# My GrandMother House :- Chapter 10 (Poetry Section)


My Grandmother House is written by Kamala Das (Kamala Suraiya) . He was born in 31 March, 1934 in Punnayurkulam, Kerala and died in 31 May, 2009 in Pune. She was an Indian Poet, novelist and short story writer. She was awarded Sahitya Akademy Award in 1985 and short listed for The Noble Prize for literature in 1984. His important works are Summer in Kolkata, Sirens, The Descendents etc.


The poem “My grandmother’s house” is written by Kamala Das. In this chapter Kamala Das has described about her childhood. When Kamala Das was small she used to live with her grandmother at her home. Her grandmother used to love her very much. When she was there everything around the home was very beautiful both Kamala Das and her grandmother used to live happily.One day her grandmother died and she started living at different place. But whenever she gets time she comes at her grandmother’s house and feel the same love as she used to get but at same time she is also very sad to see the condition of home. It is damage from all the sides.


  1. Peer= झाकना 
  2. Wild= जंगली 
  3. Brooding= सोच / चिंता 
  4. Despair= निराशा 
  5. Received=प्राप्प्त किया 
  6. Silence= चुप्पी 
  7. Young=जवान 
  8. Frozen air=जमा हुआ हवा 
  9. Armful= बाँह -भर 
  10. Darkness= अंधेरा 
  11. Adventure= साहसिक 
  12. Believing= विश्वास 
  13. Darling= प्रिय 
  14. Proud= गर्व 
  15. Lust= वासना / हवस 
  16. Sexual= यौन 
  17. Stir= हलचल 
  18. Feverously= विहल 
  19. Rhythm= लय  / ताल 
  20. Marvelously= अनोखे से 
  21. Vigour= साहस / जोश 
  22. Nausea= उबकई  / मितली 
  23. Primarily= मुख्य रूप से 
  24. Verse= कविता 
  25. Passion= जूनून / जोश 
  26. Greed= लालच 
  27. Hunger= भूख 
  28. Beg= माँगना 


1) My grandmother’s house is written by______
A. Kamala Das
B. T.S. Eliot
C. K.N. Daruwala
D. Rupert Brooke

2) Kamala Das was born in________
A. 1975
B. 1934
C. 1975
D. 1020

3) Kamala Das died in___________
A. 2018
B. 2009
C. 2018
D. 2017

4) Kamala Das has earned a respectable place in both__________and______literature.
A. Malayalam / English

B. Hindi / English
C. Telgu / Marathi
D. French / English

5) Kamala Das’s autobiography was published in __ in english.
A. 1934
B. 2017
C. 2006
D. 1976

6) Kamala Das was short listed for the____for literature
A. Nobel Prize
B. Pulitzer Prize
C. Order of Merit Prize
D. Sahitya Academy Prize

7) Kamala Das lived with her______
A. Grand-Father
B. Grand-Mother
C. Uncle
D. Aunt

8) There is a __________now far away
A. Bunglaw
B. Hut
C. House
D. Palace

9) Grand Mother’s house withdrew into______
A. Lonilyness
B. Silence
C. Noise
D. Peace

10) ________moved among the books.
A. Snakes
B. Insects
C. Rats
D. Spiders

11) The poetess blood turned cold like the______
A. Moon

B. Cloud
C. Sun
D. Ice

12) She is known for_____adventure in her writing.
A. Sexual
B. Spiritual
C. Thriller
D. Hot

13) The speaker beg at_____to receive love
A. Stranger’ door
B. Neighbour’s door
C. Brother’s door
D. Grand-Mother’s door

14) According to the speaker love hardly goes beyond________and_________
A. Sex | Lust
B. Sex | Love
C. Love | Happiness
D. Sex | Marriage

15) Kamala Das lived with her grand-mother’s house in her____
A. Childhood
B. Adulthood
C. Young age
D. Old age

16) The poetess died in__________
A. Pune
B. Goa
C. Banglore
D. Gujarat

17) Kamala Das adapted____religion
A. Muslim

B. Christian
C. Hindu
D. Parsi

18) The speaker wished to peep through the_____
A. Window
B. Door
C. House
D. Hole

19) The speaker of ‚My grandmother’s House‛ received________at grand-mother’s house.
A. Love

B. Happiness
C. Hateness
D. Letter

20) The woman of the house is_____
A. Dead
B. Alive
C. Crazy
D. Mad

21) Kamala Das embraced Islam religion at age of ___
A. 65
B. 84
C. 75
D. 50

22) Kamala Das has changed her name as Kamala Das to____
A. Kamala Nair
B. Kamala Suraiya
C. Kamlaswari Rai

23) Whose death the speaker says
A. Her Husband
B. Her Grandmother
C. Her brother
D. Her father

24) Which figure of speech has been used in ‘My Grandmother House’?
A. Metaphor
B. Epic Smile
C. Simile
D. Personification

25) My Grandmother House is ___
A. a sonnet
B. an ode
C. a lyric 
D. a ballad

26) “My Grandmother’s House” published in __
A. Summer in Calcutta

B. Descendants
C. The Old Playhouse & Other Poems
D. None of these

27) She noticed a _____behind the door of the bedroom.
A. Ox
B. Dog
C. Cat
D. Cow

28) My Grandmother’s House” is an ____ poem by Kamala Das.
A. Biographical 
B. Auto- biographical 
C. Bibliographical
D. None of these

29) The house went into silence due to the death of the ____
A. Woman
B. Man
C. Girl
D. Boy

30) Kamala Das is talking about her _____who is dead now.
A. Father 
B. Mother 
C.  Grandmother 
D.  Grandfather


1) Who is “I” in the second line of the poem?
“I” is the speaker “Kamala Das” in the second line of the poem.

2) Where did the speaker once receive love?
The Speaker once received the love in a house where she lived with her Grandmother in the past.

3) Why did the house go into silence?
The house went into silence because the woman who used to live there was dead.

4) Why was the speaker unable to read the book?

The speaker unable to read the books because at that time she was too young to read.

5) Why did the speaker often wish to go to that house ?
The Speaker often wished to go to that house because in that house she felt her grandmother’s memory. Her grandmother lived there and died in the house. She also loved with her grandmother in her childhood days.

6) Why was the speaker proud of living in that house ?
The Speaker was proud of living in that house because in that house she received love for a long time. For love, she moved, but she got it in her old house.

7) Why does the speaker say that she has lost her way?
The speaker said that she had lost her way to receive love at that time at stranger’s door, at least at that time at stranger’s door, at least in small change.

8) Is the speaker satisfied with her present life? If not, Why?
No, The speaker is not satisfied with her present life because at present she lost her grandmother and the house where she received love.

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