Give One Word for all Competitive Exams


List of 300+
 One Word Substitution

1. A person who can read and write 

  Literate / साक्षर              

2. A person who can neither read nor write

  Illiterate / निरक्षर            

3. A person who has got education 

  Educated / शिक्षित          

4. A person who has vast knowledge

  Scholar / विद्वान              

5. A person who is skilled in many languages

  Linguist / भाषाप्रवीण         

6. A person who lives at the same time as another

  Contemporary / समकालीन 

7. A person who collects fares on public vehicle

  Conductor / संवाहक.          

8. A person who believes in the existence of God.

  Theist / आस्तिक              

9. A person who does not believe in the existence of God 

  Atheist / नास्तिक             

10. A man who cures diseases

  Doctor / चिकित्सक           

11. A cure for all diseases

  Panacea / रामबाण           

12. A person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain

  Stoic / संन्यासी               

13. A Person sent on a mission

  Emissary / दूत              

14. A minister representing a sovereign or state in a foreign country

  Ambassador / राजदूत.     

15. A child whose parents are dead 

  Orphan / अनाथ

16. A man whose wife is dead

  Widower / विधुर

17. A woman whose husband is dead

  Widow / विधवा

18. A person who lives by himself

  Recluse / वैरागी

19. A person who spends his money recklessly

  Prodigal / लुटाऊ

20. A person who spends his money economically

  Economical / मितव्ययी

21. A person who spends his money with tight hands or saves money by starving himself

  Miser / कंजूस

22. A man who does not want to do any work

  Idler / आलसी

23. A man who loves his country 

  Patriot / देशभक्त

24. A man who betrays his country

  Traitor / देशद्रोही

25. A man who is loyal 

  Faithful / वफादार

26. A man who betrays

  Faithless / बेवफा

27. A man who is liked by all

  Popular / लोकप्रिय

28.A man who takes a bright view of life or thing. 

