Common Error For SSC CGL Exam


1. A bird in the tree is worth two in the bush.

2. Just outside my house are a playground for school boys and girls.

3. Who do you think I met ?

4. He can be a basketball player since he is tall like a mule.

5. It is not advisable to take heavy luggages while on a journey.

6. Many a man want to be rich quickly.

7. We have finished our work three hours ago and have been waiting for you since then.

8. Several guests noticed Mr. Sharma falling back in his chair and gasping for breath.

9. A study is going underway to determine the exact concentration of lead in the water supply.

10. The Russian ambassdor’s whereabouts is not known to anyone.

11. Everyone of us should realize that any act of negligence will cause a great harm to our countrys security.

12. By May next year I have been working in this college for twenty years.

13. I shall look forward to being with you sometime next month.

14. I really do regret not to learn to play the violin when I had so many opportunities to learn and practice in school.

15. The government granted relief payments of Rs 5000 each to those who injured in the fire accident.

16. Bobby learnt the alphabets at the age of two.

17. You are required to give an explanation for your conduct within two days of the receipt of this letter.

18. The sum and substance of this poem is as follows

19. I watched how the pianoist used her hand.

20. The ruins of the spillway are a vital clue to the epic struggle that unfold as generations of Khmer engineers coped with a water system that grew complex and unruly.

21.I wish to heartly congratulate you for your astounding success.

22. The visitor took the vacant seat next from mine one of the many huge sofas in the room.

23. He was a learnt man among lords and a lord among learned men.

24. With our great annoyance we found the ground filled with broken glasses.

25. The new device aim at eliminating the risk of short-circuiting.

26. It’s time we take a holiday to our native place.

27. The drawing are very good, almost everyone of them deserves a gold medel.

28.  But for your illness, you would have secured first rank in the examination.

29. A test like one is far too difficult for weak pupils.

30. Being a blind man, day or night made a little difference to him.

31. Sealing the high wall a vast expanse of greenery reaching up to the horizon was seen.

32. Any of the two roads leads to the station.

33. This is the boy who I think had won the gold medal in the dance competition.

34. The priest emphasied that it is the duty of all Christians to love each other.

35. The pond is flooded with water because it is raining continuously for the last three days.

36. The whole block of flats including two shop were destroyed in fire.

37. He fells his troubles as much or Even more than they

38. I like reading more than to play



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