1. We are taught History by Mr. Kumar.

A. Mr. Kumar taught us History 

B. Mr. Kumar will teach us History 

C. Mr. Kumar had to teach History 

D. Mr. Kumar teaches us History 

2. He _____ have arrived, by 4 P.M.

A. shall

B. may not

C. shouldn’t 

D. will

3. It ____- when we went out.

A. rain 

B. was raining 

C. rained 

D. rains

4. He said that he could do it himself.

A. He said, “I can do it myself.”

B. He says, “I can do it myself.”

C. He was saying, ” I can do it myself.”

D. He was saying, “I can do it myself.”

5. Don’t disturb me, I _____ my homework.

A. do 

B. am doing 

C. did

D. had did

6. My friend wants to Pursue a career in engineering.

A. practise

B. accomplish 

C. take

D. check 

7. Choose the correct sentence.

A. He is in a good health.

B. He is in good health.

C. He is very good healthy 

D. He is health and good.

8. I went to the market. I bought several things.

A. I am going to the market for buying several things.

B. I was going to buy several things to the market.

C. I went to the market and bought several things.

D. I had gone to the market to bought several things.

9. Try ______ and you will succeed.

A. again and again 

B. as usual 

C. at large 

D. by chance

10. There is a village _____ the hills 

A. of   

B. in

C. beneath 

D. off

11. Choose the correctly spelt word.

A. intrigus 

B. wobling 

C. exasperating 

D. medle

12.  Choose the correct synonym of “Pardon”

A. Calm

B. Forgive

C. Odd

D. Strange

13. Give one word substitution for ” fit to be eaten”

A. Edible

B. Cannibal

C. Obsolete

D. Fatal

14. Rice and curry… favourite dish.

A. have

B. were

C. are

D. is

15. Open the door, please ! (correct antonym)

A. Close

B. Free

C. Huge

D. Soak

16. He asked, ” What is the time?”

A. He asked what the time was

B. He said to me what the time is

C. He wanted to know what the time was

D. He says that what the time is

17. Choose the correctly spelt word

A. Planty

B. Plinty

C. Plenty

D. Plainty

18. Have you read….Ramayana?

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. no article

19. Sixty people …..a huge party.

A. mean

B. means

C. meaning

D. will means

20. Choose the correct sentence

A. We need to good food

B. We need good food

C. Need good food we

D. We needing good food

21. Everyday has to….his mistake

A. pay for

B. pick out

C. make after

D. pick up

22. We are dependent ____his decision.

A. at

B. n

C. on

D. for

23. …..God bless her !

A. May

B. Can

C. Must

D. Ought

24. We must approach him.

A. He must be approached

B. Approached he must be

C. Must be he approached

D. To him must be approached

25. Finish it….two days

A. at

B. for

C. to

D. within

26. Shweta…..invited Vinita

A. herself

B. Itself

C. himself

D. ourselves

27. Avoid…….

A. smoke

B. smoked

C. to smoke

D. smoking

28. She needs a suit, ……..?

A. doesn’t she

B. does she

C. will she

D. won’t she

29. The funeral…..are over

A. rights

B. writes

C. rites

D. roots

30. Where….the rest of the boys ?

A. is

B. has

C. have

D. are

31. More than sixty boys….passed in the first division.

A. have

B. has

C. is

D. are

32. You alone were to blame for this (Negative)

A. You were not to blame for this alone

B. None but you were to blame for this

C. Blame for this is only you

D. You are to be blamed for these all alone

33. The man came…..

A. immediate

B. with immediate

C. on immediate

D. immediately

34. Choose the incorrect sentence

A. she suffers at fever

B. He reminded me of this

C. What is wrong with Hari ?

D. I asked him to come

35. The peon…..the bell

A. ringing

B. had ringing

C. rings

D. will rings

36. Choose the correctly spelt word

A. Knowledge

B. Knowlidg

C. Knewledge

D. Knouledgi

37. He is true…..his friends.

A. to

B. at

C. by

D. for

38. Study hard. You will not pass.

A. If you do not study hard, you will pass not

B. Pass you will not and so study hard.

C. Study hard otherwise you will not pass

D. Hard you should study and so you will pass

39. Ajay said to the girl, “I know you.”

A. The girl is said to be known to Ajay.

B. Ajay told the girl that he knew her.

C. Ajay says that he knows the girl.

D. Girl is known to Ajay 

40. _______ you have another cup of tea?

