1) Who gave you permission to enter? (Into Passive)

A. By whom were you given the permission to enter ?

B. By whom given you permission to enter?

C. By whom you were given permission to enter?

D. By whom was you given permission to enter?

  Correct Answer (A)  

2) He has been deceived by his own friend (Into Active)

A. His friends had been deceiving him

B. His own friends are deceiving him.

C. His own friend has deceived him

D. His own friends were been deceiving him.

  Correct Answer (C)  

3) They………their new car two weeks ago (Correct Verb)

A. Will buy                  

B. Have bought

C. Buy                         

D. Bought

  Correct Answer (D)  

4) What___you doing when I met you?

A. Were                       

B. Was

C. Are                          

D. Did

  Correct Answer (A)  

5) Health is very important. It must not be neglected (
Combine the sentence )

A. Health is very important to be neglected

B. Health is too important to be neglected

C. Health is not important to be neglected

D. Health has too important to be neglected

  Correct Answer (B)  

6) _____you lend me you book?

A. Shall                      

B. Will

C. Must                      

D. Have

  Correct Answer (B)  

7) I___a letter to her yesterday

A. Had written           

B. Can write

C. Wrote                   

D. Will write

  Correct Answer (C)  

8) Socrates said, “Virtue is its own reward”

A. Socrates said that virtue had its own reward.

B. Socrates say that virtue had its own reward.

C. Socrates said that virtue is its own reward.

D. Socrates say that virtue was its own reward.

  Correct Answer (C)  

9) He asked me whether I had finished reading the

A. He says to me, “Have you finished reading the

B. He said to me, “ Have you finished reading the

C. He has told me, “Have you finished reading the

D. He ordered, “Have you finished reading the

  Correct Answer (B)  

10) You will get used to____early morning walks.

A. Take             

B. Be taking

C. Taking          

D. Be taken

  Correct Answer (A)  

11) I used___to the cinema a lot

A. Go                

B. Going

C. To go           

D. To going

  Correct Answer (C)  

12) Have you heard her__a joke

A. To tell          

B. To have told

C. Tell              

D. To telling

  Correct Answer (C)  

13) The cat jumped__the chair

A. Inside         

B. Onto

C. Out             

D. At

  Correct Answer (B)  

14) It is a painting___a famous painter.

A. By              

B. In

C. At               

D. For

  Correct Answer (A)  

15) Choose the correct sentence

A. He gave me many advices.

B. He gave advices many.

C. He gave many advices.

D. He gave me many pieces of advice.

  Correct Answer (D)  

16) Choose the correct sentence:-

A. There are fewer students in the class today

B. There are less students in the class today.

C. There are heavy students in the class today.

  Correct Answer (A)  

17) Choose the correct sentence:-

A. He came here by foot

B. He came here on foot.

C. He came here at foot.

D. He came here over foot.

  Correct Answer (B)  

18) I am tired of________

A. Waiting        

B. Had to wait

C. To wait          

D. Wait

  Correct Answer (A)  

19) I dont feel like__it

A. Do                 

B. Will do

C. To do            

D. Doing

  Correct Answer (D)  

20) She liked___many questions at the press conference.

A. Being asked     

B. Of asking

C. Asked                 

D. Ask

  Correct Answer (A)  

21) I would like__to movie this afternoon.

A. To go         

B. Will go

C. Going        

D. Go

  Correct Answer (A)  

22) It is Thursday. Tomorrow it __Friday.

A. Be              

B. Will be

C. Was           

D. Will

  Correct Answer (B)  

23) A person who rarely speaks the truth is a_

A. Crook        

B. Scoundrel

C. Liar            

D. Hypocrite

  Correct Answer (C)  

24) I dont think Rajesh is____to lift this box.

A. Enough strong     

B. Too strong

C. Strong enough     

D. Strong too

  Correct Answer (C)  

25) Find the correctly spelt word:

A. Livelihood            

B. Livelihoode

C. Livelyhood           

D. Livelyhud

  Correct Answer (A)  

26) Find the correctly spelt wrods:

A. Sycological         

B. Pshkological

C. Psychological     

D. Sykological

  Correct Answer (C)  

27) Juhi ______a blue skirt today.

A. Wears                   

B. Wear

C. Wearing                

D. Is wearing

  Correct Answer (D)  

28) The phone ___can you answer it please?