  Optimist / आशावादी

29. A man who takes a dark view of life or thing.

   Pessimist / निराशावादी

30. A man who lives on vegetables 

Vegetarian / शाकाहारी

31. A man who eats meat, fish etc.

Non-vegetarian / मासांहारी

32. One who leaves his country to settle elsewhere 

Emigrant / अप्रवासी

33. One who believes in fate. 

Fatalist / भाग्यवादी

34. One who plays a game for pleasure 

Amateur / शौकीन

35. One who has grown old in or had long experience of service or occupation.

Veteran / अनुभवी

36. One who hates mankind

Misanthrope / मानवद्ही

37. One who loves mankind

Philanthrope / जन-हितैषी

38. One who runs after women

Philander /  कामुक

39. One who hates women

Misogynist / स्त्रीबैरी

40. One who hates men

Man-hater / पुरुषबैरी

41. One who lends money at exorbitant rates of interest 

Usurer / सूदखोर

42. One who eats human flesh. 

Cannibal / नरभक्षी

43. One who comes as a settler into a foreign country. 

Immigrant /  परवासी

44. One who resides in a country of which he is not a citizen

Foreigner / विदेशी

45. One who is given to questioning the truth of facts and the sound ness of inference

Sceptic / नास्तिक

46. One who abandons his religious faith. 

Apostate / विधर्मी

47. One who undergoes the penalty of death for his country’s free- dom or rights

Martyr / शहीद

48. One who makes an eloquent public speech 

Orator / वक्ता

49. One who has power over everything

Almighty / सर्वशक्तिमान

50. One who is present everywhere 

Omnipresent / सर्वव्यापी

51. One who knows everything

Omniscient / त्रिकालदर्शी

52. One who breaks out into a house to steal

Thief / चोर

53. One who is made to suffer for another

Scapegoat / बलि का बकरा

54. One who speaks for others

Spokesman / प्रवक्ता

55. One who walks

Pedestrian / पथिक

56. One who totally abstains from alcoholic drinks

Teetotaller / मद्यपरहेजी

57. A person who is fond of collecting postage stamps

Philatelist / डाक टिकट

58. Animals feeding on flesh 

Carnivorous / मांसाहारी जीव

59. Animals feeding on plants


60. All of one mind

Unanimous / एकमत 

61. A substance that kills germs/ pests/insects

Germicide / कीटनाशक

62. An assembly of listeners 

Audience / श्रोता  

63. An assembly of viewers

Spectators / दर्शक  

64. An assembly of worshippers


65. An assembly of religious tour

Pilgrims / तीर्थयात्री  

66. Allowing the passage of rays of light. 

Transparent / पारदर्शक  

67. Not allowing the passage of rays of light

Opaque / अपारदर्शक  

68. An office without any work, but with high pay

Sinecure / सेवाशून्य वैतनिक पद  

69. An absolute government. 

Autocracy / निरंकुशतंत्र  

70. A government by officials. 

Bureaucracy / नौकरशाही  

71. A government by the representatives of the people

Democracy / प्रजातंत्र  

72. A Government carried on by an absolute ruler. 

Dictatorship / अधिनायकतंत्र  

73. The absence of country government in a Country

Anarchy / अराजकता  

74. A place where young plants are breared. 

Nursery / पौधाघर  

75. An instrument for measuring temperature

Thermometer / थर्मामीटर  

76. A figure with many angles or sides. 


77. A place for burial or burning of dead bodies

Cemetery / कब्रिस्तान  

78. Animals which give suck to their young ones

Mammals / स्तनधारी  

79. Animals which crawl

Reptiles / रेंगनेवाले  

80. A paper written by hand.

Manuscript / पाण्डुलिपि  

81. A language that is no more spoken

Dead / मृत  

82. A speech made without preparation 

Extempore / एकाएक  

83. A medicine to counteract the effect of poison. 

Antidote / विषहर  

84. A child born after the death of his father or a book published after the death of its author

Posthumous / मृत्युउपरान्त  

85. A general pardon of political offenders 

Amnesty / क्षमादान   

86. A plot of land that does not grow anything 

Barren / बंजर  

87. A play which ends in joy

Comedy / सुखान्त नाटक  

88. A play which ends in sorrow 

Tragedy / दुखान्त नाटक  

89. An agent between two parties

Mediater / मध्यस्थ  

90. An unexpected stroke of good fortune. 

Godsend / ईश्वरीय वरदान  

91. A post for which no salary is paid 

Honorary / अवैतनिक  

92. A day of from labour rest. 

Holiday / छुट्टी   

93. A place where scientific experiments are done.

 Laboratory / प्रयोगशाला  

94. A room containing many books.

Library / पुस्तकालय  

95. A cinema-show which is held in the daytime. 

Matinee / अपराह्न का खेल  

96. A place where clothes are kept. 

Wardrobe / अलमारी  

97. A place where birds and beasts are kept for public to see

Zoo / चिड़ियाखाना  

98. Abnormally high blood pressure 

Hypertension / उच्च रक्तचाप  

100. Abnormally low blood pressure

Hypotension / निम्न रक्तचाप  

101. Absence of moral senses 

Immoral / अनैतिक  

102. According to custom

Customary / प्रधानुसार  

103. Act of looking inward

Introspection / अंतः दर्शन  

104. Act of providing information to general public

Publicity / जन-प्रचार  

105. Act or speech for inciting the public against the government 

Sedition / राजद्रोह  

106. Adapted for both land and water

Amphibious / जलस्थलचर  

107. Animal or plant living on another 

Parasite / परजीवी  

108. Any kind of grain used for food

Cereal / अनाज  

109. Anything that lasts for a short transient time and leaves no trace 

Ephemeral / अल्पायु  

110. Area of land almost surrounded by sea

Peninsula / प्रायद्वीप  

111. Art of beautiful hand writing 

Calligraphy / सुलेखन  

112. Art of dancing

Choreography / नृत्यकला  

113. Art of carving figures in wood, stone or clay/Artisan of it. 

Sculpture / मूर्तिकला 

114. Artificial centre for honey bees

Hive / मधुछत्र  

115. Artificial lake for restoring water . 

Dam / जलाशय  

116. Artificial pond or tank for keeping fish and water plants. 

Aquarium / जल-जीवशाला  

117. Bearing young by eggs. 

Oviparous / अंडज  

118. Being unable to pay one’s debts. 

Bankrupt / दिवालिया

119. . Belonging to all parts of the world/ A person familiar with many different countries. 

