 1892

(B) 1855

(C) 1860

(D) 1872

28. The term “Zoroastrian” in “Fire-Hymn” stand for___

(A) Hindu

(B) Muslim

(C) Christian

(D) Parsi

29. “Now the leaves are falling fast” is written by___

(A) John Keats

(B) W. H. Auden

(C) Rupert Brooke

(D) John Donne

30. Autumn is a season of___

(A) no leaves 

(B) fruitfulness

(C) no fire

(D) no rain

31. To Autumn is written by___

(A) Jhon Keats

(B) Walter De La Mare

(C) John Donne

(D) K. N. Daruwala

32. “However, rare-rare it be” is from

(A) Ode to Autumn

(B) Snake

(C) An Epitaph

(D) Song of Myself

33. ‘When I crumble, who will remember’ is from _____

(A) An Epitaph 

(B) To Autumn 

(C) Snake 

(D) Fire- Hymn 

34. The Soldier is written by______ 

(A) Rupert Brooke 

(B) Kamala Das 

(C) W.H. Auden 

(D) John Donne 

35. ‘His brow is deeply lined with thoughts’ is from ____

(A) Macavity : The Mystery Cat 

(B) The Soldier 

(C) My Grandmother’s House 

(D) Snake 

36. Macavity : The Mystery Cat is written by ____

(A) Rupert Brooke 

(B) T.S . Eliot 

(C) Kamala Das 

(D) John Donne

37. _____lears to save fire from the sin of forgetfulness 

(A) K.N.Daruwala 

(B) Kamala Das

(C) W.B. Yeats 

(D) John Keats 

38. A Pinch of Snuff ‘ is written by ______

(A) Manohar Malgaonkar 

(B) Germaine Greer 

(C) Dorthy. L Sayers 

(D) H. E. Bates 

39. ‘ A king in exile ‘ in the poem “Snake” stand for _____

(A) the rat

(B) the elephant 

(C) the snake 

(D) the lion 

  Model Paper | SET – 4 | By Amar Sir  

1. The Sentence, ‘The distinguishing characteristics of modern civilization is our indefinte multiplicity of want’s is from 

(A) Indian Civilization and Culture 

(B) I Have a Dream 

(C) A Child is Born 

(D) The Earth 

2. The Speaker of ‘My Grandmother’s House’ is proud of ____

(A) her parent’s house

(B) her grandmother’s house

(C) her uncle’s house

(D) her aunt’s house

3. Who was overwhelmed by the trust his people have placed in him ? 

(A) Dr. Zakir Hussain 

(B) Mahatma Gandhi

(C) Bertrand Russel 

(D) Shiga Naoya 

4. Dr. Zakir Hussain was a great _____

(A) politician

(B) leader

(C) nationalist 

(D) thinker

5. When Nanukaka is unable to express in English or Hindi, he starts speaking in _____

(A) Gujarati 

(B) Bengali 

(C) Punjabi 

(D) Marathi 

6. The Poet had gone to the water trough on a ____ day.

(A) hot

(B) stuffy

(C) cold

(D) pleasant 

7. Nineteen _____is not an end, but a beginning.

(A) sixty three

(B) sixty two 

(C) sixty one

(D) sixty 

8. What was more important than the domestication of animals ? 

(A) Agriculture  

(B) Machinery 

(C) Fire

(D) Vehicles

9. Macavity is the bafflement of _______

(A) Lower yard

(B) Buscot yard

(C) Dcot yard 

(D) Scotland yard

10. The old woman asked ______sen for the gourd.

(A) ten 

(B) five

(C) fifteen

(D) tweleve

11. Seibei was a twelve years _____boy.

(A) Indian 

(B) Chinese 

(C) Korean 

(D) Japanese

12. _______woman visit her mother’s house during pregnancy.

