MODEL PAPER – SET-10 for Bihar Board Exam 2022



1)       I  saw him leaving
the house

A.      He had been see
leaving  the house

B.      He was seen to be
leaving the house

C.      Leaving the house he
was seen by me.

D.      He was seen leaving
the house by me.

2)      Your name was to be written on paper.

A.      You were asked to
write your name on paper

B.      You have to write your
name on paper

C.      You will write your
name on paper

D.      You were to write your
name on paper

3)      My mother__ 42 year old next Monday.

A.      Will be

B.      Will have

C.      Was

D.      Is

4)      She ____come yet, we’re still waiting for her.

A.     Haven’t

B.      Has

C.      Hasn’t

D.      Was

5)      I speak the truth, I am not afraid of it.

A.      I am not afraid to
speak the truth.

B.      I was not afraid to
speak the truth

C.      I will not afraid to speak
the truth

D.      I have not afraid to
speak the truth.

6)      _______ Fortune smile upon you!

A.      Can

B.      May

C.      Must

D.      Should

7)      The patient __before the doctor arrived.

A.      Died

B.      Will die

C.      Can died

D.      Had died

8)      He said, “Be quiet and listen to my words”.

A.      He urged them to be
quiet and listen to his words.

B.      He urged them and said
be quiet and listen to his words.

C.      He urged they should
be quiet and listen to his words.

D.      He said you should be
quiet and listen to his words.

9)      He said he went for a walk every morning.

said, “I went for a walk every morning”

said, “I go for a walk every morning”

said, “I will go for a walk every morning”

said, “I goes for a walk every morning”

10)     In addition to _______ I gave him five hundred dollars.


I advised



11)      I regret _______ Ram about  the wedding.





12)     I thought you were about ______





13)     This is the cause _____ the problem.





14)     It was dark _____ the tunnel.





15)     The man is sitting _____ a table.

A.      Off

B       On 

C.      At

D.      Over

16)     Choose the correct sentence

A.      He is the best student
of the class.

B.      He is very good
student of the class.

C.      He is a best student
of the class

D.      He is the best student
of the class

17)     Choose the correct sentence

A.      I am too good

B.      I am very good

C.      I am at good

D.      I am so good

18)     Choose the correct sentence

A.      He did not listen what
I said.

B.      He will not listen
what I said

C.      He had not listen what
I said

D.      He did not listen to
what I said.

19)     ___is impossible on this sandy ground.

A.      Cycle.

B.      Cycling

C.      Will Cycling

D.      Had Cycling

20)    Do you mind______ it with you?

A.      Take

B.      Taking

C.      To take

D.      Taken

21)     She makes a point of ______ to him once a week.

A.      Having written

B.      writing

C.      Being written

D.      Having been written

22)    I like ______my bills online

A.      Having pay

B.      Paying

C.      Pay

D.      Paid

23)    Amar Sharma ______ English, Spanish and bit of French.

A.      Speaks

B.      Speak

C.      Speaking

D.      Is speaking 

24)    A disease which spreads by contact is called______

A.      Incurable

B.     Contagious

C.      Infectious

D.      Fatal

25)    The phone rang______

A.      An ago few minute

B.      An minute few ago

C.      A minute few ago

A few minute ago

26)    Choose the best correct spelt word:

A.      Dicotomy

B.      Dichotomy

C.      Dicotomy

D.      Dechotomy

27)    Choose the correct spelt word:

A.      Millionair

B.      Millionnaire

C.      Millionaire

D.      Millioneire

28)    I _______ my ipad anymore.

A.      Am not using

B.      Don’t use

C.      Didn’t use

D.      Doesn’t use

29)    What _____ in the evening?

A.      You are doing

B.      I you doing

C.      Are you doing

D.      Was you doing

30)    I don’t know ______ money he has.

A.     How

B.     What many

C.     How much

D.     Where many

31)     The sentence ‘Modern inventions are too maddening to
resist.’ Is from:

A.      I have a Dream

B.      Indian Civilization
and Culture

C.      A child is Born

D.      The Earth

32)    ‘Bharat is My Home’ is written by

A.      Gerrnaine Greer

B.      Pearl S Buck

C.      Shiga Naoya

D.      Zakir Hussain

33)    Dorothy L Sayers says that press is free

A.      everywhere

B.      somewhere

C.      nowhere

D.      at most places

34)    Shiga Naoya is a ____short story writer

A.      Japanese

B.      Chinese

C.      Malaysia

D.      Korean

35)    Benjy wanted to____his parents’s land

A.     lend

B.     sell

C.     buy

D.     give

36)    Pearl S Buck was a/an____by birth

A.     African

B.     Indian

C.     British

D.     American

37)    The name of Lomov’s dog is____

A.      Guess

B.      Leap

C.      Star

D.      Jacky

38)    The line “ Nor the hope, the world can show, A fitter
love for mee___is from

A.      Fire-Hymn

B.      To Autumn

C.      Snake

D.      Sweetest Love I do not

39)    “Leaves of Grass” is a collection of poem

A.  John

B.  W.H. Auden

C.  T.S. Eliot

D.  Walt Whitman

40)    The Line “The voice of my education said to me, He must
be killed” is taken from ____

A.      Snake

B.      To Autumn

C.      Now the leaves are

D.      Fire-Hymn

41)     “Lamia” and Hyperion” are written by

A.      William Wordsworth

B.      P.B. Shellery

C.      John Keats

D.      S.T. Coleridge

42)    T.S. Eliot is a____poet.

