VVI MCQ Poetry Section Freom Rainbow book Part-2 for Bihar Board

Lesson – 1 | Song of Myself

1. _______has been described as a metaphysical poet.

A. Kamala Das

B. John Donne

C. T.S.Eliot

D. Walt Whitman

2. John Donne is going to……leaving his wife behind

A. Begusarai

B. Denmark

C. Poland

D. Germany

3 John Donne feels that a……..is hopeless

A. man

B. woman

C. boy

D. girl

4 “Sweetest love I do not goe” is written by…..

A. John Donne

B. Rupert Brooke

C. Walt Whitman

D. Kamla Das

5. John Donne was forced to leave ____university.

A. Oxford

B. Cambridge

C. G.D college


6. John Donne was from  ______ family

A. Roman Catholic

B. Mulim

C. Sikh

D. Christian

7. John Donne is better than the _____

A. Sun

B. Stars

C. Jupiter

D. Moon

8. His beloved says that she has a great love for…

A. Rupert Brooke 

B. T.S Eliot

C. John Donne

D. W.H. Auden

9. John Donne has seen the sun setting _____night.

A. Next

B. Yester

C. Before

D. Previous

10. John Donne was born in……

A. 1572 AD

B. 1631 AD

C. 1500 AD

D. 3400 AD

11. John Donne died in…….

A. 1572 AD

B. 1631 AD

C. 1500 AD

D. 3400 AD

12. John Donne was born in….

A. America

B. London

C. Mumbai

D. Begusarai

13. Donne was briefly sent to prison for his patron’s…

A. Writing poem

B. Secretly marrying

C. Visiting others

D. Stealing money

14. John Donne is well known for his…

A. Songs and sonnet 

B. Satires and elegies

C. Sermons

D. All

15. Man’s power is  _______ 

A. Very strong

B. Very smooth

C. Very weak

D. Very powerful

16.  Weariness” means _______

A. Uglines

B. Tiredness

C. Happiness

D. Grief

17. The modern English of “Hath” is__

A. You

B. Has 

C. Had

D. Have

Lesson – 2 | Song of Myself

1. ” Song of myself ” is written by_______

A. Walt Whitman 

B. Kamala Das

C. John Keats

D. Rupert Brooke

2. Walt Whitman was born in………

A. 1818

B. 1819

C. 1823

D. 1892

3. Walt Whitman died in ______

A. 1850

B. 1892

C. 1821

D. 1829

4. Walt Whitman was…… 

A. Carpenter

B. Teacher

C. Editor

D. All

5. Walt Whitman worked as ___for 12 years.

A. Carpenter

B. Doctor

C. Volunteer

D. Editor

6. Walt Whitman was volunteer nurse during the….

A. First world war

B. Second world war

C. Civil war

D. Cold war

7. “Leaves of Grass” is written by…..

A. John Keats

B. John Donne

C. Walt Whitman

D. Rupert Brooke

8. Walt Whitman published his first book “Leaves of Grass” in

A. 1855

B. 1870

C. 1850

D. 1947

9) “Drums Taps” is written by _____

A. Walt Whitman

B. Rupert Brooke 

C. Kamala Das

D. John Keats

10) Walt Whitman was _____ years old

A. 37

B. 29

C. 30

D. 29

11) “Drum Taps” was published in….

A. 1864

B. 1866

C. 1872

D. 1895

12) The poet in “Song of Myself”____for himself

A. Runs

B. Sings 

C. Paints

D. Plays

13) Poet’s blood is made from……..and……

A. Soil and air

B. Soil and soul

C. Blood and soil

D. Soil and water

14) Walt Whitman observed ___in summer

A. Grass

B. Trees

C. Forest

D. Milk

15) The poet in “Song of myself” invite his….

A. Soul

B. Ancestors

C. Father

D. Mother

Lesson – 3 | Now the leaves are falling fast

1) “Now the Leaves are falling fast” is written by___

A. W.H.Auden

B. Walt Whitman

C. Rupert Brooke

D. John Keats

2) W.H.Auden was born in………

A. 1807

B. 1907 

C. 1920

D. 1 856

3) Who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1948 for “The Age of Anxiety”

A. W.H. Auden

B. Rupert Brooke

C. D.H. Lawrence

D. John Keats

4). For W.H. Auden the poetry was a _______ game

A. Serious

B. Funny

C. Comedy

D. Bold

5). The Leaves are falling fast suggests________

A. arrival of old age and death

B. none of these

C. arrival of guests

D. fast of leaves

6) The poet of “Now the Leaves are Falling Fast”

A. W.H. Auden 

B. John Keats

C. Walt Whitman

D. K.N. Daruwala 

7) W. H. Auden is…….poet

A. a modern 

B. classical

C. metaphysical

D .None of these

8) “Whispering Neighbours” are _____

A. messenger of death

B. cruel neighbor

C. talkative neighbor

D. None of these

9) _______ pluck us from real delight.

A. Whispering neighbour

B. Cruel neighbours

C. Talkative neighbours

D. None of these

10) Active hands _____when people die.

A. Freeze

B. Close

C. Open

D. Active

11) ______ runs scolding for their food.

A. Trolls

B. Devil

C. Angel

D. Messenger

12)______ bless to travellers in their last distress

A. Waterfall

B. Mountain

C. Hill

D. Forest 

13) ______dumb in the leafless wood.

A. Crow

B. Parrot

C. Nightingale

D. Cuckoo

14)_______ raised stiffly to reprove in false attitude of

A. Arms

B. Legs

C. Hands

D. Head 

15) W.H. Auden died in…….