(A) An Indian 

(B) A Sylheti 

(C) An African 

(D) A Canadian 

13. Who was an essayist, playwright, poet? 

(A) Shiga Naoya 

(B) Dorothy L Sayers

(C) H. E. Bates 

(D) Anton Chekov

14. Dorothy L. Sayers is _____ 

(A) a novelist 

(B) an essayist 

(C) an doctor 

(D) a singer

15. The theme of the poem “An Epitaph is _____

(A) patriotic 

(B) melancholic 

(C) romantic 

(D) mysterious 

16. The bank will give interest on it and then one day, when you (Benjy) are _____

(A) 20

(B) 21

(C) 19

(D) 22

17. According to Pearl S. Buck the main quality of a leader is ___

(A) selflessness

(B) selfishness

(C) communalism 

(D) dishonesty 

18. Pearl S. Buck came to know about Indian through _____

(A) Buddhism 

(B) Hinduism 

(C) Islam 

(D) Christianity 

19. According to W.H. Auden, the _____ has become dumb to see the leafless tree.

(A) hen 

(B) sparrow 

(C) nightingale

(D) peacock 

20. Choobookov is a _____

(A) farmer

(B) doctor 

(C) landowner

(D) teacher

21. John Donne is going to ____ leaving his wife behind.

(A) Germany

(B) France

(C) England 

(D) Italy 

22. Who says, “Every atom of blood is the same in all human beings”?

(A) Rupert Brooke

(B) Walt Whitman 

(C) T.S. Eiliot 

(D) None of these 

23. ” Starving through the leafless wood ‘ is from : 