Universal / विश्वनागरिक

120. Contrary to law

Illegal / गैरकानूनी

121. Compulsory enlistment for military or other service. 

Conscription / फौज में जबरदस्ती भरती करना

122. Capable of being easily set on fire. 

Inflammable / ज्वलनशील

123. Capable of being explained. 

Explicable / व्याख्यात्मक

124. Capable of being reached. 

Accessible / सुगम

125. Capable of being seen. 

Visible / दृष्टिगोचर

126. Centre of attraction dily 

Cynosure / आकर्षण-बिन्दु

127. Child of unusual or remarkable talent. 

Prodigy / विलक्षण व्यक्ति

128. Commemorative inscription on a tomb . 

Epitaph / समाधिलेख

129. Constant effort to achieve something. 

Perseverance / अध्यवसाय

130. Course of study in a school, college etc.

Curriculum / पाठ्यक्रम

131. Custom of having more than one husband at the same time. 

Polyandry / बहुपति प्रथा

132. Custom of having more than one wife at the some time

Polygamy / बहुपत्नी प्रथा

134. Bad beyond correction or reform

Incorrigible / सुधारातीत

135. Declaration of plans and promises put forward by a candidate for election.

Manifesto / घोषणा-पत्र

136. Economic structure organised and controlled by capitalists 

Capitalism / पूँजीवाद

137. Existing since old times

Antique / पुरातन

138. Going out or away of many people 

Exodus / बहिर्गमन

139. Government by a king or queen.

Monarchy / राजतंत्र

140. Government by the rich and the powerful class

Plutocracy / धनिकतंत्र

141. Give tit for tat

Retaliate / बदला लेना

142. Having no beginning or end to its existence /  existing for ever

Eternal / सनातन

143. His manners are more like those of a woman than those of a man

Effeminate / स्त्री स्वभाव वाला

144. Having an evil reputation 

Notorious / कुख्यात

145. Having a good reputation

Famous / विख्यात

146. Happening at the same time

Simultaneously / समक्षणिक

147. Fit to be eaten

Edible / खाद्य

148. Fit to be chosen

Eligible / योग्य

149. Hater of marriage. 

Misogamist / विवाह विरोधी

150. Incapable of being altered. 

Unalterable / अपरिवर्तनीय

151. Incapable of being avoided. 

Unavoidable / अपरिहार्य

152. Incapable of being explained. 

Inexplicable / अवर्णनीय

153. Incapable of being heard. 

Inaudible / अग्रव्य

154. Incapable of being put practice. 

Impracticable / अव्यावहारिक

155. Incapable of being recovered. 

Irrecoverable / अप्राप्य

156. Incapable of being selected for a job. 

Ineligible / अयोग्य

156. incapable of being penetrated. 

