The Artist is written by Shiga Naoya. He was born in 20 February, 1883 in Miyagi, Japan and Died in 21 October, 1971 in Tokyo Japan He was a Japanese novelist and short story writer. His important works are A dark Night’s passing, At Kinosaki and Reconciliation etc. 


The Artist” has been written by Shiga Naoya. 

In this Short Story, the author has described a Japanese talented boy. There was a boy, his name was Seibei. He was 12 years old. He Studied in primary school even that age. His parents knew that he went to buy Gourd fleshy fruit from the market. He used to a hole at the top of Gourds fruit and took out seeds inside the gourds. He applied tea leaves to remove

the unpleasant smell of the gourd. After that, he polished the fruits with the Japanese Liquor. He was in the habit of the searching gourd. One day, he took it in the class and he started to polish. When the teacher saw him polishing. He got angry, the teacher complained to his parents. His father scolded him and smashed all the gourds with the hammer. Seibei left his hobby forever. At last, he engaged in studying and drawing. With the help of this story, the author wants to say the responsibilities of parents for their children. They are the main cause of children’s future.


Gourds : कद्दु 

Sen : जापान की मुद्रा 

Sake : चावल का बना हुआ पीय पदार्थ 

Dregs : ग्लास के आखरी बचे हुए कुछ बूंद 

Passionately :  पूरी भावना 

Pate :  खोपड़ी 

Confectioner’s :  मिठाई वाला / हलवाई 

Appraising : मुल्यांकन करना 

Gnarled : ऐठा हुआ / मुड़ा हुआ 

Symmetrical : अच्छे आकार का 

Disgusted : हैरान / दांग होना 

Clumsy : अनाड़ी  

Persimmons : टमाटर की तरह दिखने वाला पीला फल 

Incensed : नाराज़ 

Ethics : नैतिक्ता  

Effeminate :  नारी जैसी 

Raucously : कठोरता से 

Confiscated : ले लेना / जब्त करना 

Inconspicuous : आसानी से ध्यान नहीं दिया गया 

Vindictive : दंड लगानेवाला 

Rhetoric : वक्रपटुता / अलंकार शास्त्र 

Whine : कराहना 

Grabbed : पकड़ना / जब्त करना 

Bawled : चिल्लाना 

Porter : परिचारक 

Yen : जापानी सिक्का 

Astounded : हैरान होना 

Astute : चालाक 

Adamant : अटल जाना / अड़ जाना 

Engrossed : व्यस्त / तल्लीन 


1) Seibei was a twelve years___boy.
A. Indian
B. Chinese
C. Korean
D. Japanese
2) Shiga Naoya is a ___Writer.
A. Japanese
B. Chinese
C. Indian
D. Bhutan
3) Seibei bought a __inch gourd from an old woman.
A. 5 inch
B. 4 inch
C. 3 inch
D. 6 inch
4) One day Seibei was caught red handed by his___
A. Physics
B. Math
C. Hindi
D. Ethics
5) The teacher became very__with Seibei for neglecting his studies.
A. Happy
B. Angry
C. Sad
D. Friendly
6) You are an idiot ___shouted.
A. The Teacher
B. The doctor
C. The Principal
D. His father
7) Seibei‟s father worked at _______shop.
A. Blacksmith’s
B. Carpenter’s
C. Barber’s
D. Goldsmith’s
8) ________grawled at Seibei.
A. His father
B. His teacher
C. His mother
D. Minister
9) _____fetched his hammer and systematically smashed gourds.
A. Seibei
B. His father
C. His mother
D. His teacher
10) The teacher gave Seibei‟s concficated gourd to an old_______
A. Porter
B. Man
C. Woman
D. Teacher
11) The curio-dealer sold the gourd to a wealthy collector for _________yen.
A. 500
B. 600
C. 1000
D. 100
12) Seibei‟s hoppy of collecting gourd made his teacher ________.
A. Pleased
B. Displeased
C. Amused
D. Laughed
13) Who has written the prose piece „The Artist‟?
A. Ravindranath Tagore
B. Mahatma Gandhi
C. Shiga Naoya
D. Dr. Zakir Hussain
14) Who is the main character of „The Artist‟?
A. Shiga Naoya
B. Sebi
C. Seibei
D. An old Man
15) When was shiga Naoya born?
A. 1873
B. 1884
C. 1883
D. 1882
16) When did Shiga Naoya die?
A. 1951
B. 1971
C. 1968
D. 1974
17) Seibei often went out to buy himself __________.
A. Apples
B. Oranges
C. Gourds
D. Roses
18) Seibei lived in _______.
A. Village
B. Religious town
C. Harbor town
D. Business town
19) What would Seibei apply to get rid of the unpleasant gourd smell?
A. Rose Water
B. Scent
C. Tea- Leaves
D. Curd
20) Which type of gourd did Seibei like?
A. Old
B. Gnarled
C. Soft
D. Even and symmetrical
21) Seibei was interested in gourd ______.
A. A little
B. Splendidly
C. Passionately
D. Casually
22) What a splendid gourd! Thought Seibei, but actually it was _____
A. Watermellon
B. Football
C. Old man‟s bald head
D. Coconut
23) Seibei was now _______in hish picture.
A. Busy
B. Absorbed
C. Gripped
D. Engrossed
24) The old woman asked _______for the gourd.
A. Ten sen
B. Twenty sen
C. Thirty sen
D. Fourty sen
25) The curio-dealer sold the confiscated gourd to___
A. A teacher
B. The porter
C. Wealthy collector
D. The King
26) Seibei’s mother was_____ softly.
A. Weeping
B. Laughing
C. Sobbing
D. Howling
27) Seibei’s father___him by the collar and gave him a sound beating.
A. Pick
B. Grabbed
C. Throw
D. Fetch 


1) Where did Seibei Live?
Seibei lived in a harbour town.
2) Which type of gourd did seibei like?
Seibei like round and symmetrical gourd.
3) Why did the conversation of his father and his friend make Seibei Laugh inwardly?
The Conversation of his father and his friend made Seibei laugh inwardly because his father commented on baking gourd that they had at the agricultural show last spring. The baking gourd had made quite a stir at the time, but when Seibei had gone to see it he had found it rather a stupid-looking object and had walked out of the show.
4) Why did Seibei’s father shout at him?
Seibei’s father shouted at him because he had interrupted their discussion on baken gourd.
5) Why did seibei wander about the town?
Seibei wander about the town as he wanted to look for gourd. He wanted to recognise almost every gourd in the market.
6) What made Seibei’s heart beat faster ?
When Seibei was Examining the gourds, suddenly he caught sight of one which was about five inches long so it made Seibei’s heart beat faster.
7) Which is called effeminate to pastime in the story?
The teacher came from another part of Japan & found it most offensive that chindren should indulge in such womanish pastimes as collecting gourds. As such it is called effeminate pastime in the story.
8) How did Seibei father react to the teacher’s complaint?
Seibei’s father reacted to teacher’s complaint when he knew about seibei fault. He became angry and grabbed his son’s collar and give him a sound beating.
9) How much did the curio-dealer pay for the confiscated gourd?
The Curio-Dealer paid 50 Yen for the confiscated gourd.
10) What did Seibei do after he was forced to give up collecting gourds?
Seibei was engaged in his pictures after he was forced to give up collecting gourds.




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