(A) Snake

(B) The Soldier

(C) Now the leaves are falling fast 

(D) An Epitaph 

24. Who wrote ” The Scholar Gipsy”? 

(A) Matthew Arnold 

(B) W.B. Yeats 

(C) Robert Bridges 

(D) Thomas Hardly 

25. ” And gathering swallows twitter in the skies” is taken from 

(A) Snake

(B) The Soldier

(C) Ode to Autumn 

(D) An Epitaph 

26. Walter de la Mare Knew a ____ who is now dead.

(A) lady 

(B) girl

(C) boy

(D) lord

27. Who has made An Epitaph for the beautiful lady? 

(A) John Donne 

(B) Walter de la mare

(C) D.H. Lawrence

(D) None of these 

28. How many times does the poet use the word ” England” ? 

(A) 9

(B) 7

(C) 6

(D) 5

29. Who wrote “Endymion”? 

(A) Willian Wordsworth 

(B) John Keats

(C) P.B. Shelley 

(D) S.T. Coleridge 

30. Macavity is called ______

(A) The Hidden Paw 

(B) The Exposed paw 

(C) Teh Naughty paw 

(D) The Mysterious Paw 

31. Macavity is a _____

(A) dog

(B) lion

(C) cat

(D) rat

32. Consigning his new born son to flames took place ____ year ago. 

(A) 15

(B) 16

(C) 20

(D) 18

33. The 18th century is known as the ____

(A) Cavalier Age

(B) Jacobean Age 

(C) Augustan Age 

(D) Romantic Age 

34. Kamala Das remembers the happy days spent in the sweet company of her ______

(A) mother 

(B) father

(C) grandmother

(D) grandfather 

35. The poetess in the Grandmother’s House ‘begs at ____ doors.

(A) friend’s 

(B) family’s 

(C) stranger’s 

(D) enemy’s 

36. Which languages has become a passport to jobs in India and abroad? 

(A) French 

(B) Chinese

(C) German 

(D) English 

37. Manohar Malgaonkar belonged to ______

(A) India

(B) Britain 

(C) China 

(D) Bhutan 

38. In which century did the Indian English poetry begin to be written ? 

(A) 18th century 

(B) 19th century 

(C) 20th century

(D) 17th century 

39. Which language is the second language of India ? 

(A) English 

(B) Hindi 

(C) Sanskrit 

(D) Bhojpuri 

40. The new variety of English that developed in America is called _____

(A) British English

(B) American English     

(C) Indian English

(D) Russian English 

  Model Paper | SET – 5 | By Amar Sir  

1. Who used to live with her grandmother? 

(A) Kamal das 

(B) Mahadevi Verma 

(C) Indira Gandhi 

(D) None of these 

2. Indian glory is that it is__

(A) movable 

(B) immovable

(C) ignorant

(D) uncivilised 

3. Dr. Zakir Hussain entered the office in a sprit of ____ humility.

(A) special

(B) prayerful

(C) long

(D) new

4. Which nation has been called the young state of an ancient people ? 

(A) India

(B) Pakistan 

(C) China

(D) Iran 

5. Which animal had Nanukaka brought with him on his visit to the narrator’s place ? 

(A) kitten 

(B) puppy 

(C) mouse

(D) cub

6. Nanukaka managed to travel in 2nd Class on a ticket of _

(A) 1st Class 

(B) 3rd Class

(C) General Class

(D) Sleeper Class

7. Goldsmith and Sheridan made contribution to the _____

(A) Novel 

(B) Non-fiction writing

(C) Poetry 

(D) English stage

8. Martin Luther King Jr. had _____children.

(A) four

(B) three

(C) two 

(D) one

9. Who was one of the greatest orators in American history?

(A) Martin Luther King Jr. 

(B)  Mahatma Gandhi 

(C) Dr. Zakir Hussain 

(D) H. E. Bates 

10. Bertrand Russell was a philosopher and a _____

(A) Geologist 

(B) Chemist 

(C) Botanist

(D) Mathematician 

11. Robins peck an elderly _____ to death .

(A) owl

(B) peacock

(C) robin

(D) pigeon

12. Seibei reads at ______school.

(A) Primary

(B) High

(C) Middle

(D) +2 School

13. The Artist is written by _____

(A) Germaine Greer 

(B) Shiga Naoya 

(C) Anton Chekhov 

(D) H. E. Bates 

14. A major linguistic change in English is ______

(A) The Great Vowel Shift 

(B) Received Pronunciation 

(C) Language Change

(D) Vocabulary Shift 

15. Dorothy L Sayers graduated from ______

(A) Cambridge 

(B) Oxford

(C) Stanford

(D) Harvard

16. Benjy left school at the age of _____

(A) twelve 

(B) thirteen 

(C) fourteen 

(D) fifteen 

17. India through a Traveller’s Eye is an inspiring _____

(A) essay

(B) story 

(C) novel

(D) drama

18. Kashmir was invaded by _____ barbarian invaders.

(A) white 

(B) black

(C) blue

(D) green

19. Choobookov called Natalia _______

(A) an ugly woman 

(B) a bad woman 

(C) a love- sick cat

(D) a foolish woman 

20. What is the area of the Ox – Meadows ? 

(A) forty acres 

(B) thirty acres 

(C) twenty acres 

(D) fifty acres

21. The Old English Period is Characterized by _____

(A) vocabulary 

(B) mood

(C) inflection

(D) gender

22. The line ‘ Nor in the hope, the world can show A fitter love for me;  is from ______

(A) Fire Hymn

(B) To Autumn 

(C) Snake

(D) Sweetest Love, I Do Not Goe 

23. ‘My life’s blood doth decay’ is from _____

(A) Fire- Hymn 

(B) Snake

(C) To Autumn 

(D) Sweetest Love, I Do Not Goe

24. Who wrote ‘Huckleberry Finn’ ? 

(A) Herman Melville

(B) Henry James

(C) Earnest Hemingway 

(D) Mark Twain 

25. John Donne Died of tuberculosis at the age of ____

(A) 26

(B) 30

(C) 60

(D) 90

26. Where does the lady lie ? 

(A) hotel

(B) park

(C) market

(D) graveyard 

27. The _____ helped in simplifying English.

(A) Bible

(B) Quran

(C) Mahabharata 

(D) Ramayana

28. The last _____lines are known as sestet.

(A) 6

(B) 5

(C) 4

(D) 7

29. The Poet compares Macavity to ____

(A) Samudragupta 

(B) Bismarck 

(C) Napolean 

(D) Charles 

30. Macavity is the pet cat of____ 

(A) T. S. Eliot 

(B) D. H. lawrence 

(C)  Walt Whitman 

(D) None of these 

31. Who wrote Macbeth and ‘Julius Caesar’? 

(A) Johnson 

(B) Goldsmith 

(C) Shakespeare

(D) Sheridan

32. ‘In deep, strange- scented shade of the great dark carob tree’- is from : 