A. 1923

B. 1973

C. 1978

D. 2012

16) ______won Pulitizer Prize for his book”The Age of Anxiety”

A. W.H. Auden

B. T.S. Eliot

C. Rupert Brooke

D. Kamala Das

17) W.H. Auden’s work is divided into the__and__phases

A. British & American

B. India & Russia

C. British & Iranian

D .Goa & Gujarat

18) W.H. Auden served in_____Civil War

A. Russian

B. Spanish

C. French

D. English

19) Now the leaves are falling fast” enacts the______ inherent in Human life.

A. Frustration

B. Happiness 

C. Grief

D. Joy

20) The Nurses flower will not _____

A Last

B. Fast

C. the

D. Alive

21) Hundred of the people follow______ track

A. Wooden

B. Silver

c Golden

D. Bad

22) The angel will not______ to help the people

A. Come 

B. Go

C. Laugh

D. sleep

Lesson-4 | Ode to Autumn

1) John Keats was a ______poet.

A Romantic

B. Metaphysical

C. War

D. Modern

2) John Keats was born in……

A 1745

B. 1795

C. 1775

D. 1867

3) John Keats died in…..

A. 1821 

B. 1877

C. 1823

4) John Keats died at the age of…….

A. 23

B. 25

C. 26

D. 28

5) _____ is conspiring with autumn to load and bless the vines.

A The sun

B. The moon

c. The star

D. Autumn

6) _____and _____ are the friend of maturing sun.

A. Season of mist & mellow fruitfullnes

B. Sun and autumn

C. Moon and sun

D. Rain and season

7) _______twitter in the sky.

A. Swallows

B. Cuckoo

C. Crow

D. Red breast

8) “The winnowing wind” softly lifts the hair of

A Crop

B. Farmer

C. Woman

9). _____sits carelessly on granary floor.

A Farmer

B. Autumn

C. Crop

D. Crow

10) ______ is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

A. Spring

B. Autumn

C. Rainy 

D. Winter

11) The cause of John Keats’s death was….

A. Tuberculosis

B. Cancer

C.  Rabbies

D. Sepsis

12) John Keats was deeply interested in ……and…..

A. Cricket and tennis

B. Cricket and Boxing

C. Boxing and Badminton

D. Amar Kumar

13) John’s poem “Endymion” was well appreciated by_____

A William Wordsworth

B. Rudyard Kipling

C Rupert Brooke

D. John Donne

14) John Keats studied at _____ in Enfield

A. Clark’s school

B. St. Paul’s School

C. D.A.V. School

15) _____ whistle from a garden croft.

A. Yellow breast

B Red breast

C Pink breast

D Swallows

16) ______ bleat loudly from hilly land.

A. Full grown lambs

B. Full grown goats

C. Full grown cows

D. Full grown cats

17) The fruits ripen in………

A Summer

B. spring

C Autumn

D rainy

18) The close friend of autumn is……..

A the sun

B. the moon

C the light

D. animal

19) The poet of the “Ode of Autumn” is…..

A John Keats

B. W.H. Auden

C. Walt Whitman

D. None of these

20) John Keats likes to read _____mythology.

A Greek

B. Chinese

C. Indian

D. Russian 

21) “Ode to Autumn” was published in______

A 1819

B. 1812

C.  1845

D. 1820

22) John Keats was born at ______ in London.

A. Moonfield

B. Starfield

C. London

D. Begusarai

Lesson – 5  | An Epitaph 

1) “An Epitaph” is the poem of……

A. John Keats

B. Walter De La Mare

C. John Donne


2)  ‘An Epitaph’ is a work refers to___

A. inscription on tomb

B. inscription on building

C. inscription on grave 

D. inscription on board

3) Walter De La Mare was born in_____

A. 1873

B. 1775

C. 1867 

D. 1956

4) Walter De Mare died in……

A 1956

B. 1967

C 1978

D. 1923

5) Walter De La Mare lost his father at the age of

A Four

B. Six

C Twenty

D. Nine

6) A beautiful ______lies in the Epitaph

A Girl

B. Lady

C. Woman

D. Widow 

 7) Walter De La Mare is known as…….

A. People’s poet

B. War poet

C. Children’s poet

D. Metaphysical poet 

8) Walter De La Mare honoured with “Order of Merit” In 1953 by

A. Queen Elizabeth- II

B. Akbar

c. Ashoka

D. Narendra Modi

9) Queen Elizabeth-II honoured him with_______ award in 1953.

A Order of Merit

B. Pulitzer award

C. Nobel prize

D. Deshratna

10) The lady was most……

A. Beautiful

B. Ugly 

C. Sexy

D. Hot

11) Walter De La Mare was a _______poet. 

A. Modern

B. Romantic

C. Metaphysical

D. War

12) The lady lies in an……

A. Epitaph 

B. Grave

C. Canal

D. House

13) The word “Crumble”means ______

A. Die

B Kill

C. Enjoy

D. Sorrow 

14) Walter De La Mare knew a _____ lady who has been dead

A. Kind

B. Thin

C. Fat

D. Beautiful

15) The poet thinks that______ is not everlasting.

A. Body

B. Youth

C. Beauty

D. Boldness 

16) The poet feels that after his death nobody will___that lady

A. Forget

B. Love

C. Hate

D. Remember

17) Walter De La Mare was born in the village of______ In kent, England

A. Meerganj

B. Charlton

C Ramdiri


18) “Songs for Children” is written by…….

A. Rupert Brooke

B. K.N. Daruwala

C. D.H. Lawrence

D. Walter De La Mare

19) “Peacock Pie” is written by _____

A. Words worth

B. Rupert Brooke

C. John Keats

D. Walter De La Mare

20) An Epitaph is a ______of a beautiful lady

A Tomb

B) Temple

C. Mosque

D. hall

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