Gap Fillers for SSC CHSL | Part – 1

1. The doctor….the woman that her son would recover.

A. assured

B. assumed

C. insured

D. ensured

2. I have no….riches

A. desirous of

B. desire to

C. desire for

D. desire of

3. He is only an…director in the organization but he does his work sincerely.

A. honorary 

B. honorific

C. honour

D. honourable

4. A warm reception was….him

A. accorded to

B. allied to

C. allotted to

D. given for

5. The cold breath of autumn had…the ivy leaves from the vine and the branches remained almost bare

A. stricken

B. strucked

C. strike

D. striking

6. You take a decision. The ball is in ….now

A. your net

B. your court

C. your pocket

D. your garden

7. We can….right and wrong

A. distinguished for

B. distinguish between

C, distinguish from

D. distinguish by

8. He is a man with…simplicity

A. child

B. childish

C. childlike

D. childless

9. He agreed… business proposal.

A. at

B. on

C. to

D. for

10. All of us are devoted… another.

A. of

B. at

C. for

D. to

11…….is the way to the zoo ?

A. what

B. when

C. where

D. which

12. This area suffers from……

A. drafts

B. droaghts

C. drought

D. draughts

13. All orders must……the rules

A. conform to

B. conforms to

C. conforming with

D. conforms with

14. She failed to……to her name.

A. line up

B. shine up

C. keep up

D. rise up

15. As the doctor……into the room, the nurse handed him the temperature chart of the patient.

A. came

B. was coming

C. comes

D. is coming

16. The economic…….has affected our sales temendously.

A. showdown

B. slowdown

C. crackdown

D. touchdown

17. I have no….office work.

A. experience on

B. experience of

C. experience to

D. experience in

18. Solar panels are used to…..Satellite

A. powers

B. powerful

C. power

D. powerless

19. His words were…….for the occasion.

A. suit

B. appropriately

C. suitably

D. appropriate

20. Ten dollars……too much to pay.

A. were

B. could

C. are

D. is

21. This house……ten rooms.

A. consisted with

B. consist of

C. consists of

D. consists by

22. Have you ever………the wolf cry ?

A. heard

B. board of

C. hear out

D. hear 

23. Afreen….that the weather was very pleasant that day.

A. suggested

B. argued

C. announced

D. remarked 

24. Mrs Hall was prepared to excuse the scientist’s habit’s and………tempere.

A. irritate

B. irate

C. irritable

D. irritable 

25. Take care……..your health

A. of

B. about

C. for

D. over 

26. The speeding car….a man this morning.

A. hit out

B. hit about

C. knocked down

D. pushed out 

27. The terrorists made a vain attempt to……the bridge.

A. blow out

B. blow over

C. blow down

D. blow up

28. Politics is the last……of scoundrels.

A. resort

B. retort

C. report

D. result

29. Steve has always hoped that his father would……the property to him.

A. bespoke

B. disclaim

C. bequeath

D. beseech

30. I never…..such a result.

A. think of

B. dreamt of

C. dream of

D. dreamed of

31. This ship is…..Geneva.

A. bound of

B. destined to

C. bound for

D. bound to

32. If you…….in your studies, you will get a job.

A. indulge

B. persevere

C. adhere

D. insists 

33. If you are caught using a calculator in the exam then it will be…..

A. taken

B. confiscated

C. confisticate

D. under possession

34…..and my younger brother went to the movies all by ourselves.

A. I

B. Mine

C. Myself

D. My own self

35. A large……of angry bisons rampaged through the villages.

A. herd

B. swarm

C. group

D. flock

36. Mangoes do not…all at the same time. Hence, they are not plucked on the same day.

A. germinate

B. ripen

C. grow

D. age

37. The….with which she manages the task is remarkable

A. calm

B. comfort

C. ease

D. satisfaction

38. The Directors failed to understand the….behind the decision to suspend the manager.

A. belief

B. politics

C. ideology

D. rationale 

39. The warning bells….several times before anyone realized the danger

A. were ringing

B. had rung

C. had rang

D. would have rung

40. I never go shopping on weekends as on those days the malls are….of people.

A. full

B. busy

C. crowded

D. packed

41. Nobody gets………with a pretentious smug.

A. along

B. up

C. about

D. through

42. Even if two horses may look……., they may not be of the same age.

A. comparable

B. alike

C. on per

D. only same

43. She deserved the accolades as she……for it.

A. hardly worked

B. had hard worked

C. was working hard

D. had worked hard

44. Let the cat out of the …….

A. house

B. well

C. bag

D. cart

45. …….around the bush.

A. to hit

B. to beat

C. to circle

D. to hide

46. Every evening a…….of wolves descends into the valley to hunt.

A. pack

B. gang

C. company

D. herd

47. At this critical juncture what the company needs is a … strategy.

A. creditable

B. adventurous

C. incredible

D. credible

48. He is not a native speaker yet he has a good……over German.

A. authority

B. hold

C. command

D. expertise

49. Rational thinkers are intellectually ……than those who accept faith without questioning the age old practtices.

A. cultured

B. sophisticated

C. superior

D. modern

50. Politicians requested both the warring communities to …..restraint

A. depict

B. enforce

C. show

D. exercise

51. The priest called upon the families to…..their differences and agree to  the wedding.

A. sink

B. abolish

C. immerse

D. lower

52. It become imperative at this juncture to start a…..between the two warning factions

A. debate

B. dialogue

C. talk

D. chat

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