(A) Snake

(B) Song of Myself

(C) The Soldier 

(D) My Grandmother’s House 

33. The Snake ‘easing his shoulder’ means ____

(A) loosening its shoulders 

(B) moving slowly 

(C) moving fast 

(D) slipping with majestic grace 

34. The word ‘drama’ comes from a _____ word. 

(A) Latin 

(B) Indian

(C) Scandinavian 

(D) Greek 

35. ‘ Darkness to bring it here to lie’ is from _____

(A) Snake

(B) The Soldier

(C) My Grandmother’s House

(D) Fire- Hymn 

36. Which thing has enriched the vocabulary of English ?

(A) Giving 

(B) Borrowing 

(C) Withdrawing 

(D) Depositing 

37. “Colour” word is related to ______ 

(A) American English 

(B) British English

(C) Indian English

(D) French English 

38. Who wrote ‘Tughlaq’? 

(A) Girish Karnad 

(B) R.N. Tagore

(C) Toru Dutt

(D) Aurobindo 

39. “The Bachelor of Arts’ and ” The English Teacher’ are written by ______

(A) R. K Narayan 

(B) M.R. Anand 

(C) B. C. Chattopadhyay 

(D) S.C. Chatterjee

40. What is the main languages of the United Nations? 

(A) French 

(B) German 

(C) English 

(D) Chinese 

  Model Paper | SET – 6 | By Amar Sir  

1. Man’s power is____

(A) strong

(B) weak

(C) waste

(D) good

2. Nanukaka was related to the narrator, as he was his__

(A) father

(B) nephew

(C) waste

(D) maternal uncle

3. In the era of__English has been found suitable as the language of international communication.

(A) modern world

(B) communication 

(C) globalisation

(D) enrichment

4. Nanukaka managed to impress the Sikka Auto Dealer by demonstration of___

(A) his coat

(B) his gold

(C) his wealth

(D) his politics

5. Dr. Zakir Hussain was one of our greatest freedom fighter as well as an eminent___

(A) businessman 

(B) educationist 

(C) poet 

(D) artist 

6. Nanukaka’s snuff box was of ____

(A) gold 

(B) sliver

(C) brass

(D) glass

7. Dr. Zakir Hussain said,’Bharat is my home’, in the context of his___

(A) governor’s speech 

(B) presidential speech 

(C) one of the essays 

(D) speech to public 

8. The new role Nanukaka gave the narrator/under secretary, was of ___

(A) crook

(B) driver 

(C) professor

(D) minister 

9. It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the serious and urgent call of the______

(A) hour 

(B) second

(C) moment

(D) minute

10. Indian people be recongized as belonging to the race of__

(A) Capoid 

(B) Caucasian 

(C) Apartheid 

(D) Hegemonic 

11. Macavity can defy or challenge___

(A) Anyone 

(B) The food 

(C) The law 

(D) The dog 

12. Long infancy was a biological advantage to___ 

(A) animals

(B) birds 

(C) mankind

(D) fishes 

13. Who is the master of the state ? 

(A) government 

(B) pressed 

(C) courteous 

(D) people 

14. The poet observes____ in summer

(A) sunny grass

(B) bird playing

(C) spike of grass

(D) yellow flowers 

15. Walter De La Mare is famous as a___

(A) War Poet

(B) Children’s Poet 

(C) Nature Poet 

(D) Romantic Poet 

16. The poem ” Fire- Hymn ” is about a___

(A) Human society 

(B) violence

(C) burning ghat 

(D) man 

17. The colour of the snake is____

(A) Yellow 

(B) Green 

(C) Black 

(D) Blue

18. English language is much _____ than Sanskrit, Persian, Greek, Latin etc – 

(A) Older

(B) Much older

(C) Higher

(D) Younger

19. The hospital refused to believe that the pregnant woman was in___

(A) first stage labour  

(B) second stage labour 

(C) third stage labour 

(D) fourth stage labour 

20. A free and fair press is the the watchdog of___

(A) state