A. Might 

B. May 

C. Will 

D. Can

41. Your perfume has a wonderful ______

A. sent 

B. scent 

C. cent

D. scant 

42. I will not be able to _____ my projects on time.

A. completed 

B. completing 

C. completes 

D. complete 

43. Choose the correct sentence 

A. More we get, the more we want 

B. The more we get, the more we want 

C. More we get and more we want 

D. The more we got, more we wanted 

44. I am not interested ____ buying a new car.

A. to

B. for

C. at 

D. in

45.  A lot of ship cross ____ Pacific Ocean.


B. an

C. the

D. no article 

46. Choose the correct spelt word.

A. succesful 

B. successful 

C. successfull

D. sucessful 

47. I shall write a letter.

A. A letter is written by me.

B. A letter has written to me.

C. A letter has been written by me.

D. A letter will be written by me.

48. A man who is liked by all is called. (give one word)

A. popular

B. parasite

C. eligible

D. theist 

49. The synonym of “Thin” is 

A. Clear 

B. Fats 

C. Amount 

D. Slim 

50. I am surprised at your behaviour.

A. I am to be surprised 

B. Your behaviour surprised me 

C. You surprised me 

D. He is surprised 

51. The antonyms of “Mighty” is 

A. Forceful 

B. Tough 

C. Naughty 

D. Weak 

52. I am good ____ tennis 

A. about 

B. in 

C. at 

D. of 

53. She is ______ of her faults.

A. conscious 

B. judicial 

C. awareness 

D. venial 

54. ______ people think there will be peace soon. 

A. Much 

B. Any 

C. Many 

D. Little 

55. A Person who writes English correctly will go ______in his profession. 

A. father 

B. either

C. further 

D. farther 

56. Choose the odd one out :

A. Women 

B. Girl 

C. Lady 

D. Man 

57. Are you attending _____ reception today?


B. an 

C. the 

D. no article

58. She is writing a birthday _____ right now.

A. message 

B. ticket 

C. menu 

D. map 

59. Do you _____ tea at five ?

A. has 

B. had 

C. are

D. have 

60. What is the time _______ your watch?

A. at 

B. on 

C. by 

D. in 

61. ” I am thankful to the west for many a thing I have learnt from western literature” is taken from 

A. Indian civilization and culture 

B. I have a dream 

C. Bharat is My Home 

D. The Earth 

62. “The past is not dead and static, it is alive and dynamic” is taken from 

A. I Have a Dream 

B. The Artist 

C. The Earth 

D. Bharat is My Home 

63. The mother of the narrator was very confident. that Nanukaka would be able to manage to see the Minister.

A. on Sunday 

B. whenever he wanted 

C. in between a meeting 

D. on the Minister’s vacation 

64. According to Martin Luther King Jr. “Let us not wallow in the valley of _____ 

A. Liverpool 

B. despair 

C. Alabama 

D. hope 

65. Bertrand A.W. Russell was a British….. 

A. doctor 

B. nurse 

C. farmer 

D. philosopher 

66. “The next day the teacher gave Seibei’s  confiscated gourd to an old porter who worked in the school” is taken from 