A. Rings                    

B. Rang

C. Ring                      

D. Is ringing

  Correct Answer (D)  

29) I am _____prepared.

A. Full                       

B. Fell

C. Fully                     

D. Felt

  Correct Answer (C)  

30) The sentences „Civilization is that mode of conduct
which points out to man the path of duty” is taken from

A. Indian civilization        

A child is born

C. The earth                    

D. I have a dream

  Correct Answer (A)  

31) “Bharat is My Home written by:

A. Germaine Greer        

B. Shiga Naoya

C. Pearl S Buck             

D. Zakir Hussain

  Correct Answer (D)  

32) Dorothy L Sayers is a/an _____

A. Novelist                     

B. Singer

C. Essayist                    

D. Actor

  Correct Answer (C)  

33) Shiga Naoya is a__short story writer.

A. Japanese                 

B. Chinese

C. Korean                     

D. Malaysian

  Correct Answer (A)  

34) Benjy’s parents had rented their land to a man

A. Sanders                    

B. Kris

C. Alexander                 

D. Michael

  Correct Answer (A)  

35) Pearl S Buck taught in a ____University

A. Chinese                    

B. American

C. African                      

D. British

  Correct Answer (A)  

36) “Anton Chekov began his literacy career by writing –

A. Short stories              


C. Dramas                      

D. Comic sketches

  Correct Answer (D)  

37) The line “O how feeble is man’s power” – is from:

A. Fire – Hymn    

B. To autumn

C. Snake            

D. Sweetest love I do not goe

  Correct Answer (D)  

38) “Leaves of Grass is a collection of poems by

A. John Donne       

W.H. Auden

C. T.S. Eliot            

D. Walt

  Correct Answer (D)  

39) The line “Whispering neighbors, left and right” is

A. Fire – Hymn      

B. Now the leaves are falling fast

C. The soldier          

D. To autumn

  Correct Answer (B)  

40) “Lamia” and “Hyperion” are written by

A. Willian Wordsworth      

P.B. Shelley

C. John Keats                   

D. S.T. Coleridge

  Correct Answer (C)  

41) Macavity the cat is full of ___________

A. Charm              

B. Deceit

C. Beauty             

D. Honesty

  Correct Answer (B)  

42) Snakes were seen among ___in “My Grand Mother’s House;.

A. Beds                 

B. Chairs

C. Books               

D. Tables

  Correct Answer (C)  

43) “Here lies a most beautiful lady is from:

A. Snake                

B. To autumn

C. Fire- Hymn        

D. An epitaph

  Correct Answer (D)  

44) The development of_____ was helped by the
introduction of the printing technology.

A. Old English           

B. Modern English

C. Middle English     

None of these

  Correct Answer (B)  

45) “Untouchable” and “Coolie” written by

A.  R.K.

B). B.C. Chattopadhyay

C.  M.R. Anand

D). S.C. Chatterjee

  Correct Answer (C)  

46) “Hamlet and “Othello” are written by –

A. G.B. Shaw               

B)  W. Shakespeare

C. Thomas Sachville  

D). T.S. Eilot

  Correct Answer (b)  

47) The Romantic Revival is associated with_

A. John Dryden         

B. William Wordsworth

C. Alexander pope    

D. John Milton

  Correct Answer (A)  

48) “On a hot day, and I was in Pyjamas” is the line
taken from

A. Ode to Autumn                   

B. Song of Myself

C. Fire-Hymn             

D. Snake

  Correct Answer (D)  

49) Seibei was a ___year old Japanese boy.

A. Twelve                          

B. Nine

C. Five                               

D. Two

  Correct Answer (A)  

50) “India through a travellers eyes” written by

A. Mohan Das                   

B. Kamala Das

C. Pearl S. Buck               

D. Uncivilized

  Correct Answer (C)  

51) “Our task had been completed before sunset” (Active)

A. We completed our task before sunset

B. We have completed our task before sunset.

C. We had completed our task before sunset.

D. We complete our task before sunset.

  Correct Answer (C)  

52) Please help me. (Passive)

A. I requested you to help me, please

B. I requested you to help me.

C. You are requested to help me.

D. I am requesting you to help me

  Correct Answer (B)  .