(B) family

(C) court

(D) democracy

21. Diseases make human life _____

(A) miser 

(B) mouser 

(C) miserable

(D) wealthier

22. Benjy had left school at the age of__

(A) fourteen 

(B) ten 

(C) twelve

(D) eight

23. Whom the poet loves so intensely that he wants to come back soon ? 

(A) son

(B) daughter

(C) beloved 

(D) mother

24. The snake looked at the speaker___

(A) sharply 

(B) vaguely 

(C) calmly 

(D) fiercely 

25. Nanukaka wrote a cheque for a _____ rupee. 

(A) thousand 

(B) hundred 

(C) five hundred 

(D) ten thousand 

26. The line “Hoping to cease not till death” is taken from ____

(A) Song of Myself 

(B) The Soldier 

(C) Fire Hymn 

(D) None of these 

27. The hope is the ___that every valley should be exalted 

(A) stream 

(B) dream 

(C) valley 

(D) state

28. The poet express his indebtedness to____

(A) India 

(B) America 

(C) England 

(D) Spain 

29. Which type of gourd did Seibei like?

(A) folded 

(B) hardred

(C) soft

(D) even and summetrical

30. The press can make or break___ 

(A) statue 

(B) people 

(C) garbling 

(D) reputation 

31. Benjy had understood thet the hens exists for the purpose of_____ 

(A) paying 

(B)  laying eggs 

(C) eating 

(D) selling 

32. Travellers will be blessed with____

(A) river 

(B) waterfall

(C) pond 

(D) lake 

33. Sahitya Akademi Award was given to Keki N. Daruwala in – 

(A) 1968

(B) 1974

(C) 1984

(D) 1978

34. In Sicily, There is a volcano____

(A) Etna 

(B) Italy

(C) Philthy

(D) Rockies

35. In Sicily, black snakes are considered___

(A) Innocent 

(B) Venomous 

(C) Playful 

(D) Food

36. In Sicily, yellow snakes are considered___

(A) Innocent 

(B) Venomous 

(C) Playful 

(D) Food

37. The father of John Donne was a___

(A) trader

(B) merchant 

(C) house master

(D) teacher

38. Who was the Maharaj of Ninnore___

(A) Sutkata 

(B) Shiva Jee

(C) Chhatrashal

(D) Ratnasen

39. Benjy knew about the hens through the___

(A) television 

(B) newspaper

(C) radio

(D) social media

40. When Benjy left the school he had___hens

(A) 40 to 50 hens

(B) 30 to 40 hens

(C) 50 to 60 hens

(D) 100 to 200 hens

  Model Paper | SET – 7 | By Amar Sir  

1. “A Child is born” is an extract from____

(A) Piers and Plowman

(B) Sex and Destiny

(C) My Several Worlds

(D) Come, My Beloved

2. “Macvity: The Mystery Cat” is an extract from____

(A) Piers and Plowman

(B) Old Possuem Cat

(C) My Several Worlds

(D) Come, My Beloved

3. “India Through a Traveller’s Eye” is an extract from____

(A) Piers and Plowman

(B) Sex and Destiny

(C) My Several Worlds

(D) Come, My Beloved

4. “The nearest Tower of___was a thousand miles.

(A) London

(B) Victory

(C) Paris

(D) Silence

5. “A poem of ____lines is a sonnet.

(A) 12

(B) 14

(C) 16

(D) 18

6. “The “Romantic Revival” is often associated with___

(A) J. Dryden

(B) A. Pope

(C) S.T. Coleridge

(D) J. Milton

7. Choobookov called Natalia____

(A) La stupid girl

(B) an ugly girl

(C) an angry woman

(D) a love-sick cat

8. “Who hath not seen thee aft amid thy store?”

(A) Ode to Autumn

(B) Snake

(C) Song of Myself

(D) Fire-Hymn

9. “The snake drank water with its_____

(A) lips

(B) gums

(C) jaw

(D) teeth

10. “The snake drank water with its_____mouth

(A) straight

(B) curved

(C) forward

(D) backward

11. “The___are praiseworthy for their work of spreading Christianity

(A) missionaries

(B) zamindars

(C) priests

(D) saints

12. “Natalia was___to know about Lomov’s proposal.

