Adjective Common Error

1. This boy is elder than that boy

2. He is the oldest of his family

3. This incident happened latter than Jan 20

4. Latest part of the play is unconvincing

5. What is the last news about the match.

6. This cloth is superior than that

7. This cloth is inferior than that.

8. Amar is senior than Ram

9. I met him prior than his departure for London

10. Sarita is stronger than Sita

11. This lesson is easier from that

12. He is more cleverer than you

13. He was the most kindest of our teachers

14. This house is more preferable than that

15. No less than ten persons were killed in an accident.

16. Ram does not sell fewer than 20 KGs of sugar.

17. He is the oldest of his family.

18. What is the last news

19. Begusarai is further from Patna than Mumbai

20. I have no farther comments to make

21. She is best of the two sisters

22. The vampire was the more interesting of all the characters

23. He is the ablest and efficient teacher.

24. She has the most perfect features.

25. Please give me a little sugar.

26. Few things he said were very instructive

27. I am sorry I have a few friends.

28. Each of the sisters bring a present

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