Inscrutable / अभेद्य

157. Incapable of being conquered. 

Invincible / अजेय

158. Incapable of being wounded. 

Invulnerable / अभेद्य

159. Incapable of being repaired . 

Irreparable / सुधारित

160. Incapable of being believed. 

Incredible / अविश्वसनीय

161. Incapable of being excused . 

Inexcusable / अक्षम्य

162. Incapable of being solved. 

Insoluble / अविलेय

163. Incapable of being defended. 

Indefensible / अरक्षणीय

164. Incapable of being taken by force of arms. 

Impregnable / अजेय

165. Incapable of being admitted

Inadmissible / अग्राह्य

166. Incapable of being reached

Inaccessible / दुर्गम

167. Incapable of being tired out

Inexhaustible / अविध्वंसी

168. Incapable of being perceived by the senses. 

Imperceptible / अगोचर

169. Incapable of being destroyed. 

Indestructible / अविनाशी

170. Incapable of being recalled. 

Irrevocable / अटल

171. Incapable of being dispensed. 

Indispensable / अतिआवश्यक

172. Incapable of being burnt

Incombustible / अजलनशील

173. Incapable of being divided

Indivisible / अभाज्य

174. Incapable of being reconciled. 

Irreconcilable / असंगत

175. Incapable of being overcome. 

Insurmountable / अविजेय

176. Instrument for viewing objects at a distance

Telescope / दूरबीन

177. Intellectual class. 

Intelligentsia / प्रबुद्धवर्ग

178. Killing of animals. 

Slaughter / पशु-हत्या

179. Killing of large numbers of people. 

Massacre / नरसंहार

180. Lack of necessaries of life. 

Destitution / दरिद्रता

181. Leading a life of self discipline. 

Ascetic / वैरागी

182. Life history of a person written by himself

Autobiography / आत्मकथा

183. Life history of a person written by another

Biography / जीवनी

184. List of books and writings of one author or about one subject. 

Bibliography / ग्रंथसूचि

185. Loss of memory

Amnesia / विस्मरण

186. Lover of poetry and art

Philomuse / काव्य प्रेमी

187. Lover of women

Philogynist / स्त्री प्रेमी

188. Method of sending messages without the help of wires. 


189. Liable to be easily broken

Brittle / भंगुर

190. Hare to please

Fastidious / दुराराध्य

191. Not being able to make a mistake. 

Infallible / भूल न करने योग्य

192. One event described in a chain of events. 

Episodem / प्रासंगिक वृत्त

193. One who believes that nothing can be said about God. 

Agnostic / अज्ञेयवादी

194. One who buys goods from a shop. 

Customer / ग्राहक

195. One who brings goods illegally into the country

Smuggler / तस्कर

196. One who cannot die 

Immortal / अमर

197. One who is bound to die

Mortal / मरणशील

198. One who escapes from hard realities

Escapist / पलायनवादी

199. One who holds established opinion. 

Orthodox / पुरातनवादी

200. One who does not hold established opinion

Liberal / उदारवादी

201. One who is in charge of a museum or art gallery or cricket pitch

Curator / संग्रहालय का अध्यक्ष

202. One who is interested in reading books and nothing else

Bookworm / किताबी कीड़ा

203. One who is neither intelligent nor dull 

Mediocre / साधारण

204. One who is honourably discharged from service

Emeritus / ससम्मान सेवानिवृत व्यक्ति

205. One who lives and works for the welfare of others 

Altruist / परोपकारी

206. One who loves and collects books

Bibliophilist / पुस्तक प्रेमी

207. One who makes a special study of animals or plants

Naturalist / प्रकृति विज्ञानी

208. One who studies and cares the environment

Environmentalist / पर्यावरणवादी

209. One who physically travels in space. 

Astronaut / अंतरीक्षयात्री

210. One who seeks union with God. 

Mystic / रहस्यवादी

211. One who takes an active part in politics. 

Activist / सक्रिय कार्यकर्ता

212. One whose behaviour is abnormal. 

Eccentric / सनकी

213. Organisation with grades of authority. 

Hierarchy / श्रेणीबद्ध संस्था

214. Pass on from one generation to another. 

Heriditary / वंशानुगत

215. Passing out of memory

Evanescent / क्षणभंगुर

216. Passing out of use. 

Obsolescent / लुप्तप्राय

217. People belonging to a region from earliest times

Aboriginals / आदिवासी

218. Person who worships idols

Idolator / मूर्तिपूजक

219. Person against the use of images. 