(A) hateful

(B) happy

(C) angry

(D) distrustful

13. ___is known for her travelogue and memories.

(A) Pearl S. Buck

(B) Martin Luther King

(C) Mahatma Gandhi

(D) Manohar Malgaonker

14. ___was called to kill a dangerous snake

(A) elder brother

(B) younger brother

(C) little brother

(D) tallest brother

15. The host of Pearl S. Buck served food on fresh banana leaves instead of _________

(A) plates

(B) bowls 

(C) pan

(D) thali

16. Which book was written by Pearl S. Buck after returning form India?

(A) Come, My Beloved

(B) The God’s Earth

(C) My Several Worlds

(D) India Through a Traveller’s Eyes

17. “The philosophy believed in by the National Socialist German Workers  Party reorganised on military lines by Hitler is called_

(A) Idealism

(B) Colonisation

(C) Nazism

(D) Prophecy 

18. “The most indubitable respect in which ideas have helped mankind is ____

(A) Idealism

(B) number

(C) Nazism

(D) Prophecy 

19. “Our earliest form of writing was ____

(A) Idealism

(B) numeral 

(C) pictorial 

(D) alphabetical  

20. “Garlands of turmeric and garlic are worn to ward off___ is ____

(A) evil spirits

(B) thieves

(C) jealous women

(D) barren women 

21. Intellectual and moral qualities distinguish us from the__

(A) brutes

(B) birds

(C) teachers

(D) doctors

22. It would be fatal for the nation to underestimate the____of the Negro.

(A) strength

(B) climbing skills

(C) education

(D) determination

23. Nanukaka draped a__round his shoulders.

(A) red angochha

(B) white angochha

(C) blue angochha 

(D) black angochha

24. “work on one’s self is to follow the urge towards moral development as a free person” is a line from”

(A) Bharat is My Home

(B) How Free is the Press

(C) India  Through a Traveller’s Eye

(D) The Earth

25. They saw that our real happiness and health consisted in a proper use of our hands and feet” is line from__

(A) Bharat is My Home

(B) How Free is the Press

(C) Indian Civilization & Culture

(D) The Earth

26. “The most indubitable respect in which ideas have helped mankind is ____

(A) Idealism

(B) number

(C) Nazism

(D) Prophecy 

27. “Martin Luther King, Jr asks the black people to continue working with__

(A) love

(B) hatred

(C) faith

(D) jealousy

28. Who travelled free with Nanukaka ? 

(A) Dog

(B) Rabbit

(C) Hen 


29. “The people have chosen to make me the head of this family for a certain time Who says this ? 

(A) Dr. Zakir Hussain 

(B) Kamala Das 

(C) Pearl S. Buck 

(D) Manohar Malgaonkar 

30. “Civilization is that mode of conduct which points out to man the path of duty” is from 

(A) Indian Civilization and Culture 

(B) A Child is Born 

(C) A Marriage Proposal 

(D) Bharat is my Home 

31. “I celebrate myself, and sing myself ____” is from 

(A) Snake

(B) Ode to Autumn 

(C) Song of myself 

(D) Now the leaves are falling fast 

32. “Donne studied law and read___ 

(A) theology 

(B) drama 

(C) philosophy 

(D) novels 

33. “A Marriage Proposal” is a___ 

(A) tragedy 

(B) satire 

(C) tragi- comedy 

(D) comedy 

34. When we speak of the freedom of the press” we usually mean freedom in a ____ sense 

(A) broad 

(B) legal 

(C) technical 

(D) social 

35. Bertrand Russell was also a___ 

(A) Painter

(B) Dramatist 

(C) Mathematician 

(D) Geologist 

36. Emancipation Proclamation gave the Negro_____ 

(A) Slavery 

(B) Freedom from Slavery 

(C) Captivity 

(D) Despair 

37. India was a part of the background of 

(A) the doctor’s life 

(B) the wife’s life 

(C) the kashmiri man’s life 

(D) Pearl S Buck’s life 

38. “Some of the immediate and brilliant results of modern invention are too maddening to resist” is from 