A. A Child is Born 

B. The Artist 

C. Bharat is m Home 

D. A Pinch of Snuff 

67. The ways of managing childbirth in traditional societies are…… 

A. many and varied 

B. few

C. none 

D. some 

68. Free people must see to it that when peace comes _____ is restored .

A. sanity 

B. relationship 

C. full freedom 

D. press

69. He had the look of being a simple- hearted man as well as simple- minded man” is taken from 

A. The Artist 

B. The Earth 

C. A Marriage Proposal 

D. A Child is born 

70. Pearl S Buck is the writer of book like.

A. The waste land 

B. Come, My beloved

C. Macbeth 

D. Bombay Beware 

71. The name of Lomov’s dog is….. 

A. Leap 

B. Guess

C. Juno 

D. Jupiter

72. Nanukaka stood in the doorway of a _____ class carriage.

A. first 

B. A.C.

C. second

D. third

73. Which nation has been called the young state of ancient people?

A. India 

B. China 

C. Pakistan 

D. Iran 

74. The state of ______ is sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an Oasis of freedom and Justice.

A. Texas 

B. New Jersey 

C. New York 

D. Mississippi 

75. ______- are careful not to antagonize the press.

A. Traders

B. Teachers

C. Politicians 

D. Doctors 

76. “O how feeble is man’s power” is taken from 

A. Sweetest Love, I Do Not Goe

B. Ode to Autumn 

C. An Epitaph 

D. The Soldier 

77. When the poet saw the snake, it was a very ______day.

A. cool

B. warm 

C. cold 

D. hot 

78. “I celebrate myself, and sing Myself ,

       And what I assume you shall assume,”

       is taken from 

A. Song of Myself 

B. Ode to Autumn 

C. Fire- Hymn 

D. Snake 

79. Auden won the Pulitzer prize for his collection of poems

A. The Age of Consciousness 

B. The Age of Love 

C. The Age of Anxiety 

D. The Age of Hatred 

80. “Conspiring with him how to load and bless” is taken from 

A. Ode to Autumn 

B. Snake 

C. Fire-Hymn 

D. An Epitaph 

81. “When I crumble, who will remember” is taken from 

A. Fire Hymn 

B. The Soldier 

C. An Epitaph 

D. Ode to Autumn 

82. A dust whom _____ bore, shaped, made aware ______

A. Ireland 

B. England 

C. India 

D. Iceland 

83. “He is broken every human law, he breaks the law of gravity ” is taken from 

A. The Soldier 

B. Fire-Hymn 

C. Macavity : The Mystery Cat 

D. Snake 

84. Tower of Silence is related to 

A. Hindus 

B. Parsis 

C. Sikhs 

D. Christians 

85. “And must wait, must stand and wait, for there he was at the trough before me” is taken from 

A. Fire- Hymn 

B. Ode to Autumn 

C. Macavity : The Mystery Cat 

D. Snake 

86. Who wrote “Summer in Kolkata”?

A. Kamala Das

B. T.S. Eliot

C. Keki N. Daruwala

D. D. H. Lawrence 

87. In Walter De La Mare’s songs, there is a note of….

A. surprise

B. excitement

C. melancholy

D. hope

88. My tongue, every…….of my blood, form’d from this soil, this air

A. drop

B. atom

C. molecule

D. grass

89. Who composed “Leaves of Grass” ?

A. T. S. Eliot

B. John Keats

C. Walt Whitman

D. Rupert Brooke

90. Snakes were seen among……in ” My Grandmother’s House”.

A. bed covers

B. tables

C. books

D. chairs 

91. The Anglo- Saxons used _____ language.

A. Greek 

B. Latin 

C. Germanic 

D. Persian 

92. New varieties of English emerged after the colonies of British empire acquired 

A. power 

B. freedom 

C. joy 

D. suppression 

93. The language of old English looks different because of its 

A. spelling and vocabulary 

B. oral languages

C. linguistic appeal 

D. writing skills

94. The Romantic Revival” is associated with 

A. Milton 

B. Dryden 

C. Pope 

D. Wordsworth 

95. The ______ had far reaching effects on the English Languages.

A. Renaissance

B. Agriculture 

C. Education 

D. Industry 


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