53) The newspaper is being read by my grandmother

A. My grandmother reads the newspaper

B. My grandmother is reading the newspaper

C. My grandmother has been reading newspaper.

D. My grandmother has read the newspaper

  Correct Answer (B)  

54) She said “I can teach English”

A. She said that she can teach English

B. She said that she could teach English.

C. She said she had taught English

D. She said that she has taught English

  Correct Answer (B)  

55) He said “Time and tide waits for none

A. He said time and tide waits for none.

B. He said that time and tide waited for none.

C. He said that time and tide wait for none.

D. He said that time and tide waits for none.

  Correct Answer (D)  

56) She asked me where I was going

A. She said to me, “Where I was going?”

B. She asked to me, “Where was I going?”

C. She said to me, “Where are you going?”

D. She said to me, “Where were you going?

  Correct Answer (C)  

57) She said to me, “You must work hard.”

A. She told to me you must work hard.

B. She told me that you must work hard.

C. She told me that I must work hard

D. She told me I must work hard.

  Correct Answer (B)  

58) He said, “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

A. He said that birds of the same feather flock

B. He said that birds of the same feather flocked

C. He said that birds of the same feather had
flocked together.

D. He said that birds of the same feather have
flocked together

  Correct Answer (A)  .

59) Sir, ____you help me filling in the form?

A. can             

B. could    

C. should       

D. dare

  Correct Answer (B)  

60) I have left my pen___you mind giving me your pen,

A. may            

B. should      

C. could         

D. would

  Correct Answer (D)  

61) Last night my friend _____me to dinner.

A. invite          


C. invites       


  Correct Answer (B)  

62) He talks as if he _____my boss

A. is           

B. are        

C. was             

D. were

  Correct Answer (D)  

63) If you came to me, I _____help you.

A. will                  

B. would

C. did                  

D. None of these

  Correct Answer (B)  

64) The boy turned a deaf ear to the pleading of
all his well -wishers.

A. listened carefully  

B .was deadly opposed

C. posed indifference 

D. did not pay any attention

  Correct Answer (D)  

65) We should give a wide berth to bad characters

A. keep away from        

B. publicly condemn

C. give publicity to        

D. not sympathise with

  Correct Answer (A)  

66) Amit had to look high and low before he could
find his scooter key.

A. nowhere                   

B. always

C. everywhere              

D. somewhere

  Correct Answer (C)  

67) We should guard against our green-eyed friends.

A. rich                           

B. jealous

C. handsome                

D. enthusiastic

  Correct Answer (B)  

68) Priya fought tooth and nail  to
save her company.

A. with weapons              

B. using fair means

C. using unfair means     

D. with strength and fury

  Correct Answer (D)  

69) Do you always tease her? (Passive)

A. Is she teased by you always?

B. Is she always teased by you?

C. She is always teased by you.

D. Was she always teased by you?.

  Correct Answer (B)  

70) The sun is too hot to go out.

A. The sun is so hot that we cannot go out

B. The sun is so hot that we can go out

C. The sun is hot and we can go out.

D. The sun is very hot that we cannot go out

  Correct Answer (A)  

71) Where is the museum? Can you tell me?

A. Can you tell me where is the museum ?

B. You can tell me where the museum is?

C. Tell me where is the museum?

  Correct Answer (A)  

72) Dhoni will play to his potential. I know this.

A. Dhoni will play to his potential, I know this.

B. I know Dhoni will play to his potential.

C. Dhoni will I know that play to his potential.

D. Who knows Dhoni will play to his potential.

  Correct Answer (B)  

73) Work hard and you will succeed.

A. if you work hard, you will succeed.

B. you work hard if you will succeed.

C. if you will work hard, you will succeed.

D. if you work hard, you succeed

  Correct Answer (A)  

74) According to Mahatma Gandhi, Indias glory_________ is that it circumstances.

A. Flexible                      

B. keeps on changing

C. remains immovable   

D. remains

  Correct Answer (C)  

75) According to Zakir Hussain, the end –product or work
on one
s self is ______

A. an independent personality

B. a co-operative person

C. a free moral personality     

D. an ethical man

  Correct Answer (A)  

76) Dr. Zakir Hussain took the oath of____

A. Loyalty to the constitution of India

B. Loyalty to the parliament

C. Loyalty to the Lok Sabha

D. Loyalty to the decision of the cabinet

  Correct Answer (A)  

77) The narrator of “A Pinch of Snuff” is __

A. deputy secretary     

B. under- secretary on probation

C. secretary on contract    

D. director on deputation.

  Correct Answer (B)  

78) ” I Have a Dream “ is a speech by…..