(A) Bharat is My Home 

(B) A Pinch of Snuff 

(C) Indian Civilization and Culture 

(D) Ideas that have helped mankind 

39. D.H. Lawrence exalts the values of primitive life in 

(A) Snake 

(B) Fire- Hymn 

(C) Song of Myself 

(D) My Grandmother’s House 

40. Who finds Macavity lazy and half asleep ? 

(A) Kamala Das 

(B) D. H Lawrence 

(C) T. S. Eliot 

(D) William Blake 

  Model Paper | SET – 8 | By Amar Sir  

1. Who finds Macavity lazy and half asleep ? 

(A) Kamala Das 

(B) D. H Lawrence 

(C) T. S. Eliot 

(D) William Blake 

2. The Middle English had___dialects ? 

(A) Kamala Das 

(B) D. H Lawrence 

(C) T. S. Eliot 

(D) William Blake 

3. Who wrote ” A Train to Pakistan ” ? 

(A) Khushwant Singh 

(B) D. H Lawrence 

(C) T. S. Eliot 

(D) William Blake 

4. Who has been personified in “Ode to Autumn” ? 

(A) Spring

(B) Winter

(C) Autumn

(D) Summer

5. The speaker in the poem “Snake” threw______at the snake ? 

(A) a stick

(B) a rod

(C) a log 

(D) a bat

6. K. N. Daruwala’s poetry is___ ? 

(A) impressionistic

(B) idealistic

(C) symbolistic

(D) mysterious 

7. Racial discrimination is against___ ? 

(A) power

(B) capitalism

(C) secularism

(D) human rights

8. The Slum area densely populatied by an isolated community is marked by_? 

(A) safe place


(C) ghetto

(D) oasis

9. One day Seibei was caught red handed by his  ___ teacher ? 

(A) English 

(B) Hindi 

(C) Ethics 

(D) Maths 

10. Seibei made the hole to extract ___ ? 

(A) Water 

(B) Flash 

(C) Seeds 

(D) Smell 

11. Seibei could walk from one end of the town to another in ___ ? 

(A) ten minutes 

(B) twenty minutes 

(C) thirteen minutes 

(D) forty minutes 

12. Benjy left his ___ on the pavement  ? 

(A) brother 

(B) parents 

(C) sister 

(D) wife  

13. Benjy told his parents to eat in the ___ ? 

(A) drawing room 

(B) bathroom 

(C) bedroom 

(D) kitchen 

14. Benjy’s father valued ___ 

(A) sweat 

(B) fate 

(C) both 

(D) none of these 

15. Ode to Autumn is written in ___ 

(A) October 1819

(B) September 1819

(C) November 1819

(D) December 1819

16. The poet compares the snake to a ___ bird, albatross.  

(A) river 

(B) pond 

(C) sea 

(D) well 

17. The poet compares the snake to a ___ bird, albatross.  

(A) river 

(B) pond 

(C) sea 

(D) well 

18. “Ode to Autumn” has been published in____ .  

(A) 2021

(B) 2020

(C) 1922 

(D) 1920

19. A book written by Pearl S. Buck____.  

(A) river 

(B) pond 

(C) sea 

(D) well 

20. The people of Europe are inspired by___and Roman writers.  

(A) Greek

(B) British

(C) Indian

(D) German

21. Dr. Zakir Hussain was born in.  

(A) 1969

(B) 1897

(C) 1967

(D) 1896

22. Who does not see people for weeks or months.  

(A) teachers

(B) businessman

(C) ministers

(D) engineers

23. “My Grandmother’s House” is _____.  

(A) sonnet

(B) ode

(C) ballad

(D) lyric

24. Mungojerrie and Griddlebone are also____.  

(A) dogs

(B) monkeys 

(C) birds

(D) cats

25. Macavity is outwardly_____.  

(A) miserable

(B) healthy

(C) appealing 

(D) respectalbe

26. Macavity is the___of Scotland Yard.  

(A) despair

(B) bafflement

(C) frustration

(D) amazement

27. The snake seemed like a ___in exile.  

(A) king

(B) saint

(C) queen

(D) fakir

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