A.      Twentyienth Century

B.      Eighteenth Century

C.      Seventeenth Century

D.      Sixteenth Century

43)    The poetess in “My Grand Mother’s House” just wanted to
listen to the ___air

A.      flowing

B.      cold

C.      frozen

D.      hot

44)     ‘The line ‘Light of step and heart was she’ is from;

A.     Fire-Hymn

B.     The soldier

C.     An Epitaph

D.     Snake

45)    The Major linguistic change is known as____

A.     Old English

B.     The Great Vowel Shift

C.     Printing technology

46)    ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Coolie’ are written by ___

A.       R.K Narayan

B.       M.R Anand

C.      B.C Chattopadhyay

D.      S.C Chatteryee

47)     ‘Tughlaq’ is written by ______

A.       Asif Currimbhoy

B.       R.N Tagore

C.      G.B. Shaw

D.      Girish Karnad

48)    ________ Languages will be one common languages for use.

A.      Global Standard

B.      Middle English

C.      American English

D.      British English

49)    The word “drama” come from a___word

A.      Latin

B.      Indian

C.      Scadinavian

D.      Greek

50)    The Romantic Revival is often associated with ______

A.      John

B.      Alexander Pope

C.      Willian Wordsworth

D.      John Milton

GROUP-B || SET-10 

Write and essay in
about 150-200 words on one of the following-8

1) Value of Newspapers    

2) If I were a Millionaire   

3) Work is Worship            

4) My hobby     

5) My favourite poet           

6) My favourite game


2)     Explain any
one of the following–4

a)     “The life of the
Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of

b)     “This work, as I see
it, has two aspects.”

c)     I must confess that I
am over whelmed by the trust my people have paced in me by electiong me to the
highest office in the land

d)     India has always been
part of the background of my life, but I had never seen it whole and for myself
until now

e)    At
mother’s insistence, I had taken two days’ leave from the office, and in the
afternoon, I drove Nanukaka to the North Block


3)     Explain any
one of the following–4

(a) I harbour for good or bad, I
permit to speak at every hazard,

Nature without check with original energy.

(b) For he’s the master criminal
who can defy the law.

He’s the bafflement of Scotland yard, the Flying Squad’s despair.

(c) Where are the songs of spring?
Ay, where are they?

Think not of them, thou hast thy music too –

(d) There is a house now far away
where once

              I received love. That
woman died,

              The house withdrew
into silence, snakes moved.


4)     Write a letter to your younger sister, encouraging her to
take part
games and sports—4       

Write an application to the Princiapl of your School to issues you the
School leaving Certificate


Answer in 40-50
words  five of the following-10

Why is Macavity termed a crimianal?

Why did the speaker like the snake ?

How did Nanukaka impress Sohanlal Ratiram?

What does the poet in “Fire Hymn” see at the burning ghat?

What does the poet observe in summer in “Song of Myself”?

What is according to Om Lomov, the main defect of Natalia’s dog?

Why does the poet call Macavity, a mystery cat?

Name four countries where English is used as mother tongue?

Why did the speaker in the poem “Snake” decide to wait?

How old the speaker of “Song of Myself” was?

Answer any three

the summary on one of the following

Ode to autumn   

2)     Song of Myself  

3)     An Epitaph

the summary on one of the following

The Earth           

2)     The

3)     A Pinch of Snuff

Match the poets given in List – A with appropriate titles

(a) John Keats            (I) The Soldier

(b) Rupert Brooke       (II) Song of Myself

(c) Walt Whitman        (III) To Autumn

(d) D.H. Lawrence       (IV) Macavity: The Mystery Cat

(e) T.S. Eliot               (V) Snake

Translate the following sentences into English–4

मेरी माँ 5 बजे सुबह से काम कर रही है 

मैंने उसे पार्क में बैठे हुए देखा 

गंगा को प्रदूषित नहीं करना चाहिए  

हमें सत्य बोलना चाहिए 

हमें झूठ नहीं बोलना चाहिए 

यदि मैं पक्षी होता तो आकाश में 

e)     Write a short note
on American English

f)      English is an international
language. How?

Make a precis of the following passage and suggest a
suitable title : -5

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809. He was a self-made man. His father was a
poor farmer. Abraham Lincoln worked first as a wood-cutter. But he wanted to make
progress in life. He learnt how to read and write. He got a job as clerk, then
he was a store-keeper and then a postmaster. He studied law in spare time. He
became a lawyer. He took up politics. Soon he was well-known as an orator. In
1860 he made a famous speech against slavery. At that time, slaves were kept in
the southern states of America. Same year he was elected president of America.
He was a great and good man. He was the greatest President of the United

Read carefully the passage given below and answer the question

Jumman had an old relation, a maternal aunt, who had some property. Thus she
transferred to him by a deed on the understanding that she would be well looked
after. So long as the deed remained unregistered, non was so obliging to the
old lady as her nephew, non so considerate to her. Her every wish was
anticipated and cheerfully carried out. But everything changed the moment the
deed was registered. Jumman, who used to wait dottingly on his old aunt now
became supremely indifferent. His wife, Kariman, went even further. She grudged
even the little food that the old lady ate. No meal was now serve to her
without Kariman letting loose a barb or two dipped ingall. The very bread that
the aunt ate seemed to be seasoned with the meal of abuse. And this went on
mounting. Kariman would say, “How long is the old hag going to live?”
by giving us a few acres of waste land, she thinks she had bought us.

:–(Amar’s Classes for English)

(i) Who had a maternal aunt?

(ii) Who was Kariman?

(iii) Whose wish was anticipated and cheerfully carried out?

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