A. Martin Luther King, Jr.      

B. Jawaharlal Nehru

C. Martin Luther King, Sr.     

D. Abraham Linchon

  Correct Answer (A)  

79) The curio- dealer paid ____for the gourd

A. forty yen                     

B. fifty yen

C. sixty yen                     

D. forty yen

  Correct Answer (B)  

80) In the poem „”Sweetest love I do not goe” the speakers beloved sighs away

A. The speakers separation

B. The speakers memories

C. The speakers worries

D. The speakers soul

  Correct Answer (A)  

81) How old is the speaker of the poem “Song of myself ”?

A. 35 Years                

B. 37 Years

C. 38 Years                

D. 36 Years

  Correct Answer (B)  

82) Who are the “whispering neighbour” in the poem „ “Now the leaves are falling

A. angles of death       

B. angles of life

C. angles of love         

D. angles of peace

  Correct Answer (A)  

83) Who are depicted as friends in the first two lines of
the poem „ODE TO AUTUMN

A. autumn and winter 

B. autumn and spring

C. sun and autumn 

D. sun and summer

  Correct Answer (C)  

84) What does the poet of “AN EPITAPH” think about

A. beauty, even if very rare, is bound to perish one

B. rare beauty is not perishable

C. beauty is not perishable

D. beauty is everlasting

  Correct Answer (A)  

85) What is meant by the phrase „A PULSE IN THE ETERNAL
? (The Soldier)

A. a memory that remains alive for ever

B. a vein in the brain

C. a vein that link heart and mind

D. happy short lived memory

  Correct Answer (A)  

86) English absorbed words from almost ___different

A. 30              


C. 50          

D. 20

  Correct Answer (B)  


A. Dr. Samuel Johnson         

B. Ben Jonson

C. John Dryden                      

D. John Milton

  Correct Answer (A)  

88) The word “drama” means _____

A. writing exercise          

B. do things

C. thing done                   

D. fixing date

  Correct Answer (B)  

89) In a tragedy the conflict terminates in ___

A. action                 

B. climax

C. suspense           

D. catastrophe

  Correct Answer (A)  

90) The purpose of the Miracle plays was _

A. direct appeal         

B. directly didactic

C. directly emotive   

D. none of these

  Correct Answer (A)  

91) In morality plays, the characters were _

A. virtues personified    

B. drawn directly form life

C. real human beings    

D. Animals

  Correct Answer (A)  

92) “Roister Doister” is the first real _______

A. tragedy                          

B. comedy

C. tragic –comedy             

D. farce

  Correct Answer (B)  

93) T. S. Eliot revived traditional of _______in the
twentieth century

A. problem plays         

B. melodrama

C. verse drama            

D. comedy of manner

  Correct Answer (B)  

94) Mr. Sinha sent for a doctor.(Passive)

A. A doctor was called.

B. A doctor was sent for by Mr. Sinha

C. Mr. Sinha was sent to bring a doctor.

D. A Doctor is sent for by Mr.Sinha

  Correct Answer (C)  

95) Mary hopes to be rewarded (Active)

A. Mary hopes that she will reward

B. Mary hope that she will be rewarded

C. Mary hopes that she will be rewarded

D. Mary hopes that she may reward

  Correct Answer (C)  

96) Ram_____down while he was walking.

A. Falls            

B. Was falling

C. Fell

D. Fall

  Correct Answer (C)  

96) The snake looked at the poet _____

A. Interestingly         

B. Vaguely

C. Happily                 


  Correct Answer (B)  

97) “The Soldier” is a ______poem.

A. Love                      

B. Happy

C. Nature                   

D. War

  Correct Answer (D)  

98) The poet in “Song Of Myself”____for himself

A. Cries                      

B. Sings

C. Laughs                  

D. Shouts

  Correct Answer (B)  

99) “Macavity” is called _____

A. The hidden paw       

B. The exposed paw

C. The Naughty paw    

D. The mysterious paw

  Correct Answer (A)  

100) Kamala Das is an ______poetess.

A. American                  

B. African

C. Indian                        

D. Nigerian

  Correct Answer (C)  

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