Icnoclast / मूर्तिपूजाविरोधी

220. Person forced to flee to seek shelter. 

Refugee / शरणार्थी

221. Person who can perform unusual physical act

Acrobat / कलाबाज

222. Person who flatters. 

Flatterer / चापलूस

223. Person who is divorced. 

Divorcee / तलाकशुदा

224. Person who is fond of talking. 

Talkative / वाचाल

225. Person who is skilled in horse manship

Cavalier / घुड़सवार

226. Person who maliciously sets fire to buildings or other property. 

Incendiary / आगलगाऊ

227. Person who pretends to be virtuous

Hypocrite / पाखंडी

228. Person who rescues somebody from dangers or sins

Saviour / मुक्तिदांता

229. Person who runs a beauty parlour

Beautician / शृंगारस्थल संचालक

230. Person who uses violence to achieve political aims with good. 

Terrorist / आतंकवादी

231. Person with good judgement on matters in which taste is needed

Connoisseur / कद्रदान

232. Personal belongings, equipment etc.

Paraphernalia / निजी सामान

233. Pertaining to a period prior to recorded history

Prehistoric / प्रागैतिहासिक

234. Place where bees are kept

Apiary / मधुवाटिका

235. Policy of extending a country’s empire and influence 

Imperialism / साम्राज्यवाद

236. Property inherited from one’s father

Patrimony / बपौती

237. Represent by a drawing, painting etc.

Portray / चित्रण करना

238. Responsible according to law

Liable / उत्तरदायी

239. Resulting in death, or ending in disaster

Fatal / घातक

240. Science of the life of animals 

Zoology / जीव विज्ञान

241. Science of the life of plants

Botany / वनस्पति विज्ञान

242. Signature of someone else’s name without his permission, or other counterfeiting of a document

Forgery / धोखाधड़ी

243. Shopkeeper who sells food and general small household requirements

Grocer / पंसारी

244. Scarcity of rain or water 

Drought / सूखा

245. Science of the ancient society and culture

Anthropology / मानव-शास्त्र

246. Science of the habits of living things in relation to their environment. 

Ecology / परिस्थिति विज्ञान

247. Science of the effect of celestial phenomenon or stars, plantets etc. on human being

Astrolgy / ज्योतिषशास्त्र

248. Science of the celestial bodies like stars, planets, satellites etc.

Astronomy / खगोलविद्या

249. Sea with a group of many island. 

Archipelago / द्वीप-बहुल सागर

250. Shamelessly immoral

Profligate / दुशचरित्र

251. Shamelessly rude 

Impudent / निर्लज्ज

252. Skilled man who practises a craft

Caftsman / दस्तगार

253. Small shop that sells fashionable clothers, cosmetics, etc. 

Boutique / दुकान

254. Soldiers on big guns mounted on wheels. 

Artillery / तोपखाना

255. Specialist in diseases of bones

Orthopedist / हड्डी रोग विशेषज्ञ

256. Specialist in heart disease

Cardiologist / हृदयरोग विशेषज्ञ

257. Specialist in mental disturbance

Psychiatrist / मनोरोग चिकित्सक

258. Specialist in skin disease

Dermatologist / चर्मरोग विशेषज्ञ

259. Stealing from the writings of others 

Plagiarism / साहित्यिक चोरी

260. Study of ancient things like tomb, buried towns, castles etc.

Archaeology / पुरातत्व विज्ञान

261. Study of population 

Demography / जनसंख्या गणन

262. Talk that brings bad reputation to somebody

Scandal / बदनामी

263. That cannot be cured

Incurable / लाइलाज

264. That which can be rooted out

Eradicable / उल्मूलनीय

265. That which is corpse like

Cadaverous / शवतुल्य

266. That which can be believed

Credible / विश्वसनीय

267. Treatment of obscene subjects in writing, painting etc.

Pornography / अश्लील साहित्या

268. The yearly return of date

Anniversary / वर्षगाँठ

269. The science of reasoning

Logic / तर्कशास्त्र

270. The cessation of warfare before a sa treaty is signed

Armistice / युद्धविराम

271. Woman who is in charge of nursing and domestic arrangement in a hospital

Matron / मैट्न

272. List of books or other articles

  Catalogue / सूचि पत्र

273. Thing or person put in place of another

  Substitute / विकल्प

274. With a name that is not made known 

  Anonymous / गुमनाम

275. That cannot be understood

  Incomprehensible / अबोध्य  

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